The Power Play Warp Speed Driver – Big Things Do Come in Small Packages

Power Play Warp Speed Driver440cc Dynamo Packs a Powerful Punch

Being the “tech guy”, I get grilled all the time by our customers as to what I play.  I guess they feel if it is good enough for me to play, it ought to be good enough for them. So if you are asking that same question, here’s my answer. Of all the golf drivers we offer, including all the ones introduced this year, the Power Play Warp Speed Driver is my personal favorite.  I actually have several built up with different shafts starting with the early prototypes that I started playing last fall, not to mention handed to fellow golfers to get their reactions.

View Technical Director Jeff Summitt’s Videoblog on the Power Play Warp Speed Driver Below

To be perfectly honest, we would have had these available by now, but we made umpteen gazillion cosmetic changes on the Warp Speed Driver to get to the final product you see today.  Now that might be a slight embellishment, but that’s part of product development. Cosmetics are just as important as the design itself or the naming that makes the difference between a successful launch and just another “ho hum” product.  I, for one, am glad we didn’t rush it to market and waited to get it right.

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By now, I hope you are already familiar with the Power Play Warp Speed Brassie in this series that I spoke about a Download Hireko Catalogcouple of weeks ago.  But if you are unfamiliar with the Power Play Warp Speed Driver, its’ story is slightly different. It was designed to generate more speed upon impact.  How you ask?  We streamlined the body by reducing the volume slightly as it is only a 440cc driver.  I can tell you though, not a single player that tested the early prototypes ever noticed it was any smaller than the maximum volume most golf drivers are made today.  However, I wouldn’t classify it as a deep face driver either. Secondly, the shape was carefully sculpted to have a more aerodynamic shape to reduce drag.  Now, many companies will make this same tout. Just like car manufacturers, as each year passes, we get a little more proficient at producing better and better products.  But that’s not why I like it best about this product.

Power Play Warp Speed DriverWe also shed as much weight as we could from the crown to lower and then deepen the center of gravity.  That is just one of the key elements you can’t see as well as a slight change to the face construction for a little faster ball speed on off-center shots. These are the little details that provide you with a better performing product.  But again, that is not the main reason I like this driver best.

Power Play Warp Speed Driver CrownWhat I like best about the Power Play Warp Speed Titanium Driver is that it evokes my senses.  It is the same way people are attracted to one another.  It is the sound of their voice, the shape of the face or the color of the eyes or hair.  It is the same way with this driver.  It has a beautiful sound at impact due to the slightly smaller volume and thicker walls and the shape and colors have a look like that no other driver has.  This is my Halle Berry and Jessica Alba of drivers. Not only does it perform magnificently (*mine are optimized with a 20g Tour Lock Pro counterweight), but I am proud to show it off too.  That’s pride in ownership.

While your tastes may differ from mine, The Warp Speed Driver is just one of many fine custom golf drivers that Hireko offers that you will find in the whole golf industry.  Make sure to get properly fit. If you are unsure and asking “What size driver do I need”, go to one of the number of independent clubmakers in your area to get the proper driver length for your height, shaft weight, flex and grip size.

Model #TM1457
Model #XTM1457
Power Play Warp Speed Titanium Driver – Clubhead
Power Play Warp Speed Titanium Driver – Custom Assembled
$69.95 each
$109.95 each

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