Download for Free the New 2010 Shaft Fitting Addendum

Don’t live in the dark ages anymore, especially with the high cost of shafts today.  Get the information you really need to compare one shaft to another. For 18 consecutive years, the annual Shaft Fitting Addendum has been the number one resource available for clubmakers and ordinary golfers to find invaluable information on golf shafts.  […]

Introducing the New Project X Graphite Shaft

The Tour’s Secret Weapon Revealed! In this economy it is hard to fathom that someone is willing to spend a whole lot of money on a golf shaft unless that person is Warren Buffett. But you might be surprised how many core golfers don’t quibble about price when it comes to their equipment.  The newest […]

Hireko’s 2009 Shaft Fitting Addendum Now Available

Shaft Fitting Addendum Celebrates 20th Anniversary The 2009 Shaft Fitting Addendum and all the invaluable information contained within commemorates a milestone of sorts.  Twenty years to be exact since I first started working on this project. The annual Shaft Fitting Addendum has now been published for the past 17 consecutive years and has become the […]

What Specifications Make a Good Shaft for a Hybrid Clubhead?

Jeff Summitt Discusses The  Ins and Outs of Choosing The Best Hybrid Shaft For Your Game There is no doubt about it: the modern hybrid golf club has made golf a little easier by replacing harder-to-hit clubs. Even the best players in the world often carry at least one hybrid in their bag. The hybrid […]

Download For FREE! The New 2008 Shaft Fitting Addendum!

For the past 16 years the annual Shaft Fitting Addendum has been the definitive guide on shafts for clubmakers worldwide. If you are a golf clubfitter or simply curious and want to know more about golf shafts or how different golf shafts compared to one another, then the 2008 Shaft Fitting Addendum is a must […]

Golf Terms & Glossary

1030 Carbon Steel: A softer form of steel typically used in iron forgings. It is more malleable than other stainless steels used in golf clubs making it easier to hand work during forging. 8620 is another common example of carbon steel. 15-5 Stainless: A stronger lighter alloy of stainless as compared to 17-4 stainless. 15-5 […]