Golf Wedges

Jeff Summitt on September 30th, 2013

The heavier weight of golf wedges provides more momentum with shorter swings thereby helping get the ball up and out around the green If you look at the swingweight specification for the name brand wedges you will notice they are higher in relationship to the numbered irons.  This is for a very good reason as […]

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Learn How To Cut A Graphite or Steel Golf Shaft To Length The Proper Way! Hireko Golf’s technical director Jeff Summitt will demonstrate how to cut a golf club to length manually from the butt end. You will find out first how length is measured to obtain our final length and account for the additional […]

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Jeff Summitt on May 28th, 2013

Maybe a change to your wedge shaft may rejuvenate your short game too, but just don’t assume if you see a “wedge” shaft that is the only option you have. How often do you take a full swing with your golf wedges? Trace back to your last round and recall all those ¾ or ½ […]

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