New Grafalloy Rocket Graphite Wood Shaft Just Arrived!

The Grafalloy Rocket graphite shaft is optimized to increase carry; the firmer grip section promotes a more active tip section for maximum speed.

Grafalloy Rocket ShaftHigh launch / moderate spin rate design promotes increased launch angle for maximum carry with a flat descent angle for optimum roll. Lastly, it is constructed from the finest aerospace carbon fiber materials available.

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Model: URCKT
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Iomic Grips Just Arrived!

Hireko is proud to announce that we have added the entire line up of Iomic Grips to our already extensive product line.

I have probably said this a million times, we want to prove once again that Hireko is your one stop source for all your component needs. While Iomic may not be a brand that many of you are familiar with, they are highly popular in Japan where their headquarters are located and now they are making inroads into the US and other international markets.

Iomic Grips

Material difference
One feature that makes Iomic grips unique is the material they are made from called Iomax. The elastomeric grips are sticky, yet soft to the touch. This is where the Sticky comes from in the naming of their products. The material was designed to reduce grip torque (yes, there is such a thing) which according to the company’s robot testing improves dispersion on off-center shots. Just think a simple grip change could help you hit more fairways and green.

Iomic GripsVibrant Iomic Grip colors
The material lends itself to being available in a myriad of vibrant colors and even patterns like the marbled effect in the Sticky Opus line or the molding of colors in the Sticky Camo series. These colors are non-fading and will make your clubs stand out and make a statement about you. While black (they offer that too) goes with everything, what’s wrong with personalizing your clubs with a splash of color.

Download Hireko Golf 2014 CatalogTight tolerances
The Japanese are stringent for quality and consistency. Even their grips have a mere +/- 2 gram weight tolerance. For clubmakers this is a blessing. Tight tolerances means no more weight-sort grips or take into account grip weights after you have already taken the time to balance the swingweights after you have cut the shafts, added tip pins and epoxied the clubs together.

Iomic Grip Sizing ChartSizing
Iomic Grips have swing grips available in junior, undersized (or ladies), standard, midsize and jumbo. The junior is obvious in the name and the midsize states “Mid” in its’ name. However, the undersized can be found by finding 1.8 in the description while their standard sized grips are labeled 2.3.

Being a Japanese company, they don’t necessarily use the standard sizing that you would find in the US. That is men’s (US) standard measures 0.900” in diameter 2” from the edge of the end cap. Instead they use the following:

Their undersized grips measures 21.8mm in diameter 5 cm down from the edge of the grip cap. This is where the 1.8 comes from – if you remove the 2 in front of 21.8mm. In addition, the 2.3 in Iomic’s standard grip sizing is short for 22.3mm. Now that we got that under our belt, let’s look at how their compare to the US sizing.

Measuring 5 cm down from the edge of the grip is so close to 2”, we won’t factor in any difference. Their undersize corresponds to ladies standard in US sizing. However, Japanese men’s standards tend to be a wee bit smaller than the US standard by 1/64”. To put that in perspective, a standard sized US men’s grip would be larger by the equivalent of adding 2 wraps of masking tape underneath the grip.

Iomic has one model called the X-Evolution that is closer to US men’s standard sizing without having to build up the grip. The midsize coincides with most midsize grips from Golf Pride and Lamkin. Finally Iomic’s jumbo grips are +3/32”.

Iomic has a plethora of putter grips too
Iomic offers standard, midsize, jumbo and belly putters grips as well. The I-Classic is more of a pistol shape, while the rest of the putter grips are paddle shaped.

The skinny
If you (or your customers) are in the market for new grips, Iomic Grips have a whole host of vibrant colors to choose from; some of which aren’t present in any other grip manufacturer’s grip line. The proprietary material is soft, yet sticky to aid in comfort and reduced shot dispersion. We went over sizing so it should come as no surprise when you add one to one of your clubs to what sizing you will get or how to adjust if you have a preference for a specific grip size.

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JumboMax Grips: Not All Jumbo Grips are Created Equal

JumboMax Grips
Jumbo grips are popular with golfers who either have larger hands or those that prefer to hold the grip in the palms instead of the fingers – think of a baseball grip or holding a tool.

The larger sizing helps to decrease grip pressure for a more tension-free swing. Examples of popular jumbo grips are the Winn Excel Soft Black Oversize, Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Jumbo, Avon Jumbo Chamois series and the Lamkin Crossline Jumbo. In each of these cases they measure +1/8” over men’s standard. However, not all jumbo grips are the same size. Grips such as the Karma Black Velvet Jumbo and the Avon Pro D2x Jumbo are the largest in their series, but measure +1/16” and +1/32” respectively or what might be considered midsize in other grips.

Just recently we added JumboMax Grips to our extensive product line proving once again we want to be your one stop source for all your component needs. Their grip line is small but specialized by offering four swing grips and two putter grips; all of which are “jumbo” sized. However, when I say jumbo sized, I want to clearly state that not all jumbo grips are created equal.

Standard Grip SizingA lesson in grip sizing
To understand how big these are, we must first establish what is considered standard. The golf industry does have a standard for measuring grip sizing on non-putter grips. Measuring 2” below the grip cap, the diameter of the grip is recorded. For men’s standard it should measure 0.900” and for ladies standard it should be 0.850”. OK, I know most of you may not like math, but it becomes important here.

What is +1/8” over men’s standard like the most popular jumbo grips? In this case, if you measure the diameter 2” below the grip cap it should measure 0.900” (standard) + 1/8” over. The first thing we need is to convert fractions to decimals so it is easier to add. To convert 1/8” we simply divide 1 by 8 and come up with 0.125. Now add them up (0.900 + 0.125) and we get 1.025”. Voilà, that’s it!

Putting the jumbo in JumboMax
As we mentioned earlier, JumboMax offers 4 different sized jumbo grips their swing grips. Those four sizes are:

Small Black Wrap + 1/4 inch
Medium Black Wrap + 5/16 inch
Large Black Wrap + 11/32 inch
X-Large Black Wrap + 3/8 inch

To put this in perspective, here are the portions of each of these grips compared to standard and +1/18” grips on the market. Not to confuse you with rapper Biggie Smalls, the small version of the JumboMax series is quite big.

JumboMax grip sizing
Additional info about JumboMax grips
Each of these grips comprises of a soft polyurethane wrap over a rubber underlisting and install like any other grip. Because these are much larger than a conventional grip; they weigh more too. By using these grips you would be basically counterweighting your clubs at the same time. There is nothing wrong with that as many golfers are finally seeing the benefits to counterweighting a golf club. These are also perfect for those who may suffer arthritis.

For clubmakers, there is no more reason to add build-up tape underneath jumbo grips to create a custom size as these are already larger. Plus you might want to consider one of these truly unique models for a demo in your shop.


KBS C-Taper Lite Parallel Shafts Just Arrived!

KBS C-Taper Lite ShaftsOne of the most recent additions to the KBS line, the C-TAPER LITE, is now available in parallel tip.

The KBS C-TAPER LITE shaft incorporates proven KBS performance benefits in a lighter weight design. The C-TAPER LIGHT was added to the KBS product line in 2013 and has had success both on Tour and in the aftermarket. The parallel tip is available in three flexes, including 108.5g, 118.5g and 125g, and produces a mid-high trajectory and controlled spin. Featuring a constant taper design and proportionate increase in wall thickness, the KBS C-TAPER LITE optimizes energy transfer for maximum distance. Independent testing results revealed 5+ yards in added distance.

Model: UKB09