The Dynacraft Triple Threat Putter – Align, Putt, Pick up, Mark Your Ball.

Dynacraft Triple Threat PutterThe Dynacraft Triple Threat Putter is an extremely versatile multi-functional putter that was designed to make golf more enjoyable, both on your back and on the scorecard

What started out on paper as a simple project, ended up be an engineering feat to make sure this pet project of mine did what exactly what it was supposed to do.  Months and countless prototypes later, we think we have a multifunctional putter you are really going to enjoy.  Whether you want to save wear and tear on your back while you practice, make sure you are properly aligned to your target or own a putter that will give you added confidence and a nice soft feel at impact, the Dynacraft Triple Threat putter does all that and more.


Dynacraft Triple Threat PutterHigh Moment of Inertia Mallet Putter Design
The Triple Threat Putter consists of a multi-piece construction enabling the body to become a hollow shell.  This was required to create a normal weight putter head, but one where the mass has been spread around the perimeter to Download Hireko Golf Catalogmaximize forgiveness on off-center shots for more consistent results.  There is cavity located in the face to house a grooved, thermoplastic urethane (TPU) insert to provide the softest feel of any of the golf putters we offer.  Lastly, there is a black anodized aluminum dome fastened by two small machinist’s screws that I will explain its dual function in a moment.

Dynacraft Triple Threat Putter Picking Up Ball
Go ahead and pick it up!

I was at a retail golf show recently and the most eye-catching feature on the putter was the socket on the sole. If you align the socket on the bottom of the putter over a ball and gently press down and it will automatically pick the ball up without bending over – and it takes very little force for the suction to work.  The Dynacraft Triple Threat putter is not small enough to go down inside the hole and accomplish that, but for “gimme” putts or the time you spend on the practice green can be devoted to putting and not the constant bending down to pick up balls. Let’s put it this way, I bet this putter won’t be endorsed by the American Chiropractic Organization in fear of losing business.

Line’em up and knock ‘em in
Poor alignment is by far the Number #1 reason why putts are missed.  With the Triple Threat Putter, there are no more excuses for misalignment. For starters, there is bold alignment lines on the crown and the black aluminum dome designed to work like a German reticle or crosshairs to take proper aim.  It works in conjunction with a golf ball that has been marked and lined up at the target.
Dynacraft Triple Threat Putter
What, you don’t mark your balls?  Take a cue from the best players in the world because it works. However, you Dynacraft Triple Threat Putter Marking The Balldon’t have to dig through your bag to find that ball marking tool.  It’s already built into the putter!  Like our Dynacraft On-Line putter, you can mark the ball as well.  Only this time I feel you get a more accurate line. All you have to do is suspended the ball within the socket. There is a slit atop the black aluminum dome allowing an ordinary Sharpie pen to fit through in which you can mark the ball for alignment purposes.

Shafting Options
The Dynacraft Triple Threat was originally designed for a compound double bend shaft like the Apollo AP46CP.  This creates a normal lie angle with an offset and allows it to be a face balanced putter as well.  For those that do not want the offset can use a single bend shaft.  We have two options depending on the lie angle you want.  The True Temper version will create a normal (72º) lie angle and the Apollo will be more upright (75º).  For those that prefer a belly putter can use the extended length Apollo compound double bend shaft.

The Dynacraft Triple Threat putter does it all!
What is the best golf putter in the industry right now? Align, Putt, Pick up, Mark your ball. As you can see, the Dynacraft Triple Threat Putter is an extremely versatile putter that was designed to make golf more enjoyable, both on your back and on the scorecard.

Model #PH436F
Model #XPH436
Dynacraft Triple Threat Putter – Clubhead
Dynacraft Triple Threat Putter – Custom Assembled
$34.95 each
$54.95 each

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