Golf Drivers

Jeff Summitt on July 25th, 2013

Winner of 2013 British Didn’t Carry a Driver! Golfers can learn a lot by watching the pros from a game management standpoint.  Take for example the winner of this year’s British Open championship who didn’t even carry a golf driver.  Sure these guys are long, but there was a lot of trouble lurking in and […]

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440cc Dynamo Packs a Powerful Punch Being the “tech guy”, I get grilled all the time by our customers as to what I play.  I guess they feel if it is good enough for me to play, it ought to be good enough for them. So if you are asking that same question, here’s my […]

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Lightweight Crown For Improved Weight Distribution What might be the best driver in golf you have yet to hear about? Well today, I would like to introduce to you to the “standard” version of the new Acer XS driver series.  Each year, we strive and learn better and more efficient ways to produce our titanium […]

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