One Thing You Might Not Know About the New Golf Pride Niion Grips

Added stability, increased durability, and enhanced shot feedback – the Golf Pride Niion™ Grip takes high-performance grips to another level

Have you ever noticed how a catalog or website can be deceiving and may not give the complete picture of a product?  One such example is the new Golf Pride Niion grips.  What I mean by that is the new Niion Grips happen to be more photogenic on one side of the golf grip than the other.  The catalogs and websites show only the “beauty” shot as I like to call it, or what would be considered the “front” of the golf grip with the colored pattern and Golf Pride logo contrasting the base color of the grip.

Golf Pride Niion Grips
But there is a twist. I was showing the samples to a customer and he stated it might be a little busy for his tastes. And for those of you who share a similar position or are more on conservative side and don’t like to be distracted by looking at busy grip, you can reverse the Golf Pride Niion golf grip or install it 180 degrees from the beauty side.  The colored pattern will disappear and the Golf Pride logo at the base of the grip will be faint.  Once I showed that to the customer, he said “Now, I can play with that!” The best part is in this position you will still be able to see your alignment marks for installation and alignment.

Golf Pride Niion Golf Grip Back

Golf Pride Niion Golf Grip FrontThe Golf Pride Niion grips come in 5 vibrant colors and the new blended rubber material offer a textured and soft (but not spongy) feel that will be popular amongst the majority of golfers whether in either the up or down position.  I fall into the camp with the beauty side up, but it is nice Golf Pride Niion grip caters to either camp.

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Also available in Golf Pride Niion Grip 13 Piece Grip Kits!

View Technical Director Jeff Summitt’s Videoblog on the Golf Pride Niion Grips below!