Forging Ahead with the All-New Acer XS Hybrid

Acer XS HybridsThe Acer XS hybrids are a little deeper faced than the Acer XF for those who fear getting right under the ball with a very shallow faced design or those with a steeper angle of attack.

What do you get when you combine a popular body shape, with a hot face and a semi-offset hosel that will fit the majority of golfers who would rather opt for a hybrid golf club over a long iron?  You end up with the all-new Acer XS hybrid golf club.  Don’t let the pretty face (not to mention copper crown) fool you as there is lots of technology built into these great all-around golf hybrids to match the rest of extensive Acer XS family.

Breaking the mold
I mentioned this previously when we introduced the Acer XS Titanium Fairway wood a few weeks ago; in order to make something Download Hireko Golf Catalogbetter, you got to change the old ways of doing things.  That’s exactly what we did.  But first, let’s examine the ways that hybrids have been typically fabricated using a two-piece investment cast construction technique.  That is, one piece consists of the crown, hosel, face and skirt and the secondary piece is the sole plate which will be welded together to form the hollow bodied club. This is called a “sole pull” as the tooling is pulled from the sole.

Acer XS HybridsThere are variations of this as well.  For instance a “crown pull” consists of one piece comprising the sole, face, skirt and hosel and then a separate crown piece that is usually thinner and lighter to be able to lower the center of gravity.  There is also a “face pull”, with one piece bearing the crown, skirt, sole and hosel and then a separate face piece, which may be variable thickness and/or a specialty material (such as maraging steel) for performance and added distance.

Using any of these techniques, you can make a good hybrid club.  But what if there was another method – one in which you can control the walls thicknesses and materials in more specific areas?  Well there is and it is called forging.  The Acer XS hybrids are produced the same way as many forged titanium heads, which consists of typically 4 separate pieces: crown, soleplate and skirt, face and hosel. By doing so, we could combine the benefits of both a crown pull and face pull design into one.

Wow! What an amazing sound and feel
While we have better weight distribution in the club for higher launch conditions and added forgiveness, what you are most likely to experience the first time you hit these forged face hybrids is the amazing sound and feel at impact.  That is because of the forged specialty stainless steel face that we made to as thin as we dared.


Final Touches
The XS hybrids are a little deeper faced than the Acer XF for those who fear getting right under the ball with a very shallow faced design or those with a steeper angle of attack who tend to hit up higher up the clubface.  Don’t worry these thin forged crown hybrids still have a very low center of gravity. These are a neutral biased hybrid due to the semi-offset hosel making them easy to align. Lastly, the white and orange contrasting scorelines against the black PVD finish really frames the sweet spot area well.

If you are asking yourself, “When do I need to use a hybrid golf club”, use this acid test.  Look at your distances of your irons starting from the 9-iron and working backwards.  Let’s say your 9-iron goes 120 yards, 8-iron goes 130 yards and your 7-iron goes 140 yards.  You start to see a pattern that should extend the same (10 yards in this case) per club.  If you are like most golfers, there is a point they see a large drop off somewhere with their current irons due to lack of solid contact or not optimizing the trajectory and spin of their longer irons.  You really don’t need a hybrid golf club distance chart to tell that your current irons need to be replaced with something else.  If that may be the case, then we hope you will consider the Acer XS hybrids to provide you with better course management and less redundancy in your bag.

Model #IW106526
Model #XIW106526
Acer XS Hybrid – Clubhead
Acer XS Hybrid – Custom Assembled
$22.95 each
$49.95 each

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