Massive Savings on Callaway Diablo Edge Graphite Shafts!

Massive Savings on Callaway Diablo Edge Graphite Shafts! Save Big on Callaway Diablo Edge Graphite Golf Shafts!

The Callaway Diablo Edge JV 0.370″ Hybrid Golf Shaft was designed for the Japanese market. Long parallel tip length allows for trimming of both hybrids and matching irons.


91% Off Project X Black Graphite Taper Tip Hybrid Golf Shafts!

91% Off Project X Black Graphite 0.355 Taper Tip Hybrid Golf Shafts Project X graphite golf shafts are the the low trajectory, low spin best seller for the better player. Now 91% Off Project X Graphite Golf Shafts!

The Project X Black golf shaft features reduced weight from the original Project X graphite for explosive power while preserving critical tip stability and low spin performance.

Note: These taper tip version fit some select hybrid heads in the following brands: Adams, older Ben Hogan and Cobra Baffler, Bridgestone, Mizuno Nike, Ping, TaylorMade TP, Titleist (some of which were originally steel-shafted). These will not fit our hybrids or other hybrids on the market with a 0.370″ hosel diameter without using a shim such as our JSSHIM-335.


What are the Adjustable Weight Screws for in the Acer XV Golf Club Series?

The screws in the Acer XV Golf Club Series are engineered for golf ball launch angle, reduction of spin (for added distance!) and custom golf club weighting.

Acer XV Golf Club Screws AdjustabilityIf you noticed the new Acer XV golf club series (Drivers, Thriver Mini, fairways and hybrids) you will see an adjustable golf club weight screw on the sole in what we call the “gravity port”. The purpose of the screw is two-fold. One is to concentrate weight in a specific area of the head. For instance, on the Acer XV Golf Drivers and Acer XV Golf Thriver Mini the screw is located in the rear portion of the sole to help launch the golf ball higher, while on the higher-lofted Acer XV fairways and Acer XV hybrid the gravity port is more forward to reduce golf ball spin and trajectory for added distance.

The other reason a screw exists on these heads is for custom golf club weighting and may be the most important. This allows for varying the swingweight when customizing to different lengths, shaft and grip weights as there are two optional weights that can be used to either increase or decrease the head weight to optimize performance

Acer XV Golf Club Adjustable Screw PositionsShould I use the stock screw or change?
Following is a diagram to show how to loosen/remove or install/tight the adjustable golf screw from the head. A wrench is provided with the purchase of each head just in case you want to substitute the screw. The diagram will also help you decide whether or not the stock screw or one of the optional screws will be necessary.

(Click on the image below for a larger view, or download the chart below to your desktop by right clicking on the image and choosing “Save Image As” or click here to download a pdf file on changing the weight screws on the Acer XV Golf Club Series.) What are the Adjustable Weight Screws for in the Acer XV Golf Club Series


Hottest, New Jumbo Putter Grips, Tourmark Reverse Dimple Grips Just Arrived!

The revolutionary, patent-pending Tourmark Reverse Dimple Putter Golf Grips texture mimics the foot of a Gecko to provide superior grip traction.

The surface projections act to automatically lighten golf grip pressure by increasing the surface area of the grip. The channels between the reverse dimples conveniently wick moisture from the hands. The Reverse Dimple™ texture also concentrates the feel of your shots into smaller points on the grip to effectively enhance tactile feedback. When replacing golf grips, Tourmark Reverse Dimple Putter Golf Grips are some of your best golf grip choices!

If you regrip your golf clubs, don’t forget about your putter too with one of these new Tourmark grips.

  • Available in three sizes: Standard (RD2), Midsize (RD3) and Oversized putter grips (RD5).
  • Reverse taper golf grips design meaning lower hand is slightly larger than upper hand for increase stability on the green.
  • Built-in ball marker (included) in the butt end.


The Winning Golf Shaft on the Re/Max Long Drive Golf Tour, House of Forged Long Drive and Standard Golf Shafts Now at Hireko!

Relatively unknown too many in the golf industry, House of Forged Golf Shafts have built a strong resume in long drive golf competition by winning four RE/MAX Open Division Golf Championships.

House of Forged Golf ShaftsHireko is now offering House of Forged long drive shafts to our extensive product line. However that is not our core audience and I want to introduce to you some golf shafts for the 99.99% who don’t need binoculars to see where the ball lands. House of Forged “makes” two other unique models in the premium golf shaft category. I should rephrase that. These are actually manufactured by Matrix to House of Forged Golf Driver Golf Shafts specifications utilizing Matrix’s extensive portfolio of materials and technologies.

House of Forged Golf ShaftsThese two shafts are called the House of Forged Express Golf Shafts and the House of Forged 49 Golf Shafts and they differ quite a bit. Here is a diagram to show the stiffness distribution along the length of the shaft using our EI shaft profiler. The Express is a low-60 to low 70 gram shaft depending upon the flex and has the stiffer tip section between the two. In head-to-head testing, the Express has a lower or more boring ball flight. However, the golf shaft didn’t feel “boardy” like some other lower launching shafts I have experienced.

House of Forged Golf Shafts Deflection Chart

The other golf shafts for drivers got the name 49 comes from its’ weight. This was a surprisingly stable shaft for a shaft in its weight category. It plays very true-to-flex. The House of Forged 49 Golf Shaft has a much thicker butt and mid-section than the House of Forged Express Golf Shafts Download the 2015 Hireko Golf Equipment Catalogwhich does two things. First, the 49 is counterbalanced which will help either make the club longer and not have an excessive swingweight or be used with some of today’s adjustable drivers which happen to be a little heavier than bonded drivers. Plus the larger cross section reinforced the middle portion of the golf shaft for the added stability.

House of Forged Golf Shafts may have a funny name, but they manufacture some of the best driver shafts in golf and are among the top winners in long drive golf championships.


Model# HF005
House of Forged 49 Graphite
Golf Shaft

$249.00 each

House of Forged Golf Shafts Were Used By 4 of 8 Finalists in 2014 RE/MAX World Long-Drive Championship!

New 2015 Winn Fishing Grips Available At Hireko Golf!

Winn Fishing Grips – The Best Grips in Fishing

The 2015 line up of rod building supplies from Winn Fishing Grips offer nearly a limitless selection of configurations featuring curved, elliptical and straight taper fishing rod grips. These fishing rod building components come in various sizes and colors that can be mixed and matched.


30% Off Karma Neion Golf Grips!

30% Off Karma Neion Golf Grips
Karma’s NEION golf grips feature NEGATIVE-ION technology that reduces golf club shock.

Negative ions are invisible molecules inside the golf grip’s TPR anion material designed to reduce golf grip shock and restore bodily energy. Longer lasting than golf rubber grips, the NEION comes in long lasting vibrant colors with a soft and ultra-tacky surface.


Model# RF131-001
Karma Neion Black Grip
$2.25 each (Reg $3.19)
Model# RF134-001
Karma Neion Blue Grip
$2.25 each (Reg $3.19)
Model# RF133-001
Karma Neion Red Grip
$2.25 each (Reg $3.19)
Model# RF132-001
Karma Neion White Grip
$2.25 each (Reg $3.19)

The Answer to Anchor: Arm-Lock Golf Putter Grips Are In Stock & USGA Conforming!

 Arm-Lock Golf Putter Grips Arm-Lock Golf Putter Grips are the perfect USGA conforming alternative for those who use an anchored-putting stroke, which will be banned starting in 2016!

Arm-Lock Golf Big Red Counter-Balance Putter Grip

Arm-Lock Golf Big Red Counter-Balance Putter Grip

The Arm-Lock Golf Big Red offering features the same dimensions and weight as the Blue Convertor grip but with a concentric or centered shaft channel. Big Red is ideal for those who benefit from counterbalanced putters but without the forward press.
Model #ARM002 Starting at $29.95 each

Arm-Lock Golf Blue Converter Putter Grip

Arm-Lock Golf Blue Converter Putter Grip

The USGA conforming Arm Lock Golf Converter Putter Grip is a grip that will turn any putter into an arm-lock putter. In arm-lock putting it is currently necessary to increase the loft of the putter in order to compensate for the “forward press” or “forward lean” created in arm-lock putting.
Model #ARM001 Starting at $39.95 each

 Arm-Lock Golf Big Red Counter-Balance Putter Grip  Arm-Lock Golf Blue Converter Putter Grip

24% Off TaylorMade Golf Towels! Perfect for Cleaning Golf Clubs!

TaylorMade Golf Towels

24% Off
TaylorMade Motel
Players Golf Towel – White

Model# N2385901
$18.95 each (Reg. $24.95)

Absorbent terry material. The TaylorMade Motel Players Golf White Towel is great for groove cleaning. 100% cotton. Dimensions are 20 inches wide by 48 inches long.

24% Off
TaylorMade Microfiber
Players Golf Towel – Black

Model# N2407101
$18.95 each (Reg. $24.95)

75% polyester/25% nylon microfiber material black golf towel. The TaylorMade Microfiber Players Golf Black Towel is soft and absorbent waffle-weave construction. Dimensions 15 inches wide by 24 inches long.