FAQ: Dynacraft Prophet ICT Driver and Fairway Woods

Hireko Golf Technical Director Jeff Summitt Answers Some of the Most Frequently Asked Questions About the Dynacraft Prophet ICT Driver and Fairway Woods

Dynacraft ICT Anatomy of AdapterI have been inundated by questions recently about our two Dynacraft Prophet drivers (and fairways too).  I wondered why, as this is a model that has not been part of our active line for a couple years. It finally dawned on me, these were in our latest Spring Quarterly flyer and many customers may be experiencing these clubheads for the very first time. As Hireko’s only interchangeable golf clubheads, these need additional explanation.  So here are some of those questions that I have fielded recently.

Am I missing the Dynacraft ICT adapter because it looks like something screws into the hosel?
You are not missing anything. The adapter is already attached to the head when you receive it. What you are seeing is the rifling or barreling of the hosel. This was added by design because the adapter is made out of aluminum and when bored becomes very smooth. The rifling allows extra “bite” for the epoxy to hold the shaft to the adapter.

Download Hireko Golf CatalogHow do I know what position the adapter is in?
There is a white orientation dot at the base of the adapter. This means you will need to remove the adapter. As shipped, the dot will be pointing toward the toe or in position #1.

Where are the instructions located?
If you go to the product page, look down by the product description and click on the Product Manual tab.  Here you will find the Dynacraft Prophet ICT Adapter Instructions lnk to the instructions.

Dynacraft Prophet ICT Driver

Dynacraft Prophet ICT Driver Clubhead

What is the difference between the two Prophet ICT drivers?
The biggest difference aside from price is cosmetics as their functions and size are the same.  Our original Dynacraft Prophet ICT head features a geometric shape, while the newer of the two versions has a traditional shape.

Do I need to adjust or do any additional tip trimming?
No.  The adapter was developed so that the bottom of bore to ground line and the insertion depth are no different from a bonded driver that you would find today.

Will you get any more adapters?
Unfortunately no, these models are discontinued and the minimum run to produce the adapters was way too much for what we would sell.

Then can you remove a shaft from the adapter and re-shaft it?
Sure, and it is easier than extracting a shaft out of a normal golf clubhead. Simply unscrew the Dynacraft ICTadapter and remove it from the head. Cut off the ferrule if one was installed. Heat up the adapter to break the epoxy bond loose and insert it into your shaft puller. Don’t worry, the adapter is aluminum that has

Dynacraft Prophet ICT Fairway Woods

Dynacraft Prophet ICT Fairway Woods

been anodized black and is not made of plastic that will melt. Watch out, the adapter will be hot so use a glove to catch it as it is extracted from the shaft.

Will you be receiving fill in Dynacraft Prophet 3 woods to match?
The model is now officially retired so no more fill in pieces will be available.

Will you have another adjustable golf driver in the future?
We are constantly working on new products. We just have to make sure before we bring one to market that is does three things. First and foremost, it must perform well out on the course and not just to introduce an adjustable golf driver for the sake of having an adjustable driver. Number two is to make one that is affordable, After all, this is Hireko Golf and there are plenty of expensive adjustable drivers readily available. Lastly, it must not violate any existing patents. We already had one nixed because a patent was released that would had been similar to a concept that we had already worked on for the better part of 6 months.  So it was scraped, but that is the nature of the business.

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