View The New Video “How To Remove A Graphite Shaft” From A Golf Club!

This is the second video in our Basic Golf Club Repair series of easy to understand and step-by-step golf clubmaking videos taught by Hireko Golf’s Technical Director Jeff Summitt.

View Part 1 of the Basic Golf Club Repair Series: How to Remove a Steel Shaft here:

The contents of this second video on how to properly remove a graphite shaft include the necessary tools and materials needed to get started plus some handy tips.

– Bench Vise
– Heavy duty gloves
– Commercially available graphite shaft puller
– Heat source (propane or butane torch or heat gun)
– Utility knife such as Hireko model MIT053 shown here:
– Hosel cleaning brush such as Hireko model GDW9391 shown here:
– or sandpaper rolls such as Hireko’s model #SDRM shown here:
– In case you discolor the hosel, chrome cleaner such as Hireko model CHROME shown here:

Note:  You should never promise a customer that a graphite shaft can be saved.  For one, you might not know what type of epoxy was used or how many times it could have been installed previously. Shaft manufacturers will not warrant broken shafts that have been removed and reused.

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