Basics of Golf Clubmaking Video Series Part 4 & 5 Now Online!

Basics of Golf Clubmaking SeriesNew To Golf Clubmaking? Follow Our New Clubmaking Video Series!

Download the Hireko Golf CatalogHave fun and learn how to assemble a custom golf club, while getting started In custom golf clubmaking in just a few short minutes. The “Basic Golf Clubmaking Video Series” of easy to understand and step-by-step golf clubmaking videos are taught by Hireko Golf’s Technical Director Jeff Summitt. Jeff will walk you through all the basic steps required and show you how to build a golf club from golf components. The benefits of assembling your own golf clubs are many from the financial rewards to being able to match the components and their specifications specifically to your swing characteristics, naturally lowering your scores. In addition, assembling golf clubs from components in a great new hobby that not only you can enjoy and perfect throughout your lifetime, but can potentially become profitable as well.


Part 4 How To Tip Trim A Golf Shaft

Contents of this fourth video will demonstrate how to tip trim steel golf shafts and how to tip trim graphite golf shafts manually.  For a steel golf shaft, we are going to use our tubing cutter; the preferred method when cutting a golf club shaft by hand. However, to safely cut a graphite or composite golf shaft, we will use a rod saw blade to avoid cracking or splintering what could potentially be a very expensive shaft.

Part 5 How To Properly Abrade or Sand a Golf Shaft Tip

Contents of this fifth video will demonstrate how to properly abrade (prep, sand or roughen) the tip of a golf shaft manually. For both steel golf shafts and graphite golf shafts, we are going to use different grits of sandpaper using a shoeshine method. When done properly, this will allow a proper surface for the epoxy and not cause damage to the shaft at a later date.


Basic tools needed for the “How To Assemble a Custom Golf Club” series include:

Bench Vise
Vinyl Shaft Clamp #RAVC $2.20 each
48″ Clubmaking Ruler #MIT025 $10.99 each
Tubing Cutter
Rod Saw Blade #GG12-50T $3.95 each
Sandpaper (Course 80-110 grit, Medium 150-180 grit)
Utility Knife #MIT051 $9.95 each
Golf Ferrule Installation Tool #FBLOCK $19.95 each
Catch Basin

and materials you will need:

24-hour, high strength Golf Shafting Epoxy #EP05 $5.95 each
Masking Tape
Two-Way Golf Grip Tape #PIP $.40 per strip
Felt Tip Marker
Golf Grip Solvent #SV02 $3.95 each
Paper Towels
Golf Ferrules Starts $2.45
000 Steel Wool

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