Hireko Golf Releases New Dynacraft Avatar XMOI Hybrids

Unique, transitional hybrid set provides extreme game improvement and progressive appearance.

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA – May 20, 2009 – Hireko Golf today announced the launch of its new Dynacraft Avatar XMOI Hybrids, a design that is part hollow-bodied iron and part hybrid that is one of the first hybrid sets in the golf industry to embody a truly progressive appearance throughout the set.

“Most hybrid profiles continue the same design profile throughout the set,” states Hireko Technical Director Jeff Summitt. “To gain maximum effectiveness, however, the long irons should be wider soled for maximum forgiveness, and the short irons scalloped for effective short game play. The new Avatar XMOI Hybrids transition faultlessly from the long to short hybrids to give the weekend warrior the necessary tools to help them score better.”

The Long Hybrids
The #3 and 4 irons have a wider footprint sporting an increased breadth and shallow face. This positions the center of gravity much lower and more rearward within the design to give less skilled players added confidence and the ability to easily get the ball airborne and also increase solidness of contact.

The Mid Hybrids
The mid-irons progressively become narrower (as less game improvement is required) and bridge the gap between conventional iron appearances.

The Short Hybrids
The scoring clubs starting with the #8 look traditional at address. The additional loft beautifully hides the hollow-body but still helps to increase the moment of inertia. The rounded toplines provide plenty of face area and raise the center of gravity enough to control the trajectory. The inclusion of three wedges provide for better course management by eliminating distance gaps.

Every club in the Dynacraft Avatar XMOI features extreme moment of inertia (hence XMOI), increased perimeter weighting and an optimized center of gravity, which combine to boost the moment of inertia for greater stability and better trajectory control.

The custom assembled Dynacraft Avatar XMOI Hybrids are available right hand 3-PW, AW, SW and come with free Dynacraft hybrid headcovers. They are available custom assembled online for $44.95 each at Hirekogolf.com.