New 2015 Lamkin Technique Golf Putters Just Arrived!

2015 Lamkin Technique Putters

Co-developed with legendary putter designer Clay Long, Lamkin’s new Technique putter grip prominently features multiple alignment guides to promote correct hand placement for three common putting techniques: the reverse overlap, the cross-handed and the claw. With a flat-front profile and oversized shape, the grip helps to minimize wrist action and stabilize the putting stroke. Technique is made from a soft, lightweight polyurethane that offers exceptional feel and grip comfort.


Restore Your Golf Grips To Like New Condition With The Pro-Fix Get A Grip Golf Grip Restorer

You want to make your grips tacky and last longer? Check out the Pro-Fix Get A Grip Golf Grip Restorer

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At Hireko, our business is to sell components, like heads, shafts and grips. So it goes against my best interest to show you a new product that can prolong the life of the common grip. This product is called Pro-Fix Get A Grip and it’s more than a grip cleaner – it is a grip restorer and revitalizing solution. Hey, I am the biggest skeptic out there when it comes to products like this. What ever happened to good old soap and water and a soft bristled brush?

I put the Pro-Fix Get A Grip through the paces to see if the product truly worked. I have a 20 year old set of irons sitting in the storage with slick, dry rotted and likely moldy Jumbo Green Victory’s on them. These would be totally unplayable without re-gripping. After spraying the grips down with the convenient pump sprayer and wiping them off with a clean towel, in no time at all the outer surface was restored that these clubs could see daylight once again on the course.

I tried them not only on old grips, but new as well as all sorts of other materials from rubber, leather, elastomeric and synthetic grips like Winn. The only grip that could not be restored was an old Winn wrapped-style grip which had lost the sheen and should have been replaced years ago.

Download the 2015 Hireko Golf Equipment CatalogThe Pro-Fix Get A Grip Grip Restorer doesn’t have any oily residue or odor and really should be a product that any golfer wanting a secure grip and to keep their investment longer should own. I am almost sure that this could be used on all sorts of other types of grips besides those used in golf. Just don’t tell my bosses or our valued grip vendors that I am letting the cat out of the bag because you didn’t hear about this product from me.



Roll Your Sleeves Up and Get Hands On Into Clubmaking

Twenty years ago I was fortunate to be part of a special team that taught clubmaking and clubfitting classes at the Dynacraft Clubmaking Institute.

Back then most of the attendees were in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s who were looking for something to do as a hobby or to supplement their income as they neared retirement. Many of those I taught I still keep in touch with and now they are in thTeam Logo Putter Gripseir 60’s to 80’s. Last week I had a nice conversation with one of those former students about the age of those in the craft today. The gist of it was we are seeing fewer younger individuals to replace those who are getting up in years as they hang up their aprons and no longer build or repair golf equipment.

My father was part of the greatest generation and someone who experienced first-hand the hardships of the Great Depression. Let me tell you people from that era could fix or build anything – sometimes out of necessity. It is no wonder I grew up knowing the value of a tool and working with my hands. Through the generations I feel some of that knowledge and enthusiasm has dimmed as less and fewer individuals are rolling up their sleeves and getting hands on.

Download 2015 Hireko Golf CatalogYou might argue there is no need for as many craftsmen as we live in a disposable society. Well it is that kind of attitude why people here in America don’t manufacturer diddly-squat today. However, there is always going to be a need for people to build and repair things including golf club equipment. Building and repairing golf clubs may not be a lucrative career move, but few are. For those who like golf and are good with their hands might find an enjoyable new endeavor.

People who enter the craft start out building golf clubs for themselves and yes some of those will take their hobby to the next level and create a side profession making clubs for family, friends, co-workers and neighbors. But you have to start somewhere and today might be that day. Replace that worn grip on your wedge or build a new putter – those things aren’t hard to do. If you take my challenge, I feel that you will experience the self-satisfaction and economic advantages that clubmaking affords.

If you are interested more into clubmaking, visit or join an organization like the International Clubmaking Guild (ICG). For clubmakers deciding to call it quits and finally wanting to enjoy retirement, become a mentor and pass down some of what you have learned especially if you are in an area where you established yourself are the place to go.