Will I Hit The Power Play Juggernaut Driver Further?

If you are a customer of ours and selling custom made Power Play Juggernaut drivers to people in your immediate area, use the honest approach about any potential distance gains.

I like to be as honest to customers as possible, because if not, you never know when it will come to bite you in the behind. One question I frequently get asked is “Will I hit your Juggernaut driver farther than my current driver?” To put that in perspective, we tout the Power Play Juggernaut driver as a non-conforming as the coefficient of restitution (C.O.R.) and the volume both exceeds the allowable limit set forth by the USGA. So you would think the answer is a no-brainer that the Juggernaut would go automatically further if you are using a conforming driver. Taking a page from ESPN’s Lee Corso I have to remind people “Not so fast my friend”.

Juggernaut Optimal LoftLoft trumps high C.O.R.
For a low ball hitter or those already using a higher lofted driver, take heed. If you are hitting the ball lower than your playing partners, you are probably giving up all sorts of distance. One of the surefire ways of increasing your distance is to optimize the loft of your driver regardless of your ability or swing speed.

The Power Play Juggernaut is only available in a 10.5º loft option. If you require a higher lofted driver, then whatever benefit the higher ball speed coming off the Juggernaut’s “hot” face may not compensate for the loss of carry distance from a driver with higher loft. Just be aware of that fact.

Download Hireko Golf CatalogLooks closely at what you are using now
Be sure to examine other parameters of your current driver like the shaft weight and length. You need to be sure you are comparing apples to apples. For instance, make sure your current driver is 10.5º (again matching the Juggernaut). But let’s say the shaft in your current driver is a 55g model and the playing length 45 ¾”. If you decide on using the stock shaft (66g) and length (45”) on our website, then your swing speed and distance could be reduced and actually loose distance. I would implore you to seriously upgrade and match to a lighter shaft and longer assembly length if you are comfortable with your current set up.

Where does your club fall in tolerance?
One thing that most consumers are not aware of is manufacturing tolerances. They will assume that the C.O.R. limit for driver is 0.830 and that their driver was made to that spec. The USGA encourages manufacturers to target the C.O.R. at 0.822 to allow for manufacturing tolerances for face thickness. Actually the USGA no longer uses C.O.R., but rather Characteristic Time (C.T.) as a measure of spring-like effect of the face.

CT MachineIn 2005, the USGA adopted a newer and more portable testing protocol for measuring spring-like effect. Using a pendulum testing apparatus, the face is struck and the characteristic time (C.T.) of how long the pendulum’s plunger makes contact with the face is recorded. Any driver that exhibits a C.T. value greater than 239 μs (microseconds), plus the tolerance 18 μs, is deemed to be non-conforming (257 μs maximum). The 257 μs correlates with a 0.830 C.O.R. and the 239 μs correlates to a C.O.R. of 0.822. However very few consumers have ever heard of C.T. and they along with marketing firms, continue to this day to use the C.O.R. vernacular.

If a manufacturer had a spec of 0.830 on a driver, then there is a good change that half of all production models will be over the limit. The USGA could test a tour player’s club or randomly purchase heads from a retail establishment and test the C.T. If the C.T. is over the limit, they could retest and if found over the limit again, could deem that driver (and loft) non-conforming for everyone. There is a definite incentive for manufacturers not to try to cross that line.

This leads us to the question how much of a distance increase can be gained. If your current driver happens to fall on the low side of the C.T. / C.O.R. limit and the Juggernaut you purchase is on the high side of the tolerance, you will see more gain than the opposite scenario. But we made sure that the Juggernaut’s C.O.R. was high enough, that even with manufacturing tolerances, would still be above the USGA’s limit.

YMMV (Your mileage may vary)
So this is the honest to goodness scoop. Not everyone will see distance gains and those distance increases (if any) can vary from person to person due to their clubhead speed (higher the more greater potential) and clubhead tolerances (C.T. and loft). Having used several of the Juggernaut drivers off and on for nearly a year (yeah, I get to play all the early prototypes), I can avow that I have uncorked the longest drives of my career. Like many golfers out there, I no longer carry a handicap and play for the mere enjoyment and that is who the Juggernaut was designed for.

If you are a customer of ours and selling custom made Juggernaut drivers to people in your immediate area, use the honest approach about any potential distance gains. Making up a demo or two and allowing your customers a chance to hit it against their own driver is by far the best way to sell your customer on distance (don’t forget accuracy too) they can expect.

Power Play Juggernaut Driver

Have Fun, Play Faster, Go Further with the Power Play Juggernaut Driver!

The New for 2014 Illegally Long Power Play Juggernaut Driver Has Titanic Power & Accuracy!

Power Play Juggernaut DriverHere is a little fun fact, only 1 out of every 5 golfers maintains a USGA handicap. Yet virtually all equipment companies design golf clubs to abide by the Rules of Golf for what amounts to only a minority of the golfing population.  Well that trend may be changing and Hireko will be offering a new driver that was intentionally designed to be non-conforming.

Now don’t get your tighty-whities in a bunch, this is only a single driver and we have a plethora of other golf club drivers to choose from. Remember, we weren’t the first company to make a non-conforming golf driver and we certainly won’t be the last. Hireko is introducing the Power Play Juggernaut driver for the 80% of golfers who…

  • Don’t maintain a handicap
  • Take a mulligan on the first hole
  • Roll the ball in the fairway
  • A putt is an automatic “gimmie” inside the leather
  • Play for the fun of it!

Power Play Juggernaut DriverLet’s face it golf is hard, even under pristine conditions that you see on TV.  I don’t know about you but I don’t have the luxury of beating balls year round and for hours at a time to play at the highest level.  I happen to play for the fun of it.  There is enough pressure in life that I just want to relax when I am out on the course and enjoy the company and surroundings.  I am sure most of our readers are in the same boat.

The Power Play Juggernaut was designed for the 4 out of 5 golfers that want to play better by driving the ball straighter and further – simple as that.  Every company will boast those claims with any new driver, but can they back it up? Due to all the equipment restrictions by golf’s governing body that is awfully hard to do.  But when you aren’t hamstrung by rules, you can create some pretty cool things.

Power Play Juggernaut DriverFirst, the Juggernaut is 12% larger (515cc) than the maximum allowable volume by the USGA. That is bigger, but not like seeing a watermelon on a stick. If you believe in the philosophy that bigger is better, then you will agree this allows it to be a more forgiving on off-center golf shots resulting into less time looking for errant balls and speeding up the play of the game.  Plus when you have more confidence, you can go after it a bit more and generate a little more distance knowing you have an inkling of an idea of where the ball is going.

Secondly, you will be able to generate a little more ball speed or distance from the tee because the coefficient of restitution (COR) or that spring-like effect of the ball coming off is hotter than allowable by the USGA.  We spared no expense and went to a more explosive beta titanium material for the face. Are you going to be driving the ball 50 yards more? No, as that would defy the laws of physics, but I can tell you that I have hit the longest drives at my home course with it.

Power Play Juggernaut HeadcoverOK, I can hear some of you mumbling “Are you cheating?”  It depends. If you don’t maintain a handicap, then the answer is no.  Mulligans and “gimmie” putts aren’t in the rule book nor are rolling the ball in your own fairway, but look at all of those golfers that do.  For those aging seniors who now play from the forward tees and still can’t reach the Par 4’s in regulation or beginners who need all the help from an accuracy standpoint so they don’t give up and quite the game before they ever get hooked. These are just a few reasons that the Juggernaut driver was intended for.

When you finally get hooked on golf, begin having fun once again or want to play more competitively, you have tons of choices of conforming drivers.  For now, there is an affordable driver available that is not only has a great look, sound and feel, but another option for the amateur golfer who wants to have fun and could give a rat’s behind about abiding by every single rule of golf.

Power Play Juggernaut Titanium Driver – Custom Assembled Power Play Juggernaut Titanium Driver – Clubhead Power Play Juggernaut Driver Headcover
Model #XTM13652B Model #XTM13652B Model #HCZD4414
$113.95 each $69.95 each $10.95 each