Graman Golf Shafts Now Available at Hireko Golf!

Graman Signature Series Golf Shafts

So uniform, so precise and so symmetrical that the Graman G Series and Graman S Series Golf Shafts are GUARANTEED 1 cpm or less!

Download Hireko Golf Equipment CatalogHireko is proud to announce that we have added the entire line of Graman golf shafts to our already extensive product line, proving once again we want to be your one stop source for all your component needs.  While Graman shafts may not be a household brand for many of you, they have been manufacturing high-quality shafts for two decades gaining a cult-like status amongst clubmakers worldwide as they offer a wide range of products, extremely tight tolerances and excellent pricing.

Extremely Tight Tolerances
Probably the first feature to state about Graman golf shafts as a whole is their consistency in terms of frequency (or stiffness) both shaft-to-shafts as well as around their circumference.  What does this mean to the end consumer?  No surprises.  For clubmakers, tight tolerances means less work sorting shafts or trying to spine or orientate the shaft to make it play better.

Five Distinct Series
You could describe the Graman shaft line of offering everything from soup to nuts.  Here is a brief breakdown of each of the series.

Graman Professional G Series Golf Shafts

Graman Professional G Series Golf Shafts
This series uses only premium materials and they are all structurally balanced or symmetrical to be guaranteed to have a one cpm (or less tolerance). These provide a very responsive feel and come in extended lengths shafts for complete customization.  The Graman Professional G Series golf shafts are available in various weights and flexes (all the way to double X). There is also a 0.350” version in the 60g weight. Formerly called the “Limey” (as they were once painted lime green), the liquid silver paint scheme gives a classy look to any driver.  These are simply tremendous shafts for the money.


Graman Signature S Series Golf Shafts

Graman Signature S Series Golf Shafts
This is Graman’s “Signature Series” where they spared no expense in manufacturing a premium finished product.  If you read through their product literature it says “Quadraxial prepreg (on the S 50, S 60, S70 and S 80) produces more stable and responsive shafts with minimum collapsing at impact, more elasticity, and quicker recovery with ultra-low spin rate.”  What that means in layman’s terms it better performance.  Just like the G Series, they are structurally symmetrical to be guaranteed to have a one cpm tolerance (or less).  This series also features a Graman fairway golf shaft and Graman hybrid golf shaft to mix and match with the various weight wood shafts.  The 70 and 80 gram shafts in this series could be used for long drive competitors with their extended raw lengths (48”) and shaft flexes available all the way to triple X.


Graman Competitive M Series Golf Shafts

Graman Competitive M Series Golf Shafts
The Graman Competitive M Series Golf Shafts best-selling models and the blue collar line of the 5 series.  Available in combination flexes in the popular 65, 70 and 75 gram weight ranges. The Graman M 65 and Graman M 75 golf shafts will be self-explanatory with the 4 basic flexes. However, the M 70 may at first glance look confusing based on the offerings, but let me help you understand the little nuances between the flexes.

For starters, Graman offer a combination LL and L flex shaft.  The LL flex is a full flex softer than a traditional L or ladies flex for those with a very low swing speed and/or nice rhythmic swings. They also offer a combination L and A flex shafts as well as A/R, R/S, and S/X depending on how the shaft is trimmed.  You might be asking why offer two L, A, R or S-flexes?  If you made a club using an R-flex out of the A/R combination flex, it won’t be as stiff as if you purchased the R/S combination flex and trimmed it to R flex.  Each other shaft is the same way so there is no flex overlap and covers the half flexes when you have customers that might fall in-between two.  For those of you that like to frequency-match or target a specific frequency, the Graman M 70 golf shaft is a clubmaker’s dream.

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Graman Performance R Series Golf Shafts

Graman Performance R Series Golf Shafts
The Graman R Series is a lightweight, value-orientated family.  You could say the specs appear to be very close to the M 70, but a little higher torque as it did not utilize the same high modulus material.  They have a wee bit more tolerances as well (+/- 2 cpm versus +/- 1.5 cpm), but this is still considered extremely consistent.


Graman Crossfire Golf Shafts

Graman Crossfire Golf Shafts
As we said, Graman carries a comprehensive line as the Graman Crossfire would be on the opposite end of the spectrum from the S Series.  This is an entry level or commercial grade composite shaft for those on a shoestring budget.  While these do not have quite the same ultra-tight tolerances of the other series, these are remarkably consistent for a shaft in this price category.


Trimming Instructions
For a complete trimming instructions on Graman shafts as well as all our other vendors, click here to download the updated Hireko Golf Shaft Trimming Guide.

Hireko Golf Dynamic Shaft Fitting Index (DSFI) Information
For those that rely on the Dynamic Shaft Fitting Index (DSFI) to fit with as well accurately compare to other shafts, here is a supplement of what we have tested so far. Click here to view the Graman Golf Shafts Dynamic Shaft Fitting Index.

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