The Answer to Anchor: Arm-Lock Golf Putter Grips Are In Stock & USGA Conforming!

 Arm-Lock Golf Putter Grips Arm-Lock Golf Putter Grips are the perfect USGA conforming alternative for those who use an anchored-putting stroke, which will be banned starting in 2016!

Arm-Lock Golf Big Red Counter-Balance Putter Grip

Arm-Lock Golf Big Red Counter-Balance Putter Grip

The Arm-Lock Golf Big Red offering features the same dimensions and weight as the Blue Convertor grip but with a concentric or centered shaft channel. Big Red is ideal for those who benefit from counterbalanced putters but without the forward press.
Model #ARM002 Starting at $29.95 each

Arm-Lock Golf Blue Converter Putter Grip

Arm-Lock Golf Blue Converter Putter Grip

The USGA conforming Arm Lock Golf Converter Putter Grip is a grip that will turn any putter into an arm-lock putter. In arm-lock putting it is currently necessary to increase the loft of the putter in order to compensate for the “forward press” or “forward lean” created in arm-lock putting.
Model #ARM001 Starting at $39.95 each

 Arm-Lock Golf Big Red Counter-Balance Putter Grip  Arm-Lock Golf Blue Converter Putter Grip

Uniquely Shaped Grips From PalmBird and Two Thumb Grips Aim to Improve Your Putting!

New Offerings From Two Thumb Grips and PalmBird Grips Are Engineered To Promote Pendulum Stroke And Lower Scores

You may or may not have noticed we recently added two new lines of putter grips; PalmBird Grips and Two Thumb Grips.  For many of you, this might be your first introduction to either of these companies, but they offer rather unique products brought on through their geometric shapes.

I was taught a long time ago that if you wanted to improve your putting alignment is critical. That person instructed me to place a ruler or yardstick in my hands and take practice strokes as if I was putting.  The ruler is thin and rectangular making it very easy to align to the target. Plus there are two ways in which to hold it that feels very natural. Let me explain those two positions and how it applies to these new putter grips.

Vertical Ruler Hireko GolfVertical position
Imagine the thin side of a ruler perpendicular to the ground.  The wide, flat side of the ruler would rest against your palms and the thin side would fit in your fingers. Take a few quick strokes Palmbird Gripback and forth and you can maintain the flat side of the ruler being square toward the target easier than you can when you hold a rounded object in your hands.

The crescent shape of the PalmBird grip is very reminiscent of the ruler in the vertical position, with the narrow portion is resting in your fingers and the side of the golf grip is firmly against your palms.

Horizontal Ruler Hireko GolfHorizontal position
Now imagine the thin side of a ruler parallel to the ground.  The ruler is now held primarily in the fingers with your thumbs wresting atop.  Again, the geometric shape makes it easy to sense you are putting back and forth toward your target.

The Two Thumb grips have a wide rectangular shape large enough to place both your thumbs (hence 2Thumb) side by side atop of the putter grip as shown.  However, there are other positions you can place your hands and achieve the same assurance of being properly aligned as the ruler in the horizontal position.

You can also install the Two Thumb grips in the vertical position as mentioned above. This would be perfectly acceptable and conform to the Rules of Golf. Your forward or leading hand will feel as if you are back-handing the putt instead of breaking your wrists.

If you are struggling on the green with your flatstick, perhaps a change in the shape of your grip will get you aligned as well as promote a more pendulum stroke by taking the wrists out of the stroke.



Two Thumb Putter Grips at Hireko Golf


A Genuine Stroke Saver! Palmbird Putter Grips Arriving Next Week!

Plant a Palmbird Putter Grip In Your Hands and Feel The Difference!

Palmbird Putter GripsThe Palmbird putter grip is a very unique product that was inspired by nature.  Here are the key features:

Putter grip and putting teaching aid all in one

• Heavier to provide counter-balancing, giving you greater control of the putter head

• Improves your ability to keep the putter head square at impact and throughout the stroke

• Non-tapered grip body, allowing balanced grip pressure in both hands

• The crescent shape encourages the putting stroke to be initiated from the shoulders instead of the hands and wrists reducing stroke arc, helping to keep the putter head square and on line

• Significantly reduces the possibility of the “yips” due to less wrist flexion and forearm tension

• The PalmBird’s design, covers a larger surface area in your palms, which allows for lighter grip pressure in your thumbs and fingers

• Naturally reduces wrist break throughout the putting stroke

• Made of weather resistant Thermal Plastic Rubber which provides durability, comfort, and traction

• Conforms with USGA rules and proudly made in the U.S.A.

Palmbird Putter Grip
$19.95 each

View Palmbird Putter Grip Videoblog Below!

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Loudmouth Putter Grips

Hit the golf course with a storm of style! Pulling out this eye-popping putter grip on the green will turn some heads. But, it’s not just a flash of bright color and style. Golf is all about the feel and Loudmouth putter grips has bolted great feel and great style into one and the same grip. Did we mention logical added features like the convenient golf ball-marker storage and use built into the end cap? In play on the PGA, LPGA and other professional golf tours around the world too!

Key Product Highlights of the new Loudmouth grips :
• Unique, eye catching design with LOUD attitude!
• Polyurethane wrap stye putter grips
• Built-in magnetic ball market on all Loudmouth putter grips!
• Available in 5 wild designs
• Putter grip size .600″

 Loudmouth Shagadelic Standard Putter Grip  Loudmouth Shagadelic Jumbo Putter Grip Loudmouth Thunderbolt Standard Putter Grip
Model #LMSP Model #LMSP1 Model #LMTP
Loudmouth Shagadelic Standard Putter Grip Loudmouth Shagadelic Jumbo Putter Grip Loudmouth Thunderbolt Standard Putter Grip
$16.95 each $19.95 each $16.95 each
 Loudmouth Shagadelic Standard Putter Grip  Loudmouth Shagadelic Jumbo Putter Grip  Loudmouth Thunderbolt Standard Putter Grip
 Loudmouth Thunderbolt Jumbo Putter Grip Loudmouth Pink/Black Standard Putter Grip
Model #LMTP1 Model #LMP
Loudmouth Thunderbolt Jumbo Putter Grip Loudmouth Pink/Black Standard Putter Grip
$19.95 each $16.95 each
 Loudmouth Thunderbolt Jumbo Putter Grip  Loudmouth Pink and Black Standard Putter Grip