Finally an Adjustable “Flight Biased” Wedge Hits the Market – Meet the Dynacraft VLS Series

Interchangeable weights on new Dynacraft VLS Adjustable Wedge let’s you control a multitude of shot parameters

Dynacraft VLS Adjustable WedgeWhat had initially started as a science experiment to study the effects on center of gravity and ball flight, eventually ended up as a product that we chose to make available to the general public. I would like to introduce to you the Dynacraft VLS (short for Variable Launch and Spin) Adjustable Wedge series. It is a system that includes two interchangeable inserts; a 3g black anodized aluminum and 17g stainless steel as well as a small wrench and instruction sheet. The 14 gram or ½ ounce disparity in weights alters the center of gravity of the adjustable golf wedge to produce two unique sets of conditions to control the initial trajectory, spin rate, maximum height of the shot, landing angle, amount of roll and finally total distance the ball travels.

Physics 101: What should happen?
Why don’t we revisit our science books for a moment? One would expect with the heavier wDynacraft VLS Adjustable Wedgeeight in the lower position, you would expect the center of gravity to follow and be lower as well.  Subsequently, you would see an increase in the ball flight.   Using a Trackman launch monitor, were where able to gather information that would not be possible with the naked eye.

In this example, we had a better ball striker hitting several balls with the 56º model and took an average of the data.  As expected, the adjustable wedge with the heavier weight located in the lower position created a slightly higher initial launch angle (3% or 1.4º). However, I am going to tell you upfront, this isn’t always the case with everyone we tested.  Solidness of contact, angle of attack and swing speed at impact are variables that affect the initial launch.  After all, we have a human swinging the club.

Dynacraft VLS Adjustable WedgeA funny thing happened on the way to the apex of the flight path
Where we saw the biggest difference come was in the shape of the flight path when interchanging the two weights around.  This was a direct result of a change in the spin rate with the heavier weight in the lower position creating (in our better player’s example) a 16% increase in the spin.

You have probably heard head and shaft manufacturers touting higher launch and low spin for golf drivers to help maximize distance for many golfers, other than those with Dynacraft VLS Adjustable Wedge Diagramlower swing speed which need to the additional spin to keep the ball aloft.  For each and every person and club in the set, there is a unique set of conditions (launch and spin) that maximizes results.



The surprising part for many golfers will be which position hit the ball higher. Even though the initial trajectory was lower with the wedge in the high / rearward CG position, the ball kept going outward and rising at the same time creating a higher peak trajectory between the two shots.  Once it reached the maximum height, it was a good 8% higher (5.1 feet). Remember, this is with the exact same club with the only exception switching the two weights around.

Watch out green, here I come
The last part of the ball’s flight path is the final descent.  In this final diagram, we can see that the adjustable golf wedge with the weight in the higher and more rearward position will create a flatter (3º) angle of decent, which will allow the ball to release with more roll once it hits the green.  In our case here, the roll was 23% greater (and a total distance of 7 Dynacraft VLS Adjustable Wedgeyards longer on average) than the same head, but with the weight located in the lower and more forward position.  This wouldn’t be a good scenario if one had a hard time holding the green on approach shots.  But those who can’t seem to get the ball back to the hole will sure benefit.

The lesson learned by all of this is shifting 14 grams of weight can totally change the initial trajectory, spin, maximum height, landing angle, amount of roll and finally total net distance the ball travels.  Not everyone will benefit with the higher and Download Hireko Catalogmore rearward position just like not all golfers will like a certain type of ball (distance vs. spin).  The Dynacraft VLS wedge gives you that option without having to change the brand of ball that you like the feel of and its’ performance.

Make sure to try the head in both position for both full shots of the Dynacraft VLS Adjustable Golf Wedge as well as little finesse shots around the green in order to find the position which gets you (or your customer) closer to the hole.  As you know, the closer you are to the hole, the more likely you are to make a putt and that my friends, is how to lower your score.

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