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Steel RamrodThe Steel Ramrod is perfect for tamping down corks when swingweighting steel iron shafts.

Can also be used as a heating rod for removing stubborn steel-shafted repairs.

Model# SRR-001
Steel Ramrod


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markit_sprayMarkit Spray is proudly made in the USA and is an easy and economical way for club fitters and end consumers alike to get immediate feedback on where they are hitting the ball.

There are several golf training or golf fitting devices commercially available that say they will increase your distance, allow you to hit the ball straighter and reduce you score. However there is one simple product on the market that can do all that. It is called Markit Impact Spray and is will give you immediate visual proof of what you are doing. Best part of all, it is economical and easy to use.

Déjà vu
If you have been a Hireko customer for at least two years, you might remember that we briefly sold the Markit Impact Spray, or what I like to refer to as a “coach in a can”. I was very high on this product, not just for personal usage, Markit Impact Spray on Facebut for custom club fitters who had been used to impact labels to see where golf ball contact was made on the face of the club. Sadly, I reported the sole proprietor of the product passed away unexpectedly in December of 2012. Just recently, someone purchased the company who made Markit and now we are offering the same great product for sale once again.

How simple is it to use?
If you can shake a can, pop off the cap, point the nozzle toward the club face and depress the sprayer, then you can use this product.

A picture is worth a thousand words
For most people it is far easier to learn and react to something if they have visual evidence rather than relying on feel or what someone else is telling them. This picture is an example of a driver with the Markit sprayed onto the face and what it shows when one hits the ball. The picture clearly shows a driver, but this can be any club in the bag, including a putter.

The top picture shows what we strive for; impact that is consistent and centered in the face. Near the upper portion of the face shows the dimple marks left by impact while down below is the marks from the rubber mat tee.

In contrast, the bottom picture shows general inconsistency. One shot is severally inward toward the heel, one (or more) is almost struck on the crown and others low on the face. With an impact pattern like this, it will be hard to say where one will hit the ball on a consistent basis leading to less confidence and reduced distance.

For a club fitter and their customer, it would be easy to say which head/shaft combination will yield best results by simply looking at impact position on the face. Plus, if a club fitter is using a launch monitor in conjunction with the fitting, the Markit Impact Spray will have absolutely no effect on the ball flight unlike an impact label, which can skew your results.

Even for an end consumer beating balls are their local range, if they see the impact on the face is clustered consistently toward the toe, they can make adjustments. They can either stand slightly closer to the ball and see if that helps improve centeredness of contact. If not, then they know they could be using a club with an incorrect lie angle and have that adjusted (if possible) at their local clubmaking shop. It also help you to learn how high to tee the ball for best results.

How easy is it to clean up?
It comes right off with a wipe of a clean, soft cloth and won’t leave any sticky residue.

How many usages can you get in a can?
There are approximately 225 applications per can. That’s less than 7 cents per usage and more economical than impact labels.

Put your mark on it
Markit is proudly made in the USA and is an easy and economical way for club fitters and end consumers alike to get immediate feedback on where they are hitting the ball. If you weren’t a user before, maybe now is a time get a can and help improve your (or your customers) ball striking and lowering your score.

Markit Impact Spray
Model# MARKIT-001
Markit Impact Spray
$14.95 each

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Dynacraft Tungsten PowderNew Dynacraft Tungsten Powder Available in 4 and 8 Ounce Sizes

50% more dense than lead powder and much safer to handle. Used for increasing swingweight.


Download Hireko Golf Catalog

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One of the hottest trends in golf is the counterweighted golf putter and there are good reasons why.

Download Hireko Golf CatalogWith anchored belly putters being phased out by the USGA beginning in 2016, golfers are looking for ways to improve their putting that traditional putters can’t provide. More importantly, there will be a large number of golfers who are content with their current conventional putter which will be shocked at how well the new breed of extended length counterbalanced (or counterweighted) putters can exude new life into their short game. We are going to explain how to select the right components and why these putters work.

Selecting the Right Components (Head)
If you think you going to counterweight any putter and make it playable, then pay close attention to these do’s and don’ts. When you counterweight, you are adding weight to the butt end of the club (or putter in this particular example). This shifts the balance point closer to your hands and will have an effect on how “head heavy” the club will be so you have to make sure there is adequate head weight to start. The newer breed of counterbalanced putters comes in the 380-400 gram range. If you scour the specifications of putter heads you will immediately find your choices to be few and far between. Two choices from Hireko that will be prime examples are the Acer i-Sight Santa Rosa and the Bionik 207 Nano Mallet Belly. For those that always feel slighted, the i-Sight model is available for you lefties out there.

Both of the models were originally marketed for belly putters, but their 400g of weight are ideal for building an extended length, non-anchored counterbalanced putter.

Grip SelectionCounterweighted putter gripped
There are two new grips just for this type of putter. These are longer than a traditional putter grip, yet shorter than grips designed for belly putters. The Winn Excel 15”Pistol and the Two Thumb Snug Daddy grips (13.5”) are longer so the golfer can grip down roughly 2 or 3” down the grip so our counterweight will be above the hands for the greatest effect. If you try to use a belly putter grip, it will be loose when installed on the shaft without some additional build-up tape and time.

Shaft Selection
In our examples, both our putters are center-shafted and require a straight putter shaft. The recommended shaft is the Apollo 43” Stepless putter shaft as it has adequate length that it will not need to be extended, plus the parallel butt section (how long is remains a constant butt diameter) is suitable for these extended length grips.

However, if we needed a curved putter shafts to create both the proper lie angle and offset for a putter with a 90º socket or post, then one suitable shaft would be the 44” Apollo Stepless Curved putter shaft as it too will have a long enough parallel butt section.

Putter Length
The majority of the commercially available extended length counterbalanced putters are 38” in length. This is approximately 3” longer than the most common standard length putter (35”). A good rule of thumb if you want a custom putter for yourself or for a customer, add 3” to the length of their traditional length putter. For example, if they normally putt with a 34” model, then make this type of putter 37” instead.

There are different counterweights that we sell for this and other applications and even counterweighted putter grips which leads us to something important – accounting for the grip. The Winn 15” Excel putter grips weighs @ 128 grams. This is considerably more than a normal putter grip, which may come in between 60-85 grams. So the grip itself acts partially as a counterweight.

On the other hand, the Two Thumb Snug Daddy grips are 80 or 67g depending upon their size and may require more weight to counterbalance the head or work more with putter heads that are on the lighter side.

Counterweighted putter 004Finding the right weight
The million dollar question is “What weight is best?” Unfortunately there is no answer to that as each golfer has a different preference for feel as well as adjusting to the speed of the greens. Yes, the amount of weight in the butt can influence how far you can hit the ball. In some cases the additional weight is zero and the counterbalance exists with only the heavier weight of the grip and in other cases it can be 50g or more on top of the grip weight. This is why I prefer to use the Tour Lock Pro counterweights.

With a handful of weights and 15 minutes on the green, you can find out very easily which weight is best for you or your customer. Pictured is 60g which happens to be my putter.

Counterweighted putter 012The first thing you need to do after the grip solvent has fully evaporated is to cut a hole in the butt end of the grip with the Tour Lock grip modifier. Once you have cleaned the hole from the grip tape inside, you can slide the Tour Lock Pro counterweights in and out and hold them securely with the fastening tool.

When you choke down on the grip, it will be difficult to grasp the grip 3” down on a consistent manner. These grips don’t have lines around indicating how far to choke down at this time. So make mental notes when you have putted for a little while. For instance, you can place the heel of your upper palm ½” down from where it says Winn or your bottom thumb positioned at the little chevron or intersecting lines. This way RW177 grip alignmentyou will get more a consistent feel from putt-to-putt.

These types of putters are a great way to enjoy the benefits that a belly putter has without anchoring. Plus the overall added weight makes it impossible to have a “wristy”, unrepeatable stroke, but rather forces you to use the bigger muscles in your upper body to propel the putter. Having used one of these styles of putters personally, I can’t imagine ever going back as it is so stable and effortless to move the club in the direction of the target line.

As you have seen, these are easy to build using the right components and it takes just a few moments to dial in the right amount of weight.



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Loudmouth Shiver Me Timbers and Magic Bus Grips

Download Hireko Golf Catalog

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Over 20% Off Select Lamkin Grips

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Justin Rose Wins With Lamkin GripsJustin Rose Wins with Lamkin Golf Grips

SAN DIEGO, Calif., June 30, 2014 – Lamkin Corporation, the original manufacturer of premium golf grips, congratulates Justin Rose on his exciting playoff victory at the 2014 Quicken Loans National, becoming a two-time winner of the event. A longtime Lamkin Grips player, Rose currently uses REL ACE grips on all of his swinging clubs. He recently switched his putter grip to Lamkin’s popular Deep-Etched Paddle.

“To do it and get it done making key putts, that’s huge for my psyche going into a major championship,” said Rose following his win. Rose continues to conquer golf’s most challenging conditions with remarkable poise and skill, holing a critical 15-foot putt on the last hole of regulation. Commenting on the demanding conditions at Congressional Country Club, Rose said “I really enjoy this type of golf and this type of test. I think it tested all of us. I’m delighted.”

The Lamkin REL ACE grip, used by Rose throughout the year, is made with Lamkin’s patented ACE 3GEN synthetic rubber material. In addition to unmatched shock absorption, the compound is incredibly tacky and comfortable. The super-tacky material, combined with a medium-traction surface pattern, promotes the ideal light grip pressure needed to maximize shot distance and consistency.

Rose’s new putter grip, the Deep-Etched Paddle grip, has been a favorite on the PGA Tour for more than a decade. Made with a long-lasting rubber compound and featuring a unique deep horizontally etched pattern, the smaller shape of the grip provides players with tremendous feel and enhanced feedback.


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Rob Altomonte on July 1st, 2014

New Loudmouth Grips

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Graphite Design Tour AD GT UtilityDesigned and manufactured at the Graphite Design Japan factory headquarters, the new Graphite Design Tour AD GT Utility shafts are available in six weights 55g, 65g, 75g, 85g, 95g and 105g.

The lighter weights of 55, 65 and 75 grams are based on a wood shaft profile with a softer yet stable feel and mid torque range. The tip section are more active to produce a mid/ high launch condition and to provide the player with greater distance and accuracy. The heaver weights of 85, 95 and 105 grams are based on an iron shaft profile with a stiffer tip section for a more penetrating ball flight. The stiffer bend profile will promote a mid-launch condition for precise distance control with minimal dispersion.



Whether you use the two new lofts in the Dynacraft Driving Iron off the tee on short par 4’s or long par 3’s or hit them out of the fairway or rough, these will be more forgiving and hit the ball longer than the irons lying in a corner of your basement or garage.

Early this year we debuted the Dynacraft Driving Iron – an 18º hollow-bodied utility club with a special vacuum heat treated forged face design and a high C.O.R. We thought when we developed this club it would be a niche product for those that wanted a control club off of the tee for short par 4’s and who didn’t care for the look of a hybrid wood appearance. To our surprise, our sales forecasting was a wee bit off. We sold more in the first month than we anticipated for the entire year. We would like to say “Thanks” to our customers for that.

After we saw there was a demand and received feedback from our customers and distributors, we began tooling up additional lofts to go into this series of “driving irons”. This coming week, the companion 21 and 24 degree versions will be in stock and ready to sell.

Dynacraft Driving Iron

What’s in a name?
OK, in hindsight we should have never called the original Dynacraft Driving Iron a “driving iron” if we ever considered adding additional lofts. DOH! After all, if you bought the original model and now want to add one or both of the new lofts to your bag, why carry multiple driving irons in the bag? We probably should have called them utility irons (or clubs) is all I am sayin’ to help bridge the gap between your fairway wood(s) and the more user-friendly mid irons. However, if you carry only one in your bag, whether it is the original 18º model or one of the new lofts, then I suppose it becomes your driving iron if it is the longest iron you carry.

What do the new lofts replace?
The original driving iron was considered a 2-iron for loft, length and tip trimming. The new 21º loft is a direct replacement for a #3-iron and the 24º would be the equivalent of a #4-iron.

Dynacraft Driving IronWhy are they better than a traditional iron?
Most golfers struggle with the #3 and 4-irons probably more so than any club in the bag. Golfers may blame the low loft or the longer assembly lengths, but then they replace those with hybrids which are oftentimes the same loft (or stronger) as well as longer in length. So that can’t be the reason for poor performance with longer irons. No, the blame is the lack of forgiveness as the vast majority of irons do not have their weight spread far enough around the perimeter.

Dynacraft Driving Iron FaceEnter the Dynacraft Driving Irons. These are hollow-bodied construction like a hybrid for superior forgiveness. But let’s not forget about the reflexive, thin face which increases ball speed and distance that is not possible with a traditional iron possessing a much thicker face.

Is it time to switch?
Whether you use the two new lofts in this series off the tee on short par 4’s or long par 3’s or hit them out of the fairway or rough, these will be more forgiving and hit the ball longer than the irons lying in a corner of your basement or garage or those you are probably carrying in your bag that get used infrequently as you have little confidence in their performance. The Dynacraft Driving Iron series are additional options aside from hybrids or higher lofted fairway woods to replace these sometime forgotten clubs in the bag.

Dynacraft Driving Iron Component Clubhead Dynacraft Driving Iron Component Clubhead
Dynacraft Driving Iron
Dynacraft Driving Iron –
Custom Assembled
Model# IH435 Model# XIH435
$14.95 each Base Price $36.00 each
 Dynacraft Driving Iron Buy Now  Dynacraft Driving Iron Buy Now

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