Turn Your Dynacraft Bench Ruler Soleplate Into an Accurate Swingweight Calculator

Dynacraft Bench Ruler SoleplateTools and measurement gauges that can serve double-duty can be a godsend for any shop.

The Dynacraft Bench Ruler Soleplate just happens to be one of those where If you have a good quality gram weight scale and a smart phone or lap top, you can adapt it into an accurate swingweight scale.  To see how, watch the video.

Swingweight Calculator

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Improve Your Chipping Technique with the Dynacraft Hindsight Chipper

Chili dips, flubs, dubs, double-hits, the old Vince Skully bladed chip or you just can’t keep the ball on the green when you chip; then there is a unique club for you – the new 2016 Dynacraft Hindsight golf chipper.

Dynacraft Hindsight ChipperMost scoring is won or lost by the short game and any weakness can take a decent round and change the attitude of the golfer to vow “I will never play this game again.”

Chipping is one of those important skills a golfer must learn to execute to save valuable stroke on the card. Before we delve into improving one’s chipping, you must first understand what a chip. A chip is a firm-wristed stroke that is designed to hit the ball low, carry a short distance and then run out. In order to execute this shot the ball is placed back in the stance with the hands forward so you hit down on the ball and the hands lead all the way. It is a short, firm stroke requiring no (or very little) use of the wrists.

Dynacraft Hindsight ChipperMany golfers are taught to chip with a higher lofted clubs such as an 8 or 9-iron or their pitching wedge. Looking at instructional videos for proper chipping the shaft is leaned forward by around 7 degrees, therefore de-lofting the club at impact. This takes some practice and discipline to put oneself in this position time after time. Enter the new 2016 Dynacraft Hindsight chipper, like its’ cousin the Hindsight putter, the shaft exits the head at an angle to put one in the proper from the onset.

The head weight of the Dynacraft Hindsight chipper is heavy, closer to the weight of a putter. The purpose is two-fold. For starters it allow for a shorter, more controllable length (@34”) so you don’t have to remember how far to choke or grip down on the club. Plus the Dynacraft Hindsight Chipperadditional weight makes it much more difficult to become “wristy” and allow the clubhead to get in front of the hands at impact, which is the biggest problem to begin with. With very little time practicing around the green, the built-in shaft lean of the Hindsight chipper to create a forward press will make executing the chip a strong point of one’s game.

The Dynacraft Hindsight chipper does not conform to the Rules of Golf, but for recreational golfers who have struggled chipping with conventional clubs will find a new option to help them gain back strokes and begin to enjoy the game as it was meant to be.

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Dynacraft Hindsight Chipper

Winn Golf Grips Introduce 2016 Line Featuring New 2016 20th Anniversary Golf Grips

Check out the new 2016 Winn Golf Grip line. For 20 years Winn Golf Grips have revolutionized the golf industry while adapting to the fickle wants and needs of golfers around the world.

Download the 2015 Hireko Golf Equipment CatalogWhat do bubbles, big butts and butt caps all have in common with Winn grips? I want to take you back 20 years ago when TaylorMade was riding high with their copper-colored Burner Bubble series. Their graphite-shafted clubs came equipped with the patented “Bubble” shaft which had a large enhanced area below the grip that made it distinctive. What golfers could not see (until much later) was hidden underneath the grip. The butt end of their Bubble shafts measured a whopping 0.810” and tapered down to 0.670” at the mouth of the grip. This required special thin-walled lightweight grips to be installed onto the shaft. By eliminating weight from the grip end it made the club much lighter overall and created a head heavy feel that could be swung freely.

Is imitation really the sincerest form of flattery?
Out popped a number of pseudo-bubble shafts on the market with the enhanced area under the golf grip, but none had had the true benefit of the larger butt end combined with the lightweight grip of the original Bubble. But for those who wore out their grips on their beloved graphite-shafted Burner Bubble clubs found their choices to be very limited. For clubmaking shops, you couldn’t just slip on a replacement grip. No, it required a special installation tool (and set of instructions) that would make a gynecologist blush.

TaylorMade Bubble Grip
Golfers yearned for “Big Butts”
The Bubble shaft spawned a whole new category of golf shafts called “big butt”. These did not have the enhanced area under the grip that made the Bubble shaft famous, but rather the diameters increase to 0.865” and even larger. The most notorious was Goldwin who came out with a club called the AVDP (short for avoirdupois). The AVDP system comprised of graphite shafts with a monstrous butt end @ 1.02” in diameter and an ultralight grip (as little as 11g). This created a very light club that was extremely head-heavy with swingweights ranging from D8-E1. To put this in perspective, an average grip weighed 50-52 grams.

First exposure to Winn golf grips
This 11 gram golf grip really looked like a leather strap you would find when wrapping a leather grip around an underlisting but instead wrapped directly onto the shaft. It was offered by a new company called Winn Grips and manufactured from a polyurethane material – more like what you would find on a tennis racket. It was much softer and even tackier than the rubber and the few leather grips of the day.

To install these grips onto the big butt shafts, one would remove the strip that covered the adhesive on the back side of the strap. Then you would start wrapping it around the butt end making sure each wrap butted up against the previous wrap. When done, you would secure the bottom of the grip with finishing tape (which looked like black electrical tape) and then cover the hole on the shaft with a butt cap. No installation tool required and you could re-grip without the use of solvents or a vise. They were even available in different thicknesses to allow for custom grip sizing; something the Bubble grips desperately lacked.

Enter the Winn 2-piece slip-on grip
For those too young to remember leather grips, you had to purchase several items. One was a rubber underlisting that you would install on a shaft like any other slip-on grip after installing the grip collar on first. Then you would apply the leather strap, cut it to size and the slide the collar up the shaft to secure the leather grip in place. Needless to say, it was extremely time consuming. There were leather slip-on grips available where the leather was applied over the underlisting where it could be slipped on like a rubber grip (with much more effort since they did not stretch). But even those required an end cap, locking pin and plastic disc.

Winn created something far more user-friendly for re-gripping regular sized shafts. The same polyurethane strap used for the big butt shafts was pre-assembled on a rubber underlisting with a piece of finishing tape to hold it in place. In effect, when the customer bought these Winn grips they were effectively one piece that you could slip on the shaft like any other. Over the years the finishing tape was replaced with a flip over bell collar on the underlisting to make installation no harder than a rubber grip.

Sticker shock
Golfer’s today are accustomed to popular grips costing upwards of $10. Back when Winn introduced their self to the market, the average regular rubber grip price was less than a $1.50. Winn grips were more than twice that. Who in the heck was going to buy a grip for that much money that would wear quicker and need replaced sooner than a rubber grip? I can honestly say I was a pundit and figured that they priced themselves out of the market. But their grips felt so good and their jumbo model was so much softer and lighter than any other grip of similar size.

Coming full circle
What made Winn Grips popular despite the high cost of the day? They had a feel unlike no other grip, were lighter, available in multiple sizes and big butt shafts still were popular for several more years that gave more exposure their grips. Maybe forgotten was the grip material was conducive to being available in more than plain boring black. Winn introduced their tan grip in 1998 and followed up the next year with copper and blue and eventually multi-colors that we have all become accustomed to. This is why their newest grips to celebrate their 20th anniversary are copper.

Let’s not forget how quickly their putter grips went from an oddity to being virtually the grip of choice among putter manufacturers. Plus over the years Winn grip pricing have held fairly steady and are no more expensive than the average rubber grip on the market today. We will never know if rapid success and eventually the sudden decline of Bubble and big butt shafts had never existed whether golfers today would ever know the soft, tacky and unique feel of Winn golf grips.

So I want to wish a happy 20th Anniversary to Winn. You revolutionized the golf industry while adapting to the fickle wants and needs of golfers around the world.

2016 Winn Golf Grip Line2016 Winn Golf Grip Line

2016 Winn Dri-Tac 20th Anniversary Grips (Standard, Midsize, Oversize)
Winn has been a premium manufacturer of golf grips for 20 years now. To calibrate this milestone Winn is introducing their new 20th anniversary Dri-Tac. Available in 3 sizes, these unique anniversary grips come in a traditional copper color.
2016 Winn DriTac Wrap Ladies Gray Golf Grips
Now offered in an undersized option, the attractive Dri-Tac Wrap provides a contoured feel in a classic wrap-style design.
2016 Winn Tour Pistol Black Golf Putter Grip
Winn’s new Tour Pistol is designed for players who prefer a traditional size & shape putter grip. Well-defined edges offer accurate alignment & consistency.
2016 Winn Tour Pistol Blue Golf Midsize Putter Grip
Winn’s new Tour Pistol is designed for players who prefer a traditional size & shape putter grip.
2016 Winn Tour Pistol Blue Golf Putter Grip
Excel polymer provides that comfortable tacky feel you’ve come to expect from Winn.
2016 Winn Tour Pistol Jumbo Lite Black Golf Putter Grip
All new models come in a unique tone-on-tone color look with an enhanced hexagon pattern, which provides great feel and slip-resistance, promoting light grip pressure.
2016 Winn Tour Pistol Lavender Golf Putter Grip
Winn’s new Tour Pistol is designed for players who prefer a traditional size & shape putter grip.
2016 Winn Tour Pistol Red Golf Putter Grip
All new models come in a unique tone-on-tone color look with an enhanced hexagon pattern, which provides great feel and slip-resistance, promoting light grip pressure.

Two New 2016 SK Fiber Golf Shafts Just Arrived!

SK Fiber golf shafts are known amongst custom golf clubmakers for their unparalleled shaft-to-shaft consistency and versatility. The newly arrived SK Fiber Tour Trac 55 wood golf shafts and SK Fiber Tour Trac 75 iron golf shafts are no exception!

Download the 2015 Hireko Golf Equipment CatalogFor those familiar with the SK Fiber line, the SK Fiber Tour Trac 55 Golf Shaft replaces the long time perennial favorite Pure Energy wood shafts while the SK Fiber Tour Trac 75 Golf Shaft replaces the ever-popular Tour Trac 80 irons. For those new to the SK Fiber line, these are two great feeling shafts in the most popular range of weights for those seeking more distance.

SK Fiber Tour Trac 55 Graphite Wood Golf Shafts SK Fiber Tour Trac 55 Wood Golf Shaft
SK Fiber Driver CPM MatrixThe SK Fiber Tour Trac 55 wood is an extended length golf shaft (47”) and has a long parallel tip section (5”) making it easy to dial in the flex to the speed and tempo of the golfer. Shown is a matrix of frequencies using our Acer XS golf driver at 45” and D1 swingweight. Each flex is shown with 3 trimming options.

Standard tip trimming for this shaft starts out with 1” from the tip. This allows for creating a higher launch / higher spin shafts by trimming less of the tip or slightly reducing launch and spin by trimming more off of the shaft without feeling “boardy”.


SK Fiber Tip Trimming Table
SK Fiber Tour Trac 75 Graphite Iron Golf Shafts SK Fiber Tour Trac 75 Golf Shaft
The SK Fiber Tour Trac 75 iron is nearly as versatile and with the ultra-tight cpm consistency is ideal SK Fiber Tour Trac 75for making a matched set of irons. The standard tip trimming will yield frequencies similar to these in the first table and chart. The ¼” tip trimming intervals make a nice frequency slope for those who have more of a slow to moderate tempo.

However, there is another option for those who may have more of an aggressive swing or are looking to raise ball flight in the lower lofted SK Fiber Tour Trac 75 Flightedirons and reduce the trajectory in the scoring irons. The “Flighted” tip trimming option would have a steeper frequency slope like the second frequency table / chart.

The SK Fiber Tour Trac 75 Golf Shaft can also be used in hybrids requiring 0.370” shafts. Just remember to tip trim the shaft based on the weight of the head rather than the number engraved on the sole.


What Is The Best Golf Grip Tape For My Golf Shop?

New Intertape 591 Premium Double-Sided Golf Grip Tape Is THE BEST Golf Grip Tape For Your Golf Shop

Golf Grip Tape ComparedOne of the staples of any golf clubmaking, fitting and repair operation is golf grip tape unless you are a proponent of installing grips on with air. The first thing to ask is “Are all golf grip tapes created the same?” Well my friends, that is like saying beer is beer. Before you make you next purchase you might want to consider the following.

Solvent based versus water re-activated grip tape
There are two primary types of grip tape. By far the most popular is grip tape that is lubricated with some sort of solvent that will eventually flash off and evaporate leaving the grip secure on the butt end of the shaft. The other type of golf grip tape is water based or water re-activated. This is typically instructed to be lubricated with a mixture of two tablespoons of dishwashing soap per quart of tap water. However, I find that undiluted glass cleaner straight from the bottle works even better. In either case, the time before you can effectively use the club could be a full 24 hours rather than a couple hours with solvent on double-sided solvent based grip tape.

brparticle2Size and usage
For hobbyists, individual strips of golf grip tape are more than sufficient. These are convenient as they are pre-cut to the length you need and all you need to do is remove both of the peel off liners and apply to the shaft. They come at a price though. A single strip can be $0.50 or more. Compare that to a roll of 2” wide x 36 yard grip tape where you can get nearly 125 strips, the cost is less than a dime.

2” wide tape is designed to be applied lengthwise on the shaft. The other option is ¾” wide x 36 yards, which is typically spirally wrapped around the shaft (sometimes leaving gaps). The price for ¾” wide solvent based golf grip tape is a little less than 2” wide x 36 yard roll solvent based tape. However it takes considerably longer to install and time is money.

Download the 2015 Hireko Golf Equipment CatalogIn an effort to save money, some 2” wide tape only measures 1.75” wide. Why? Naturally to save cost. With 2” wide tape, there is usually a little overlap. So 1.75” wide means there will be less overlap or even a slight gap when wrapped around the shaft, but still more than adequate to do the job.

The skinny on the solvent based golf grip tape Hireko sells
At Hireko, we offer several types of golf grip installation tape to satisfy your different needs.

brparticle3Hireko has sold for years and years and years an economy tape that serves its’ purpose well. The SG200 is the 2” wide double-sided tape while the SG075 is the ¾” wide version. It is a thinner type of grip installation tape (still thicker than why you will find on many OEM clubs today) with a plastic peel off liner.

brparticle4We added the Dynacraft Professional Double Sided grip tape about a year ago. This is a slightly thicker grip tape than our economy brand similar to what some of our competitors are selling to help consolidate our customer’s purchasing needs. This is a full 2” wide (unlike some) and has the plastic peel off liner. This happens to be the same quality tape that we offer in our individual PIP strips that are also offered in all our grip kits.

brparticle5We just started distributing Intertape 591 Premium Double-Sided Golf Grip Tape. Sadly we call this premium today because this was the grip tape that most veteran clubmakers recall as standard grip tape. This has the easy-release crepe paper liner allowing for either machine or hand application. It comes in the 2” wide x 36 yard roll and is much thicker than most solvent activated golf grip tapes sold today making it easier to install and remove when re-gripping saving you time and money in the long run.

So there you have it, we offer several different styles of golf grip tape from 2” to ¾” wide, solvent-based to water re-activated and economy to premium golf grip tape to meet the needs of any clubmaking operation.

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New 2016 Retro Golf Headcovers Just Arrived!

Sahara Retro Golf Headcovers

Vintage Golf Headcovers from Sahara Provide Maximum Protection and Major Cool Factor

The biggest trend in headcovers today is a throwback to years ago with leather golf headcovers. However, real hand-stitched leather golf headcovers are costly going for as much as a round of golf with a cart for a single leather golf head cover.

Enter the Sahara Retro head covers. These vintage golf headcovers are constructed from foam-backed polyurethane, which look like leather headcovers and provides maximum protection. Available in Driver, Fairways, Hybrids and retro putter headcovers for blade style putters!


Download New Hireko Golf Fall Flyer!

Download Hireko Golf 2015 Fall FlyerDownload the New Hireko Golf Fall Flyer and Check Out New 2016 Golf Products & Tons of New Golf Closeouts!


– New Sahara Golf Bags
Champ Golf Spikes, FLYTees and Champ C1 Putter Grips
Sahara Retro Golf Headcovers
Pride Golf Tees

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Up To 50% Off Just Arrived Champ C1 Putter Grips!

Up To 50% Off Just Arrived Champ C1 Putter GripsChamp golf grips with the unique radius and flat front design were created to help the golfer experience great feel and touch on the green.

All Champ C1 putter grips are made from a super soft, super lightweight polyurethane material. These jumbo putter grips diamond and line grip pattern give extra control in all weather conditions. It’s a true “anti-slip” fat putter grip for all seasons!  Champ grips are offered in small, medium and large (oversized putter grips) to help stabilize your putting stroke and minimize wrist movement.