The Full Line of Aerotech Golf Shafts Now Available at Hireko Golf!

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Hireko is proud to announce that we have added the entire line of Aerotech shafts to our already extensive product line, proving once again we want to be your one stop source for all your component needs.

Download Hireko Golf CatalogIf you haven’t paid attention, Aerotech golf shafts has gained a lot of attention as of late, most notably with their Aerotech SteelFiber iron line in which I will talk about in a moment. While Aerotech shafts won’t be mistaken as the largest composite shaft manufacturer in the world, they went out and specialized in where few have tried and succeeded before.  Their niche is in composite iron shafts and they targeted the best players in the world to bring recognition to their products.

Aerotech’s Shaft design philosophy
Let’s first explain how their shafts are made. All Aerotech shafts are filament wound using premium materials to create a seamless golf shaft ensuring uniform consistency around the whole circumference of the shaft as well as shaft-to-shaft.  This entails adding continuous, unbroken strands of material directly onto a spinning forming mandrel and meticulously controlled by a computer program. This is opposed to sheet-wrapping, where sheets of composite material are hand-wrapped around a mandrel, sometimes producing overlaps or seams at different parts of the golf shaft.

Taking that one step further, Aerotech’s SteelFiber and Aerotech Players Specs lines use proprietary metal filaments or fibers (1/10th the diameter of the human hair) wrapped around the filament wound carbon fiber core.  This does several things that make these truly unique shafts within the industry.  First, the steel filaments are wrapped in such a way they control the “hoop strength”.  This is a fancy way of saying the shaft remains round during the swing rather than ovaling when the shaft is deflected.  One analogy would be like bending a garden hose in that is flattens out or is no longer round.  The SteelFiber shafts don’t have this phenomenon occur.

The other key feature is the steel filaments are 5 times denser than the carbon.  Since the metal fibers are on the outer surface, this naturally creates a higher moment of inertia promoting more stability as well.  Think of the same benefit of a metal wood where all weight is around the outer shell to reduce twisting on off-center shots. Pretty cool!

Who says all PGA pro’s play steel shafts in their irons?
Not me.  In fact, so far this year, Aerotech SteelFiber shafts have won  4 times on Tour; three on the PGA Tour and one on the Champions Tour.  Hey, it may not be the dominance of a True Temper Dynamic Gold, but when you ask the regular golfer who plays graphite-shafted irons on the PGA Tour, they draw a blank.  The players using the Aerotech shafts aren’t chopped liver either as the current #2 and #3 players in the FedEx Cup point standing are using them.

This success didn’t come over night as it took one tour player (Matt Kuchar) back in 2008 to try them in his irons and he has been using them ever since. Aerotech Shafts got their first professional win the following year.  In 2010, Aerotech became the #1 composite iron shaft on the tour as the leading money winner and scoring leader used their products.  As each year passes, additional wins accumulate and more and more professional golfers on all the circuits rely on Aerotech’s products for their livelihood.  The list on the Champions Tour looks like a proverbial list of who’s who.  Not bad for a company most golfers may not be familiar with and may just help you win a bar bet that pro golfers do indeed play (steel wrapped fiber) graphite-shafted irons and excel at the same time.

Aerotech’s shaft lines
Aerotech offers a wide array of products aside from the aforementioned Aerotech SteelFiber line. These range from long driver competitors down to those who have very slow swing speeds.  Here is a breakdown of each of the families.

Aerotech SteelFiber Golf Shafts
Aerotech SteelFiber Golf Shafts

I already mentioned how the Aerotech SteelFiber line is constructed and the benefits.  But there is a whole family to choose from. Irons range from 70 to 125 grams to fit any strength level.  Plus the 80, 95, 110 and 125 gram models are available in a constant weight taper tip models to retrofit the vast number of brand named premium irons out there.  If you are unaware of what constant weight shafts are, they maintain the same weight regardless of length.  This helps with control in the scoring irons by adding a bit more weight than what you would find in most graphite irons or those that become lighter due to more material being removed to make the shaft / club shorter.

The matching woods come in weights of 65, 75 and 85 grams in both 0.335” and 0.350” tip options.  The heavier weights are ideal for fairway wood shafts.  Lastly, the hybrid shafts are available in 75g versions for either the more common 0.370” tip size (Aerotech HLS or Hybrid Long iron Shaft) or those that require a 0.335” size (Aerotech HFS or Hybrid Fairway Shaft).

Aerotech Players Spec Golf Shafts
Aerotech Players Spec Golf Shaft
Aerotech’s most technologically advanced iron shaft, The Aerotech Players Spec AMi99 utilizes the SteelFiber construction plus an ascending mass weight progression. Shaft weights ascend from 95 grams in the 3 iron to 110 grams in the pitching wedge. A player that’s looking for long irons that are as easy to hit as the SteelFiber i95 and short irons with the control of the SteelFiber i110, this is the perfect choice. The Aerotech Players Spec iron shaft is more expensive to produce and therefore this technology comes at a higher price. But for a player looking for the utmost performance in this weight range, the Aerotech Players Spec should be atop of your wish list.

Aerotech Claymore Golf Shafts

Aerotech Claymore Golf Shafts
The Aerotech Claymore is available in three different options.  First there is the sub-ultralight (less than 50g) Aerotech MX-48.  These are extremely stable (even for those with higher speeds) to confidently and aggressively go after the ball. The Aerotech Claymore MX-60 offers slightly higher weight and lower torque than its lighter counterpart to help fine-tune launch angles and spin rates. Lastly, the Aerotech LD Series shafts are for long drive specialists trying to qualify or even compete at the highest level in the Remax World Long Drive championships.  These 50” long shafts produce a low launch angle and offered in flexes of 2X, 3X and 4X (ouch, that’s stiff!)

Aerotech Powercoil Golf Shaft

Aerotech Powercoil Golf Shafts
Excellent value, the Aerotech Powercoil is available in two weight classifications.  The lightest is in the 50 gram range and comes in both 0.335” and 0.350” options.  These would be our least expensive 0.350” shafts from all shafts Hireko has to offer and would be the only few available in A-flex (SteelFiber ss65 would be the other).  That means no shimming necessary. Each shaft is designed as the flex is reduced, it would have a progressively softer tip to help the slower swing speed players optimize launch conditions.  The 65 gram model complements the 50 gram model by offering lower torque and lower ball flight and will hold up to even big hitters.

Aerotech ALT470 Golf Shaft

Aerotech ALT470 Golf Shaft
The Aerotech ALT470 is a rather unique shaft. The super flexible stiffness profile allows even the slowest speeds to load the shaft properly resulting in increased launch angles, higher spin rates and longer hang time. This all adds up to greater distance for the distance challenged. The Aerotech ALT470 is offered in two flexes, the A2 senior squared flex and L2 ladies squared flex, which are much softer than the typical senior and ladies flexes. However, they are constructed using Aerotech’s hoop wound surface layer making this shaft more stable and therefore more playable than any other super flexible shaft available.



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