10 Things You Need to Know About the New Acer XV Driver Series

Rob Altomonte, Hireko’s Marketing Director sat down with Technical Director Jeff Summitt to discuss the new Acer XV Driver line that just arrived725x250_2015_ACER_XV

Here are some things we are sure you would want to know as well as some things you might have been scared to ask.

  1. What product is the new Acer XV driver similar to?

The Acer XV was derived from our very popular Acer XF driver series. But that is where it stops because we added 3 key features to put the XF on steroids.

  1. What is the name XV derived from?

For those who aren’t Roman or haven’t brushed up on your Latin lately, XV is the number 15 like 2015. We didn’t call it 15 because next year and the year after that it won’t be dated as I strongly feel these most likely will be in the line for a while.

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  1. Speaking of product cycles, it seems you have been introducing a new Acer driver line every two years.

True, we introduced the Acer XF in 2011 and the Acer XS in 2013. Does that mean you can expect a new series in 2017? Not necessarily. Basically we are bringing out new product only when we have something different in terms of new technology, materials or we can introduce a product that will be better in terms of performance than a model we a retiring. With so many USGA regulations on drivers it requires a lot of thought and testing to make improvements.

Acer XV Titanium Driver Crown

  1. You spoke about 3 key features. Can you let us know what they are and how they will benefit potential customers?

Those are the CNC milled crown, Power Chamber Sole and Gravity port. Let’s start with the crown since that is one that will be the least visual. It is always the quest of a head designer to eliminate unwanted weight so it can be put to better use and that usually starts with the crown on a driver. The lower the center of gravity, the better the performance in terms of launch and spin you can achieve. We could have easily made a shallower face, but then you lose face area and confidence. So we have lightened the crown by CNC machining certain non-stress areas. Yes, it is more expensive to accomplish and something none of our competitors are doing, but in order to make incremental improvements you really have to go the extra steps.

Acer XV Power Chamber

  1. What’s up with the Power Chamber?

The Power Chamber sole is a feature that you will immediately notice. This was added to boost performance on shots hit on the lower half of the clubface. This is where excessive spin occurs and the Power Chamber sole helps neutralize the ill effect of low impacts.

Acer XV Weight Port

  1. Can you tell us about the Gravity Port?

As you know screw weighting is not new, but we kind of abandoned that for a time. It is a feature the average customer never messes with, but if you are customizing clubs, you really need the ability to tweak the weight. Hey, we know that not everybody is the same height or requires the same cookie-cutter length. We also know there is more shafts that can go into these drivers than you can shake a stick at. Not all will be the same weight or have the same balance point and with the additional 2 and 12 gram screws allows the clubmaker to fine-tune the swingweight.

The position of the Gravity Port is important. It offers a higher launch and higher moment of inertia where it will benefit far more golfers than the recent trend to move weight forward. The latter may help the pros, but we are true to ourselves and cater to the other 99% of golfers out there.

Plus in the past, we have had offered standard versions, Leggera versions that were lighter and Thrivers that were heavier like we have in the Acer XF and XS lines. Well to a certain degree we can accomplish the same thing and it is not a burden on our customers to stock all those versions.

  1. I see these come in a lot of different options.

Yes, we always try to make the Acer lines as comprehensive as possible whenever it is economically feasible to do from a tooling standpoint. With the new XV series we have 4 lofts in right handed and 3 in left handed they should cover just about every golfer. This year we even added a left handed 9.5º after so many southpaws complained we didn’t have one in our lineup. So you can say I caved in and obliged to their wishes and coaxed the powers-to-be to add it as an option.

Acer XV Draw Titanium Driver View Tech Director Jeff Summitt’s Review of New Acer XV Draw Titanium Drivers Below
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  1. I see there is also a Draw version.

Yes, and this is an important option as so many golfers fight a slice and we want them to enjoy the game and speed up play instead of constantly searching for errant or lost balls. It is really the same as the standard model with all the features I spoke about earlier. The differences are that we have added the offset hosel and made the face angle a degree more closed. Plus as I said earlier the position of the Gravity Port was important because it will help square the face at impact so those that push, fade or slice the ball will have 3 more things going for them to help them hit more fairways – and that is the one they are aiming for.

  1. I have to admit, this is one good-looking driver.

Rule number 1 is if it doesn’t look good then nobody will want to give it a fair chance. I could tell you it has this feature or that feature which will help you hit longer and straighter drives, but all it takes is the wrong color or some annoying accent to turn a potential buyer from to put on their wish list. The matte black on top of the black PVD finish gives is neutral yet really high-end look. Again, I think this product line will appeal to a lot of golfers and have a long product life cycle.

  1. How does it compare to the all the name brand drivers out there?

I go out to a facility that I can hit the latest and greatest from all the major OEMs. You know what? They do make damn good clubs and it would be shocking if they didn’t. But when I go out with our Acer XV driver with a shaft, flex, grip, grip size, length that fits me, I see absolutely no difference in distance or accuracy. We may not have the adjustable feature for lie and face angle or what manufacturers call loft, but the average golfer is likely never to change those from the factory setting and only adds to the cost. I am not sure who said it first, but if you can’t tell the difference then why pay the difference? That’s my philosophy and I am sticking to it.


Will a More Flexible Golf Shaft Give Me More Distance?

Download 2015 Shaft Fitting AddendumThe Dynamic Shaft Fitting Index was created as a way to help you sort through the confusion of choosing the perfect shaft for your game.

One comment I often hear from customers who are aging assume that by going to a more flexible shaft will gain them some extra distance. I want to take time to dispel what could be a myth and at least give all the facts so one can make an intelligent buying decision the next time you (or one of your customers) are in need of a new club or re-shafting an existing one.

First of all, distance is a function of many things including speed, loft, direction and solidness of contact. Let’s look at the first one – speed. The components for speed are how long a club is made, how much it weighs and weight distribution. Granted, the A-flex shaft in a particular pattern of shaft is generally a little lighter than the R-flex, but it may only be a gram or two and that is spread over the entire length of the shafts. It may take in the magnitude of 7-10 gram minimal to be even felt. So that in itself would not contribute to an increase of speed or distance. Plus club length is independent from the flex.

Loft is also a major key contributor to distance. If you hit the ball too high or too low, both can rob you of distance. There is an optimal launch angle that will give you the most overall distance (carry + roll). Here is one possibility that additional flex can help increase distance. By opting for a more flexible shaft, that can change the dynamics of the club as it comes into impact. Generally a more flexible shaft will bend more forward at impact than the stiffer flex (in the same model) thus increasing the loft and providing a slightly higher ball flight. We aren’t talking about a large change, but only a small one. However, if you are one to hit the ball low compared to your playing partners, going more flexible could help optimize launch angle.

There is a caveat to that though. You still need to maintain the solidness of contact at impact. With some golfers who have an abbreviated swing or quick tempo, going more flexible (even though their swing speed is declining) may make it more difficult to square the face at impact. If you were hitting the ball straight before and now dropping down a flex you begin to hit more of a high fade because you can’t time it like you were, that could rob one of distance too. Let’s look at the other side of that argument. It is very possible one could be hitting a high fade because the shaft is too stiff for their needs and inhibiting the face from closing and squaring up at impact. In this case, the more flexible shaft could position the face in a manner to optimize loft and direction that is could result into more distance.

So there you have it, going to a more flexible shaft as you age could help or hinder your search for more distance depending upon your circumstances. The most important part is to get fit by a professional clubmaker or experiment with different shafts. Here is another point to chew on. Going from R to A-flex in the same brand and make of shaft is one thing, but if you start changing brand names and models then that opens up another can o’ worms because there is no standardization for shaft flex in the industry. Even if you drop down a flex in the exact same weight shaft, but in another model, there is a chance you might be selecting a stiffer shaft and defeating the purpose or possibly getting a shaft that is now too flexible and going from one extreme to another.

This is why we created the Dynamic Shaft Fitting Index as a way to help sort through the confusion. For those that have used this valuable resource in the past, we have an updated 2015 version. For those who want to be educated on shafts, then here is your opportunity to explore the world of shafts and shaft fitting.

> Click here for the 2015 Dynamic Shaft Fitting Index

Download New Hireko Golf 2015 Spring Flyer!

What’s inside the new Flyer:

– New Acer XV Series of Golf Equipment
– New Synchron Vespa Series
– New iBella Obsession Black Onyx Line
– New 2015 OEM Shaft and Grips
–  And tons of new clearance items!

> Click Here to Download the Hireko Golf 2015 Spring Flyer (Google Docs) – File Size 5 megs


New Marvel Comics Spider-Man Soccer Balls Now Available!

Marvel Comics Spiderman Soccer BallInstead of shooting webs with his, your sporting super-hero can shoot a ball with his feet with this Spider-Man Soccer Ball.

The Spider-Man Soccer Ball has a synthetic leather cover and precision stitched construction. Also features a long lasting air retention bladder. Great Spider-Man graphics. This ball makes a great gift for your child as a favorite soccer or sports enthusiast.


Synchron Vespa Series of Golf Equipment In Stock!

Synchron Vespa Golf EquipmentI am happy to announce the Synchron Vespa series is one of the newest arrivals to be stocking our shelves and ready to be shipped.

These would have been here sooner if it weren’t for the aftermath of the Longshoremen strike and the reason why some of our other new products are not here quite yet. During this temporary situation, we do truly thank you for your patience.

Déjà vu
The Synchron Vespa is a culmination of some of our most beloved and highly reviewed models of the recent past that have been updated and transformed into an economical yet high-performance seamless family. So if some of these look eerily familiar to you, it is not by coincidence.

In brief, here is the skinny on the Vespa line, but you can watch the videos for more detailed features. The driver is a wide body design to provide more accuracy and much needed confidence off the tee. The fairway and hybrids are shallow faced to get the ball airborne and with the addition of the dual rails makes it versatile from a variety of course conditions. Lastly, the irons are a general all-around performer that will meet the needs of a wide array of players.

Good news for lefties
I know we get complaints from southpaws that say “Why didn’t you make these in left hand?” Well we did with these as we know these will sell. So buy up and don’t prove me wrong.

Casual dress code
With the Vespa line we haven’t cut any corners in regard to materials, technology or manufacturing tolerances as our other premium products we offer. What we mean by economical is we haven’t added any exotic finishes which add to the cost of the head yet really provide no additional performance benefits other than aesthetics. Don’t get me wrong, these are still very good looking heads, but without all the glitz.

What’s in a name?
You might be asking why put them under the Synchron line and not Acer, Power Play or Dynacraft. For one, we already had enough Acer products and we didn’t want to confuse customers any further. Since these were somewhat legacy models, we only felt that should be in their own category – value or I should say “value added”. And if you are wondering about the name, no it wasn’t inspired after a motor shooter. Vespa just happens to mean wasp in Italian.


Synchron Vespa Titanium Driver

Synchron Vespa Titanium Driver

The Synchron Vespa driver produces both the pleasing sound at impact and possesses a brilliantly sculpted traditional shape which will be preferred by a wide range of golfers. Available in RH: 10.5° 12° and LH: 10.5°

Synchron Vespa Titanium Driver – Clubhead
Model #TM1001142
Starting at $54.95 each
Synchron Vespa Titanium Driver – Assembled
Model #XTM1001142
Starting at $104.95 each

Synchron Vespa Fairway Woods

Synchron Vespa Fairway Woods

Re-designed from our most popular fairway wood series ever, the dual rails will cut through the most difficult rough, but still easy to hit from hard pan lies due to the shallow face height and low center of gravity. Available in RH: #3, 5, 7 and LH: #3, 5, 7

Synchron Vespa Fairway Wood – Clubhead
Model #M900T61B
Starting at $16.95 each
Synchron Vespa Fairway Wood – Assembled
Model #XM900T61B
Starting at $51.95 each

Synchron Vespa Hybrids

Synchron Vespa Hybrids

Dual rails have been added to one of our most popular hybrids of the past to create a line that will be easy to hit from virtually any lie. Available in RH: #3, 4, 5 and LH: #3, 4, 5

Synchron Vespa Hybrids – Clubhead
Model #IW12863B
Starting at $14.95 each
Synchron Vespa Hybrids – Assembled
Model #XMIW12863B
Starting at $44.95 each

Synchron Vespa Irons

Synchron Vespa Irons

A superb game-improvement iron suitable for a wide array of players packed with features that will provide precision accuracy and a solid feel.. Availability is RH 3-9, PW, AW, SW LH 4-9, PW, SW

Synchron Vespa Irons – Clubhead
Model #I36601
Starting at $9.95 each
Synchron Vespa Irons – Assembled
Model #XI36601
Starting at $27.95 each

Looking For A Stainless Steel, Durable Grip Solvent Sprayer? Here It Is!

Professional Pressurized Golf Grip Remover with Needle

Introducing the new Professional Pressurized Golf Grip Remover with Needle

Save grips the professional way. This pressurized grip remover loosens the grip for easy removal by injecting solvent through a needle. Use naphtha or mineral spirits only to prevent damage to the seals. This is equipped with a hard-to-find, heavy-duty, large capacity stainless steel canister that retains pressure better than units with plastic canisters. Comes with one needle, extras sold separately.


Can the New KBS 610 or Hi Rev 2.0 Wedge Shafts Help Lower Your Score?

New 2015 KBS 610 and Hi Rev 2.0 Wedge Shafts Just Arrived!

To be your one stop shop for all your component needs we are constantly adding new products that you are your customers will demand. Case in point is the two new wedge specific shafts called the 610 Wedge and the Hi Rev 2.0 from your friends at KBS Golf Shafts. These were introduced at the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show in late January and too late to put into our catalog. So you have a better understanding of their application, we have a series of questions answered by Hireko’s Technical Director Jeff Summitt regarding these shafts below.

Will they fit my heads?
Good question. First of all, these are taper tip offerings meaning either of these two wedge shafts were designed to fit those wedges with a 0.355” hosel like Titleist, Cleveland, Mizuno, Ping, among others. That is unless you are confident in your ability to shim these shafts into a 0.370” hosel like all of Hireko’s wedges. If you are unfamiliar with the shimming procedure, you want to visit our Blog here.

Why offer two different wedge shafts?
Golfers are like snowflakes; everyone will have a different type of swing. Some will have steeper angles of attack (how you come into the ball at impact) than others. This along with the course conditions one plays will produce different trajectories and spin rates and thus the need for different type shafts unless you don’t mind bending your wedges and altering the bounce angles on them to provide the desired results.

What is the difference between the two shafts?
Let’s start with the 610 Wedge. It gets its’ name from the slightly larger 0.610” butt diameter. This shaft has a firmer tip section to provide a more penetrating ball flight and subsequently less spin. The Hi Rev 2.0 is the updated version of their long time Hi Rev Wedge shaft and geared to increase both launch angle and spin due to its more active tip section.

What the hell is a S+ flex?
KBS is helping redefine “Wedge” flex. When you shop for name brand wedges, you will encounter the infamous “Wedge” flex. Basically a “wedge” flex is another term for stiff flex. On the other hand, KBS is providing you with more custom options to match your current clubs as well as provide you with the feel and trajectory needed for your game.

In the Hi Rev 2.0, they offer the traditional R, S and X flex. With the 610 Wedge, the offerings are R, S and an S+ flex. The S+ is heavier than the standard S-flex and the stiffness in-between S and X-flex for added control.

How do I really know which one I need?
In a nutshell, look at how your ball lands relative to your target on the green and not just on long shots, but also those half or finesse shots into the green. If you are constantly past the hole, then you need the added launch and spin provided by the Hi Rev 2.0. And if you come up short all the time, then lowering the trajectory and spin can get you closer to the hole and into more manageable putts. That’s the skinny on the new KBS 610 and Hi Rev 2.0 wedge shafts.

Model# KB11 Model# KB12
KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 Taper Tip Steel Wedge Shafts
KBS 610 Wedge Shaft Taper Tip
$29.95 each $29.95 each