Introducing the New for 2013 Acer XS Titanium Driver – The “Standard”

Acer XS Titanium Driver SoleLightweight Crown For Improved Weight Distribution

What might be the best driver in golf you have yet to hear about? Well today, I would like to introduce to you to the “standard” version of the new Acer XS driver series.  Each year, we strive and learn better and more efficient ways to produce our titanium golf drivers so you end up a product that will provide you or your customer with more performance.  The Acer XS series (short for excess) is no exception as it goes a step beyond our popular Acer XF drivers we have offered for the past two years.

Here’s how we did it.  First, we maintained the 460cc titanium driver volume but made the crown a little taller and the breadth a little wider to give it more of a full-bodied look.  What makes up difference in size comes in is the shorter heel-to-toe dimension allowing the head to rotate more rapidly around the hosel or shaft so it will be easier to square up at impact.

Acer XS Titanium Driver Proportions
You might think that a taller crown would normally raise the center of gravity of the golf clubhead, and you would be right. But we took a page from the Acer XF Leggera and shed all the weight possible from the crown to actually Acer XS Titanium Driver Crownlower the center of gravity.  This is the secret to help optimize launch and spin for even greater distance.  We even altered the face construction to attain a high ball velocity over a wider area of the face too.

The standard version of the Acer XS driver series is geared to fit as wide array of players as well as complementing the various Acer XS irons.  For example, the lowest lofted (9.5º) version is made with a 1º open face to guard against hooking the ball – that same player would most likely select the Acer XS Forged Iron or Acer XS Pro Iron.  The meat and potatoes of the group are the 10.5º and 12º lofts; each having a unique set of specifications to match the standard Acer XS Iron or Acer XS HT Irons (high trajectory) respectively. This is just part of the comprehensive Acer XS line that we will address in the coming weeks ahead.

View Technical Director’s Jeff Summitts Videoblog on the Acer XS Titanium Driver

What really make these shine are the sensory elements – or those you can see and hear.  The color really stands out. The copper-on-black color scheme was patterned off of the dog that my wife and I rescued and Jeff_dogavoided having to be put to sleep.  Its traditional shape will appeal to the most discerning eye, but maybe more importantly will be the muted sound.  All in all, the standard version of the Acer XS Titanium Driver is a well-rounded and affordable driver series that can be custom made and perform just as well as the more expensive brand name drivers.  Experience an Acer XS driver for yourself and I am sure you’ll have something to “woof” about too.

Acer XS Titanium Driver Component Clubhead
Acer XS Titanium Driver Custom Assembled
Model# TM1458
Model# XTM1458
$69.95 each
$109.95 each