Improve Your Ball Striking and Lower Your Score with Markit Impact Spray

markit_sprayMarkit Spray is proudly made in the USA and is an easy and economical way for club fitters and end consumers alike to get immediate feedback on where they are hitting the ball.

There are several golf training or golf fitting devices commercially available that say they will increase your distance, allow you to hit the ball straighter and reduce you score. However there is one simple product on the market that can do all that. It is called Markit Impact Spray and is will give you immediate visual proof of what you are doing. Best part of all, it is economical and easy to use.

Déjà vu
If you have been a Hireko customer for at least two years, you might remember that we briefly sold the Markit Impact Spray, or what I like to refer to as a “coach in a can”. I was very high on this product, not just for personal usage, Markit Impact Spray on Facebut for custom club fitters who had been used to impact labels to see where golf ball contact was made on the face of the club. Sadly, I reported the sole proprietor of the product passed away unexpectedly in December of 2012. Just recently, someone purchased the company who made Markit and now we are offering the same great product for sale once again.

How simple is it to use?
If you can shake a can, pop off the cap, point the nozzle toward the club face and depress the sprayer, then you can use this product.

A picture is worth a thousand words
For most people it is far easier to learn and react to something if they have visual evidence rather than relying on feel or what someone else is telling them. This picture is an example of a driver with the Markit sprayed onto the face and what it shows when one hits the ball. The picture clearly shows a driver, but this can be any club in the bag, including a putter.

The top picture shows what we strive for; impact that is consistent and centered in the face. Near the upper portion of the face shows the dimple marks left by impact while down below is the marks from the rubber mat tee.

In contrast, the bottom picture shows general inconsistency. One shot is severally inward toward the heel, one (or more) is almost struck on the crown and others low on the face. With an impact pattern like this, it will be hard to say where one will hit the ball on a consistent basis leading to less confidence and reduced distance.

For a club fitter and their customer, it would be easy to say which head/shaft combination will yield best results by simply looking at impact position on the face. Plus, if a club fitter is using a launch monitor in conjunction with the fitting, the Markit Impact Spray will have absolutely no effect on the ball flight unlike an impact label, which can skew your results.

Even for an end consumer beating balls are their local range, if they see the impact on the face is clustered consistently toward the toe, they can make adjustments. They can either stand slightly closer to the ball and see if that helps improve centeredness of contact. If not, then they know they could be using a club with an incorrect lie angle and have that adjusted (if possible) at their local clubmaking shop. It also help you to learn how high to tee the ball for best results.

How easy is it to clean up?
It comes right off with a wipe of a clean, soft cloth and won’t leave any sticky residue.

How many usages can you get in a can?
There are approximately 225 applications per can. That’s less than 7 cents per usage and more economical than impact labels.

Put your mark on it
Markit is proudly made in the USA and is an easy and economical way for club fitters and end consumers alike to get immediate feedback on where they are hitting the ball. If you weren’t a user before, maybe now is a time get a can and help improve your (or your customers) ball striking and lowering your score.

Markit Impact Spray
Model# MARKIT-001
Markit Impact Spray
$14.95 each