Out Of Many, One. 3 New 2015 Acer XV Irons Just Arrived!

Compare and Contrast the new Acer XV Irons

For well over a decade, Hireko had been offering X-series Acer irons which have to be beyond a shadow of a doubt the best-selling irons in all the component golf industry. While so-called off brands are not tracked like the major OEMs, the Acer irons would have had a measurable market share as some of the OEM’s iron lines over that same period. This year we continue with that heritage by offering the latest generation Acer X-series called the XV (or the number 15 in Roman numerals).

Acer XV IronsLike previous X-series Acer irons, they are offered in multiple versions to cover the needs of a wide array of skill levels and personal preferences. There is a standard version, which would appeal to the broader masses. We also have a Acer XV HT Irons or High Trajectory version. Finally we have our “Pro” model. Each of these unique products, which we designed in-house, has a unified appearance so they look like a family.

Download the 2015 Hireko Golf Equipment CatalogWhat is the difference between the new XV and your current XS and XF series?
The new Acer XV Irons takes over where the popular XF left off. These have the same basic size and shapes, but the specifications have been modified to reflect the trends of modern irons. More importantly we altered the weight distribution in the cavity area to be better balanced to provide you with more accuracy on off-center shots plus a more solid feel at impact.

View Technical Director Jeff Summitt’s Review of the New 2015 Acer XV Irons

The XV will have increased offset across the board than the standard and HT versions in the Acer XS series to help those that tend to push or fade their irons and enable them to square the face at impact better. Conversely, the Acer XV Pro Irons will have reduced offset and a little longer blade length compared to the XS Pro; two requests we have heard from our customers. So these aren’t just rebadged version of one another, but each club brings a little bit to the table that the others do not.

Acer XV Iron ProfilesDon’t be pigeonholed
I get this all the time from customers and some of it is our fault when we write the text or do the marketing for each of these irons. For instance, the HT version is for people who struggle to get the golf ball airborne. After all the face height is 5% shallower and the sole is 30% wider so it should only be for slower swingers, higher handicappers, sweepers or low ball hitters. WRONG! While true for a lot of golfers, I really don’t fit into any of those categories and for whatever reason hit the HT better than the standard version. Plus, I am not alone in that assessment.

Then the biggest misconception is the Pro versions as we have a lot of customers say that they are not at that level to play the “Pro”. Well, you got to name a product something to distinguish it and we have used the Pro moniker for more than a decade for the reduced offset version of each X-series. Granted, most golfers that fade or slice the ball would be better off with more offset. The “Pro” model could very well be short for Perimeter-weighted Reduced Offset. This still has all the game improvement features as Acer XV Irons Blade Lengththe standard model with a reduced blade length. The blade length is really only 5mm (0.2”) shorter and that is really a result of the reduced offset and lack of the gooseneck hosel. The actual face hitting area is only 1 mm (0.04”) shorter. Yes, a shorter blade length technically is less forgiving and may be slightly more workable, but nowhere near that of a blade or so-called player’s iron. So we are not lying in regards to marketing; just embellishing a bit. The fact is you don’t have to be a pro to play these irons.

Judge for yourself
This is why I encourage any of our customers who professionally fit their customers to have a sample of each of the heads. And for those Hireko Golf who might be building for themselves or an end consumer looking to purchase an assembled club – here is something you might not know. We sell individual clubs and you don’t have to buy the whole set. We would encourage you to buy a couple 6 or 7 irons in whichever series you are vacillating between and go out and hit them and see which one you like best rather than just going by what the description says. Once you found the one you like best, then you can buy the other irons around it to fill your set.



The Power Play Warp Speed Irons – Hireko’s Highest Performance Iron Set Yet

Golf Tips Magazine Awards for Power Play Warp Speed IronsGolf Tips Magazine gave The Power Play Warp Speed Irons an Editor’s Pick award in their annual 2013 Golf Tips Annual Buyer’s Guide!

Golf Tips Magazine said “Wow factor: A crazy low price for a set of irons as good as more, ahem, expensive irons we’ve tried.”  Golf Tips Magazine gave Hireko Golf 4 awards in the 2013 Golf Tips Annual Buyers Guide. View the Golf Tips Magazine awards winners here!

The Warp Speed Irons were specially designed to propel the ball faster and further than ever before, and the high C.O.R. iron face provides the ultimate in distance. Although distance is very important in high COR golf iron design, accuracy plays an even more prominent role and the Warp Speed Irons delivers here as well. These progressively designed irons, the #3 and #4-iron possess a wider body to react much like a Power Play Warp Speed Ironscross between modern day hybrids, utility or driving irons for ease of play. The #5 iron and down on into the wedges appear much like a normal iron design at first glance. However, there is actually an open space between the rear wall and the unsupported, super thin specialty high COR golf iron face insert, which is devised to flex the face like a titanium driver to maximize ball speed and distance. The wide sole undercut channel further moves weight back away from the high COR irons face as well as low for added stability. The Power Play Warp Speed Irons are Hireko’s most high performance face insert irons ever designed. If your goal is seeking an game improvement iron that is both longer and more accurate, the Power Play Warp Speed high cor irons should be the first choice from the Hireko line.

Power Play Warp Speed Irons Diagram 1Meet the Power Play Warp Speed Progressive Set – Our Highest Performance Iron
When customers ask what our highest performance iron is, I don’t hesitate to answer “It is the Power Play Warp Speed irons, of course”.  To understand why, we first have to start out how they were designed.  Let’s look at the modern set today.  Chances are a player’s bag consists of a 5-iron through the wedges and they try to match them with some sort of hybrid clubs for what used to be the longer, hard-to-hit irons.  That is where our canvas began.

Where the challenge came was trying to include as many game improvement features we could into a product that looked “normal” at address.  I think we accomplished that admirably. At first glance, from the 5-iron and down into the wedges look, these like any ordinary game improvement iron (moderate topline, medium width sole, ample face area, etc.)  They even have an undercut channel to position the weight low and rearward for a high launch and pinpoint accuracy.

View Technical Director Jeff Summitt’s Video Review of the Power Play Warp Speed Iron Below

Power Play Warp Speed Irons Diagram 2Unless one was to cut the iron down the middle of the face, would they realize there is a hollow core between the rear wall and the face.  This was done in order to push the weight back for even greater stability.  Where this iron series shines is what we did to the face.  By attaching a very thin specialty face insert to an unsupported frame, it allows the face to flex like a trampoline or the same reaction as a high COR wood.  This is what provides it with more distance.

Then we added a progressively designed #3 and #4-iron-type club to the set to respond much like a cross between modern day hybrids, utility or driving iron all wrapped up into one.  As you can see from the diagram, the 4-iron is wider than the 5-iron making it more forgiving and the 3-iron being the widest to help make it the most forgiving of them all.  The iron profile allows for a seamless transition throughout the set.

If your goal is seeking high COR irons that are both longer and more accurate, the Power Play Warp Speed Irons should be the first choice from our line.

Model #IH36871
Model #XIH36871
Power Play Warp Speed Hybrid Iron – Clubhead
Power Play Warp Speed Hybrid Iron – Custom Assembled
$17.95 each
$32.95 each


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