The Power Play Warp Speed Brassie: A Fresh New Spin on a Terrific Old Idea

The Power Play Warp Speed Brassie may just be that missing club you have been looking for all along as a control club off the tee or to reach those long par 4s

Power Play Warp Speed Brassie Fairway WoodThis year, Hireko is introducing a new type club that golfers are probable going to be unfamiliar with. That is until after today! In modern era of golf, we know there is the driver, fairway wood, hybrids, etc.  Plus, in many of the clubhead categories like the best fairway woods, they have numbers engraved on the sole like 3, 5 and 7 (which are the most common).  However, this wasn’t always the case.  History shows us all type of unique names for clubs, such as “spoon”, “mashie”, “baffy” and “cleek” to name just a few. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, we would like to re-introduce to you one of terms in the brand new Power Play Warp Speed “Brassie”.

History of the Brassie
For you old-timers out there, you probably recollect such a club called the Brassie fairway wood.  In fact, you might have even hit a ball with one.  For the rest of us, the Brassie was a wooden golf club with a brass sole plate – hence the name. Brass was more durable than the wood it replaced to protect the head from being hit off the ground.  One byproduct of the dense brass material was that it produced a clubhead with low center of gravity. The term “Brassie” or variants also applied to various lofted wooden clubs in the 1880s and 1890s, such as a Driving Brassie, Brassie Spoon or Brassie Iron.

The loft of a Brassie was typically between 12 and 17 degrees.  In trying to replicate history, the Warp Speed Brassie is equipped with 13º of loft and outfitted with a metallic sole with a brass PVD finish.

Is the Brassie a modern #2 wood?
Close, but no cigar.  In reality, one way to describe the Power Play Warp Speed Brassie is a strong 3 wood as the weight is the same a normal 3 wood (instead of lighter like the #2) as well as lower lofted. Because of the massively large volume (we’ll get to why in a moment), we could not physically make this very special forged stainless steel fairway any lighter.

Who is the Brassie for?
The million dollar question is who is a candidate to put the Warp Speed Brassie in their golf bag?  I guess the first thing you need to understand is the purpose.  In the olden days, the Brassie could also be used off of a tee because they could provide player more accuracy and control without suffering much, if any, distance.  In keeping with that theme, the Power Play Warp Speed Brassie was developed.

Size does matter
There are a number of strong lofted 3 woods on the market, but none quite like this one. Our “Brassie” is just part of the Power Play Warp Speed line.  I’ll get ahead of myself a bit, as we have yet to introduce the other members of the family yet. But if you take a look at the diagram you will understand what we have done.

Power Play Warp Speed Brassie Compared

The Brassie has a very large footprint at address – only 12% smaller than the matching driver.  If it were the height of a typical driver, then the volume would comparable to a 380 cc driver telling you just how forgiving it is.  If you want to compare the Brassie to a typical #3 wood, then it will be approximately 24% more forgiving.  In layman’s terms – you’ll hit the Power Play Warp Speed Brassie straighter.

But remember, the face is still shallow and easy enough to hit off of the deck.  Rest assured “that ain’t gonna happen with a driver”.  We thinned the crown area out as much as possible to maintain a low as well as rearward center of gravity to get the ball up and out with less spin.

Power Play Warp Speed Brassie Face Height

As you can see, the Brassie is a versatile clubs. Undoubtedly, it is our straightest fairway wood we offer, but it is no chump when it comes to distance either.  We hadn’t even mentioned that there is a high-strength, super-thin face to boost the ball velocity coming off of the face for a combination that is awfully hard to beat.

However, if you decide on ordering a Power Play Warp Speed Brassie, there is no need for an additional #3 wood in the bag – skip to the #5.  Lastly, if you were to conduct a search for Brassie on the internet, chances are they will describe it as an obsolete club.  The funny part is if our golfing forefathers had created this beast, then Brassie would be in the lexicon of golf terms today.  Whether you are intimidated by a large driver, need a control club off the tee or a powerful fairway wood to reach long par 4s or those par 5s in two, the Power Play Warp Speed Brassie may just be that missing club you have been looking for all along.

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