Up To 20% Off Lamkin Perma Wrap Classics!

Get Up To 20% Off The Best Selling Lamkin Perma Wrap Classic Standard, Midsize and Oversize Grips!

The Lamkin Perma-Wrap Classic grips are a high profile wrap style grip, seamless and timeless. The unbuffed surface combines traction, tackiness and a softer feel and is great for players who prefer to play without a glove. The Lamkin Perma-Wrap Classics are available in standard, midsize and oversize in black all synthetic EPDM rubber.

Name Model Closeout Price! Reg. Price
Lamkin Perma Wrap Classic Standard RL255 Only $3.95 each $4.95 each
Lamkin Perma Wrap Classic Midsize RL256 Only $4.20 each $5.20 each
Lamkin Perma Wrap Classic Oversize RL257 Only $4.45 each $5.45 each

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