Dynamic Gold Tour Issue, Get the Tour Van Experience

First a sweep in Hawaii and now the first leg of the West Coast swing, for the first three weeks of the 2014 PGA Tour season, the winners has entrusted True Temper’s Dynamic Gold iron shafts.  That is not surprising as the Dynamic Gold golf shaft has to be by far and away the #1 played and winning iron and wedge shaft ever. As you get an opportunity to peruse our website and 2014 catalog, you will notice a new addition to the Dynamic Gold family called the Tour Issue.

True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue ShaftsUnderstanding manufacturing tolerances
Before we talk about the Dynamic Gold Tour Issue, we must first talk about a particular topic – manufacturing tolerances. These exist with any steel shaft, with weight being a very important factor.   For instance, if you have two of the exact same steel golf shaft and measure the flex, the heavier one will almost always be the stiffer of the two.  This is due to the walls being thicker along the entire length of the shaft and a providing a greater resistance to deflection or bending. The greater the difference between weight and it will exhibit a greater discrepancy in stiffness.  Also, if the weights are all over the place, not only will this establish inconsistency throughout the set, but this can create flex overlap or a situation where stiff flex may be more flexible than regular flex.

Download Hireko Golf CatalogIn 1982, True Temper Golf decided to do something to improve the consistency of shafts and subsequently golf clubs being made. They decided to weight-sort their shafts to narrow ranges of weight.  For example, there would be no single S-flex, but an S100, S200, S300, S400 and S500.  The S300 sub-flex would be the middle of the road stiff flex. The S200 would be a little lighter than the S300 and the S100 even lighter and most flexible.  On the other end of the spectrum, S400 was slightly heavier than the S300 and S500 the heaviest and stiffest of all.  As manufacturing tolerances became better over the years, the S100 and S500 were all but eliminated.

When the customer purchased Dynamic Gold in the sub-flex of their choosing, this ensured the manufacturing tolerances would be much tighter.  True Temper charged a premium for the service to the point the standard Dynamic shaft was phased out in 2008 as better golfers didn’t bat an eye paying the small amount more for better quality shaft.

What is different about the Dynamic Gold Tour Issue Shafts?
To put this all in perspective, commercial grade steel shafts have tolerances no closer than a +/- 5 gram range.  These are the least expensive steel shafts and ones you would see installed by volume clubmakers. The step up from that would be in +/- 3.5g range.  These would be described as first quality or shafts that do not go through strict QC checks such as weight or frequency sorting like TT Lite or Multi-Step Lite.  With Dynamic Gold, the weight tolerances are more like +/- 1.7g between sub-flexes.  Now enter the Dynamic Gold Tour Issue. There are weight-sorted to an unbelievable +/- 0.5g tolerance or basically the absence of tolerance altogether where any tighter and there is no additional benefit.

During the 2012 Ryder Cup, Limited Edition versions of Dynamic Gold Tour Issue was released with the Team USA or Team Europe logo on the shafts.  Today the general public will now be offered the same level of preciseness allocated for tour players.  These will be available in S400 and X100 flexes in sets of 3-PW with extra 2-irons and wedge shafts in 0.355” taper tip.



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Jeff Summitt on January 31st, 2014

International Clubmakers GuildHireko’s own technical director was recently inducted into the International Clubmakers Guild (ICG) Hall of Fame for contributions in equipment & tool design and instruction.

Jeff Summitt Picture Hireko Tech DirectorJeff states, “I was quite honored to have been recognized for his nearly 30 years of service and dedication in the golf club equipment industry, especially with such a well-deserved class of individuals.”

The ICG Hall of Fame has been established to recognize ICG members and sponsors who have made significant contribution to the golf industry in one or more of the following categories: golf clubmaking, golf club fitting, golf equipment & tool design, instruction (repair, teaching, assembly, fitting, etc.), and/or provided noteworthy service for the betterment of the ICG.

Below in alphabetical order are the inductees for the Class of 2014:

1. Charlie Blume
2. Rick Canter
3. Bob Dodds
4. Tim Hewitt
5. Dave Hohnke
6. Don Johnson
7. Ed Mitchell
8. “Doc” Niimi
9. Jeff Summitt
10. Tom Wishon

Hireko Golf Catalog RequestJoin a Clubmaking Organization
Are you a clubmaker looking to advance your knowledge, skills and network with fellow clubmakers?  If so, there is an organization for you called the International Clubmakers Guild (ICG).  This non-profit organization was founded to serve a wide array of individuals from golf clubmakers, golf club fitters and club repairmen to PGA professionals, swing instructors, component suppliers, equipment designers, engineers and even golf scientists.

What is the International Clubmakers Guild?
The ICG is an independent; member owned and operated organization, where the membership determines the benefits and programs of the organization.  The organization is open to professionals and hobbyists alike, which is a great way to foster growth.  So if you want to learn more about the crafts of clubmaking, club fitting and repair this would be a great place to join.

Hireko is proud sponsor of the International Clubmakers Guild.  For addition information on the International Clubmakers Guild, please go to their website at www.clubmakersguild.com.

PURE Grips Now At Hireko Golf

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Jeff Summitt on January 20th, 2014

PURE Grips

Hireko is proud to announce that we have added nearly the entire line of PURE Grips to our already extensive product line.


While PURE Grips may not be a household brand that many of you are familiar with, they have been manufacturing high-quality seamless grips and gained a loyal following amongst clubmakers. They offer a wide range of products, colors, extremely tight tolerances and best of all they are made here.

Each PURE grip model has a scant weight tolerance of +/- 1 gram – that’s it!  For clubmakers tight tolerances means no more need to weight-sort grips or take into account grip weights after you have already taken time to balance the swingweights after you have cut the shafts, added tip pins and epoxied the clubs together.

Tapeless grip  installation
One of the claims to fame for PURE Grips is the ability to install their grips without harsh solvents and the extra expense of adhesive tape.  Sure, you can still install their grips like normal if you like, but they offer a customized grip installation gun that you hook up to a small compressor using a quick fitting connection and that allows you to blow on and off the grips.  This not only saves you money, but time as well.

Made in the U.S.A.
Not too many companies, whether in golf or any other industry, can say their products are proudly made in the good old United States of America.  I can almost hear Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” in the background and I swear it is not coming from my radio.

The PURE Grips
There are three families of full swing grips and one line of putter grips Hireko will be offering.  Each family will be available in 7 different colors (Black, White, Red, Orange, Green, Blue and Grey).  Let’s go through each of the lines to explain their differences.

Pure P2 GripsPURE P2 Wrap Grips
This is Pure Grip’s tackiest and softest grip. The P2 Wrap features a non-buffed, perforated simulated wrap design and fits golfers that prefer a slightly softer, more muted feel at impact. This grip is great for wet or humid locations and for those that really like a tacky feeling grip that will absorb some vibration. The P2 Wrap is available in both men’s standard and midsize models.

PURE Pro Grips

PURE P2 Pro Grips
The PURE Pro is a slightly firmer grip than the P2 and features a uniform traction groove surface – think Velvet-style.  The Pro series is their most comprehensive line as it is available in three different sizes; undersized (or more commonly called ladies), standard and midsize.


The PURE DTX is Pure Grip’s first collaboration with Hank Haney, who is the face of their brand and uses the products in his golf schools and teaching academies. The DTX is a combination of contrasting textures, which according to Pure Grip “delivers a great simulation of a cord feel, but adds our seamless molding and rubber technology.”  I am not sure I would call it a cord feel as so many corded grips on the market are a soft cord, but I will agree it is a unique combination of rough and tacky textures. The PURE DTX is available in both men’s standard and midsize models.

PURE Classic Putter GripsPURE Classic Putter Grips
This is for golfers that prefer a standard size putter grip with a soft, smooth tacky feel. The grip molds perfectly into your hands without any harsh or sharp edges and the tackiness gives you confidence over every putt.

PURE Grip Installation Gun

Download Hireko Golf 2014 Catalog

> BUY  PURE Grip Installation Gun $39.95

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Rob Altomonte on January 16th, 2014

Download New 2014 Hireko Golf Catalog> Download the new 2014 Hireko Golf Equipment Catalog here!

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Rob Altomonte on January 8th, 2014

Select 2014 UST-Mamiya Golf Shafts Just Arrived!

UST 55 Gold Shaft

2014 UST-Mamiya UST 55 Gold Shaft
A light weight shaft designed to hit the ball farther with greater accuracy. Uses the same advanced, high modulus carbon fiber materials used in the original ProForce Gold model.
$39.99 each
Available in Wood A, R, S

UST DHI DRVR Driver Shaft

2014 UST-Mamiya UST DHI dRVR – Wood

The “dhi” series has been produced as a low cost series of woods, hybrids and irons. This series has been designed to be one of the best values in golf.
$19.99 each
Available in Wood L, A, R, S

UST DHI Iron Shaft

2014 UST-Mamiya UST DHI iRN – Iron
The “dhi” series has been produced as a low cost series of woods, hybrids and irons. This series has been designed to be one of the best values in golf.
$13.99 each
Available in Wood L, A, R, S

Download Hireko Golf Equipment Catalog

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Rob Altomonte on January 8th, 2014

Garmin Approach S4 GPS Golf Watch


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Jeff Summitt on January 8th, 2014

Here is a sneak peak of some of the 46 new grips Lamkin has added in 2014

2014 Lamkin UTX Grips

Lamkin UTX Grips
The UTX is an all-new line featuring a tri-layer material blend. They start out with a softer ACE 3GEN foundation and then add a moisture-wicking fabric weave (think soft cord) atop of that.  Finally the top surface is the firmer 3GEN material for additional torsion control.

The Lamkin UTX Grips come in 3 colors (all-black, blue and red) and 2 sizes (standard and midsize). I had to do a double-take at first when I received my first samples. The red and blue models have a very distinctive look, while the all-black doesn’t show the fibers like the red or the blue as the background material is black instead of gray.  But one thing they all have in common is an aggressive surface and will be ideal for traditional cord users or players who Lamkin REL New vs Oldneed as much slip-resistance as possible.

Lamkin R.E.L. Grips
This is the new and improved version of grips that Lamkin debuted in 2012. What is new is the addition of the enhanced ACE 3GEN material to make it more dirt-resistant and ensure a longer lasting tacky surface. They reduced some of the color options (no more green, yellow or purple), but has quite a few colors (eight in all), plus many of them in midsize and jumbo too, in order to color coordinate just about any head or shaft on the market. How do you tell the different between the old and new? Look at the Lamkin logo. The older version has the Lamkin engraved in script, while the newer version is the block style letters.

Don’t forget about the Lamkin R.E.L. 360 for golfers who use name brand clubs with adjustable adapter systems. The orientation-free 360 degree design is ideal for use with adjustable drivers, fairway woods and hybrids or fitting clubs such as Hireko’s QuikFit system.

2014 Lamkin i-Line Grips
Lamkin i-Line Grips

Lamkin and Iomic join forces by combining the familiar Crossline pattern with a sticky, thermoplastic elastomer material, creating an incredibly secure and comfortable grip.  Actually the Lamkin i-Line series debuted last year in six different colors.  This year Lamkin has added a few different sizes in the black to go along with the vibrant colored models.  To differentiate the year’s models, the newer one feature the Lamkin name in the block style letters to be consistent with most of the other new models this year.  Not to forget, Lamkin has also added a matching pistol putter grip in each of the six colors.

Download Hireko Golf Equipment CatalogOther add-ons
Speaking of putter grips, Lamkin added two new colors (red and blue) to the Lamkin EBL putter line (black and white). These models are perfectly smooth and provide a nice tacky surface.

Last but not least, there is a model for ladies or those men with smaller hands. The Crossline ACE 3GEN Undersized joins the three other sized models.  This is a gray grip with a red cap and not black like what was incorrectly listed in last year’s catalog.

Time to stock up
The best thing about a company bringing out so many new models is the manufacturer is going to discontinue just as many models just to make room in their warehouse for the new ones.  What does that mean for you?  That’s right, great bargains on quality products, so stock up before they are gone.


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Rob Altomonte on December 31st, 2013

Hireko Wishes You A Happy New Year!

Our corporate offices will be closed 1/1 to 1/3. Regular business hours will resume on 1/6.

Remember www.hirekogolf.com is always open 24/7 for safe and secure shopping!

Rob Altomonte on December 31st, 2013

Mitsubishi Golf Shafts

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Jeff Summitt on December 30th, 2013

Superstroke GripsHere are some of the top golf stories this past year!

Take the wrists out
One of the biggest successes in all of golf this year has to go out to SuperStroke Grips. They are makers of those large, non-tapered and colorful putter grips in which it seemed every tournament you watched on TV, someone in the final group was using one of their numerous models.  SuperStroke putter grips were so popular in fact there was a shortage over the summer as no one anticipated the demand.

Alternative weighting
Another form of taking some of the wrist out of the swing is counterweighting.  What was once a taboo practice is all of the sudden en vogue. Adding weight to the butt Tour Lock Counterweightsend of the clubs may sound counterintuitive, but in many cases can aid in increasing swing speed and putting the player on a better swing plane / path that will get the ball going to the player’s intended target line. It is not limited to putters, but to all full-swing clubs as well.  It is such a simple and inexpensive solution for a golfer struggling with their existing equipment not to mention augmenting or enhancing new equipment. We had an incredible year selling the Tour Lock products and that is bound to continue for many years to come.

Is there a replacement for the steel iron shaft?
We see virtually no steel shafts in drivers, fairway woods and even hybrids today, could irons be next?  The answer is probably not anytime soon, but the popularity of graphite iron shafts on tour has for sure raised awareness.  The touring professionals are surely not going to put something in their bag that will affect their play adversely, so the idea that graphite can’t be as consistent is no longer a decision factor.  Headed by Aerotech’s SteelFiber’s line as well as Aldila and UST’s Recoil, players were not only playing with graphite-shafted irons, but they were winning frequently with them.  With the price of steel continuing to rise and better quality graphite iron offering released, the switch to graphite for many is likely a continued trend instead of a fad.

Aerotech Golf Shafts

Ban on the anchored putter
What might have been the most controversial topic of the year came amid the success and rapid usage among long putters in the past few years. To make matters worse, most golfers are confused on exactly what was being banned by the USGA announced this past May.  Too many golfers feel that the belly and long putters are going by the wayside, but that is not entirely true.  What will be banned (starting Jan 1, 2016) will be anchoring the putter to the body – essentially the USGA was redefining the stroke.

Sadly, as soon as the rule became official, sales of all long putters went to a screeching halt.  For players like me who rely on the longer flatstick, it just means adapting. A term you might hear more of in the future is near-anchored putter. With counterbalancing, players can find they can get the same benefits of an anchored putter without having to resort to anchoring the club to some part of their body.  This type of putter retains the traditional stroke the USGA was trying to uphold.

Color de jour
Is white finally phasing out?  It might or at least being replaced with more colorful clubheads, shafts and grip options.  However, I wouldn’t be surprised if either matte black or blue is going to be the color for 2014.

Now, ain’t that tacky?
No, we are not talking about lava lamps or the Uncle Si Chia pets. If you picked up some of the newer vibrant colored grips this year, you might have noticed how tacky, sticky or gummy they were (or however you want to describe them).  There is a new breed of elastomeric or synthetic rubber grips which are made to feel both soft and secure. Combining form (color) with function (tackiness), golfers will experience a new level of traction they may not have experienced before.

How To Assemble Golf Clubs Videos
What was new at Hireko?

We continually want to educate our customers and this past year we created numerous how-to videos on You Tube on clubmaking and some repair too as a way to foster the growth of the clubmaking community.

Move on over 2013
What does 2014 have in store for you?  Only time will tell, but expect many changes for the positive from your favorite supplier – Hireko Golf.  We will continue to provide you even more products for the coming year at the lowest price, plus keep you abreast of the latest trends in components, clubmaking and fitting.

Best wishes and Happy New Year to all…