Two New 2016 SK Fiber Golf Shafts Just Arrived!

SK Fiber golf shafts are known amongst custom golf clubmakers for their unparalleled shaft-to-shaft consistency and versatility. The newly arrived SK Fiber Tour Trac 55 wood golf shafts and SK Fiber Tour Trac 75 iron golf shafts are no exception!

Download the 2015 Hireko Golf Equipment CatalogFor those familiar with the SK Fiber line, the SK Fiber Tour Trac 55 Golf Shaft replaces the long time perennial favorite Pure Energy wood shafts while the SK Fiber Tour Trac 75 Golf Shaft replaces the ever-popular Tour Trac 80 irons. For those new to the SK Fiber line, these are two great feeling shafts in the most popular range of weights for those seeking more distance.

SK Fiber Tour Trac 55 Graphite Wood Golf Shafts SK Fiber Tour Trac 55 Wood Golf Shaft
SK Fiber Driver CPM MatrixThe SK Fiber Tour Trac 55 wood is an extended length golf shaft (47”) and has a long parallel tip section (5”) making it easy to dial in the flex to the speed and tempo of the golfer. Shown is a matrix of frequencies using our Acer XS golf driver at 45” and D1 swingweight. Each flex is shown with 3 trimming options.

Standard tip trimming for this shaft starts out with 1” from the tip. This allows for creating a higher launch / higher spin shafts by trimming less of the tip or slightly reducing launch and spin by trimming more off of the shaft without feeling “boardy”.


SK Fiber Tip Trimming Table
SK Fiber Tour Trac 75 Graphite Iron Golf Shafts SK Fiber Tour Trac 75 Golf Shaft
The SK Fiber Tour Trac 75 iron is nearly as versatile and with the ultra-tight cpm consistency is ideal SK Fiber Tour Trac 75for making a matched set of irons. The standard tip trimming will yield frequencies similar to these in the first table and chart. The ¼” tip trimming intervals make a nice frequency slope for those who have more of a slow to moderate tempo.

However, there is another option for those who may have more of an aggressive swing or are looking to raise ball flight in the lower lofted SK Fiber Tour Trac 75 Flightedirons and reduce the trajectory in the scoring irons. The “Flighted” tip trimming option would have a steeper frequency slope like the second frequency table / chart.

The SK Fiber Tour Trac 75 Golf Shaft can also be used in hybrids requiring 0.370” shafts. Just remember to tip trim the shaft based on the weight of the head rather than the number engraved on the sole.


New Ultra-Lightweight SK Fiber Wraith Shaft Arriving August 8!

Super Light. Super Long. Super Affordable. Introducing the New for 2013 SK Fiber Wraith Graphite Shaft!

SK Fiber Wraith Graphite Shaft









SK Fiber Wraith Graphite Shaft
Arriving August 8, 2013

Download Hireko Golf Equipment Catalog
The SK Fiber Wraith shaft is a ultra-lightweight shaft weighing in at just 50 grams (cut weight for driver). It is designed for players with a slow to moderate golf swing tempo seeking a higher launch angle. Custom clubmakers will love the extended raw length and especially the extended parallel tip section (5.5″) that will allow for customized tip trimming. Lastly, the +/- 1 cpm consistency around circumference of the shaft exemplifies the quality to commitment only SK Fiber delivers. Available in Wood A, R, S.
Model: SMT045

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View Technical Director Jeff Summitt’s Videoblog on the SK Fiber Wraith Shaft Below!

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