The Lightest, Most Affordable Push Cart In Golf Has Arrived! New Axglo Push Carts In Stock!

Axglo Push Carts
The Lightest, Most Affordable Push Carts In Golf Have Arrived! Axlgo Push Carts Are Available In 3 and 4 Wheel Models And Build With Long Lasting Durability

Do you walk the course or ride in a cart when you are out on the golf course? Personally I prefer to walk because I like the exercise and not because I am cheap. Plus my home course is not long and I can walk at my leisure rather than rushing up to the group in front of me and waiting for what seems an eternity for them to finish their next shot(s). I am a strong believer that the strategy of “hurry up and wait” is never good for scoring.

Download Hireko Golf CatalogFor walkers like me, you have several options of lugging your bag around the course. Chances are the course you play no longer has caddies to loop for you. The electric or gas-powered cart replaced what was an integral part of the game as a way to provide additional revenue for the course. That leaves the option of carrying your own bag on your shoulders or pulling (or pushing) your bag with a cart.

Which Axglo Push Cart Is Right For Me?

Choose Axglo Flip ‘N Go For
– maximum stability on bumpy terrain
– ultracompact storage! when folded measures only 25x17x13!

Choose Axglo TriLite For
– greater maneuverability
– lighter weight only 15 pounds!

For many, the weight of the bag on the shoulders can create stress and strain when carrying, even with the padded supports. This has prompted golfers to use a one of the enormous array of 2, 3 and even 4 wheeled carts available today.

The lowly golf cart has come a long way in recent years. The very first golf push cart was invented by Bruce Williamson of Portland Oregon in 1945. It was constructed using two lawn mower wheels with flat tires mounted to a folding spring-suspension chassis which could be attached to a standard golf bag. With business partner E. Roy Jarman, the Jarman-Williamson Company began producing pull cart the following year, but this time with parts that could be put together with bolts to make it easier to replace damaged parts. This company went on to eventually become the now familiar Bag Boy Golf Cart Company in 2002.

3 wheels golf carts are older than you might think
The two-wheel carts were pulled behind the golfer and the basic design stood for many years and became a staple seen next to the pro shop. In 1975, a patent (#3,926,448) for a 3-wheel pullable cart was issued, but it wasn’t until the past decade that 3-wheel carts became in demand spurred on by the much more sleek-looking Sun Mountain’s Speed Cart and later by Clicgear.

The modern three-wheeled carts are convenient and lightweight as they can be folding down in a compact size and easily stored in your trunk; usually within seconds by releasing only a few levers. These were designed to be pushed rather than pulled and easier to steer than their two-wheeled predecessors. Better wheels and bearings make pushing them effortless.

Meet the quad
If 3 wheels weren’t good enough, guess what? 4 wheels are even better to add stability, especially on hilly terrain. These really don’t add anymore room when folded down as the 3-wheeled version and easy to get in and out of the car.

You can walk in comfort without the stress and strain on your shoulders with one of these golf carts. Not to mention, you can make your doctor happy by getting exercise, reducing cholesterol and cutting down on the usage of fossil fuels when you are only going to hurry up and wait at your local track. Hireko offers a number of push and pull carts in many different brands, colors and price ranges to fit the budget of any golfer.