New No. 1 Official World Golf Rankings Player Uses Graphite Design Tour AD DI8!

Graphite Design Shafts announced today that the newly crowned No. 1 player in Official World Golf Rankings and the winner of the PGA Crown Plaza Invitational at Colonial played the Graphite Design Tour AD DI8-X Stiff Flex shaft.

Graphite Design Tour AD DIAdditionally, the winner of the Rex Hospital Open played the Graphite Design Tour AD DI7-X Stiff Flex shaft.

“Yet another exciting weekend in tournament golf and two great wins for the Graphite Design Tour AD DI model of wood shafts. We are ecstatic to have the world’s No. 1 ranking player relying on the performance of the Tour AD DI shaft and congratulate him on his recent accomplishments”, commented Wayne Ageno, President of Pro’s Choice Golf Shafts, Inc..

Download Hireko Golf CatalogRevolutionary technology, design, and the most advanced materials are trademarks in all Graphite Design shafts, making them the highest quality premium golf shafts on the market today. Validating the company’s “Tour AD” logo, all of Graphite Design’s PGA Tour-proven shafts specifically promote “Accuracy and Distance”. These key competitive advantages are helping professional and amateur golfers optimize their games after switching to Graphite Design shafts. Graphite Design continues to be the most dominant shaft on the JGTO Tour and has been for the past eleven years.


The Dreaded Chili Dip: Yips for the Chips

Some of the hardest shots in golf are often the shortest ones. If you or one of your customers has a tendency to chili dip, two-chip, flub, dub, stub, blade, etc. a short pitch or chip shot, you are not alone.

Download Hireko Golf CatalogThere are a number of causes like not having a forward press and creating excessive arm or wrist movement or deceleration through the impact zone. You might know how far the club propels the ball on a full shot with relative confidence and have no problems executing it. But what happens when that distance is only 20% or less that you have to carry the shot from regularly less than ideal conditions?

Root of the cause
Some of what causes the dreaded chili dip is swing fundamentals and in other cases it can be equipment related. For instance, if you take the club too far back, the likelihood of decelerating comes into play as your brain recognizes with normal acceleration and the ball would go too far. Too much of an abbreviated stroke and the ball will be helplessly short of where you want the ball to land. One of the culprits of tempo of the swing is the overall weight or balance of the club is not ideal to make those delicate little shots. Think of a yip, but with a club other than a putter.

3 Best Selling Golf Clubs You Can Chip With

Dynacraft Avatar Chipper – Custom Assembled Power Play Friction Face Wedge – Custom Assembled Acer XDS React Hybrid – Custom Assembled
$26.95 each Custom Assembled $34.95 each Custom Assembled $36.95 each Custom Assembled

Solving the yips on the green is typically solved by using a heavier overall weight putter, one where the head is heavier or even counterbalanced. In other cases, a larger grip can take the wrists out of the equation and work as a counterweight as well. Chili dips, double hits and the other maladies for short pitch and chip shots can be possibly helped by these same things and it varies per person. What works for one person, make not be the same for the next.

Too much of a good thing
If you experiment with adding weight to the head, counterbalancing or increasing grip size and you find that helps, you might ask “Will adding yet more weight or making the grip even bigger help more?” Well, the answer to that is there is an optimal limit for each and every person and beyond will start to make matters worse. All it takes is a little time and experimentation to see what helps the best.

Every golfer needs to have that “go-to” club in the bag that can carry the ball reliable only a short distance from a variety of lies. It could be a higher lofted wedge, mid or short iron, hybrid or fairway wood (if close enough to the green) or chipper depending on if it is a bump and run or forced carry- it really doesn’t matter. Make sure you can practice that shot routinely. If you have a hard time with that portion of the game, consult a local club fitter or teaching professional.

Axglo Push Carts

Graphite Design Tour AD Shaft Wins LPGA Kingsmill Championship

Graphite Design Tour AD DI
Graphite Design Shafts announced today that the winner of the LPGA Kingsmill Championship played the Tour AD DI6 Stiff Flex shaft just one week after making the switch into a Graphite Design shaft.


Material Stiffness Integration, MSI, is a proprietary design concept by which Graphite Design develops golf shafts. By using a combination of different materials that vary in stiffness and fiber volume we are able to produce the best playing golf shafts available. This combination of materials also reduces vibration giving the golfer, shafts that feel better than our competitors.

“All of us here at Graphite Design congratulate the winner on her first LPGA victory. This win is a true testament of the fact that the Tour AD DI shaft model is a true performer that both professional and amateur golfers alike can count on for better accuracy and greater distance”, commented Bill McPherson, Vice President of Sales, Pro’s Choice Golf Shafts, Inc..

The Tour AD DI is designed to provide more power and stability. The Tour AD DI, manufactured exclusively at Graphite Design Japan, has been integrated with Toray Company’s new Nanomaterial technology in the tip section of the shaft. This unique technology allows the player to create an epic IMPACT on ball speed while still providing exceptional feel and control.

The mid bend profile of the Tour AD DI allows the player to load the shaft properly, yet maintains a firm enough tip section through IMPACT producing optimal spin and launch conditions. Result, the Graphite Design Tour AD DI will deliver players to the next level in shaft performance and impress an epic IMPACT on your game!


The Lightest, Most Affordable Push Cart In Golf Has Arrived! New Axglo Push Carts In Stock!

Axglo Push Carts
The Lightest, Most Affordable Push Carts In Golf Have Arrived! Axlgo Push Carts Are Available In 3 and 4 Wheel Models And Build With Long Lasting Durability

Do you walk the course or ride in a cart when you are out on the golf course? Personally I prefer to walk because I like the exercise and not because I am cheap. Plus my home course is not long and I can walk at my leisure rather than rushing up to the group in front of me and waiting for what seems an eternity for them to finish their next shot(s). I am a strong believer that the strategy of “hurry up and wait” is never good for scoring.

Download Hireko Golf CatalogFor walkers like me, you have several options of lugging your bag around the course. Chances are the course you play no longer has caddies to loop for you. The electric or gas-powered cart replaced what was an integral part of the game as a way to provide additional revenue for the course. That leaves the option of carrying your own bag on your shoulders or pulling (or pushing) your bag with a cart.

Which Axglo Push Cart Is Right For Me?

Choose Axglo Flip ‘N Go For
– maximum stability on bumpy terrain
– ultracompact storage! when folded measures only 25x17x13!

Choose Axglo TriLite For
– greater maneuverability
– lighter weight only 15 pounds!

For many, the weight of the bag on the shoulders can create stress and strain when carrying, even with the padded supports. This has prompted golfers to use a one of the enormous array of 2, 3 and even 4 wheeled carts available today.

The lowly golf cart has come a long way in recent years. The very first golf push cart was invented by Bruce Williamson of Portland Oregon in 1945. It was constructed using two lawn mower wheels with flat tires mounted to a folding spring-suspension chassis which could be attached to a standard golf bag. With business partner E. Roy Jarman, the Jarman-Williamson Company began producing pull cart the following year, but this time with parts that could be put together with bolts to make it easier to replace damaged parts. This company went on to eventually become the now familiar Bag Boy Golf Cart Company in 2002.

3 wheels golf carts are older than you might think
The two-wheel carts were pulled behind the golfer and the basic design stood for many years and became a staple seen next to the pro shop. In 1975, a patent (#3,926,448) for a 3-wheel pullable cart was issued, but it wasn’t until the past decade that 3-wheel carts became in demand spurred on by the much more sleek-looking Sun Mountain’s Speed Cart and later by Clicgear.

The modern three-wheeled carts are convenient and lightweight as they can be folding down in a compact size and easily stored in your trunk; usually within seconds by releasing only a few levers. These were designed to be pushed rather than pulled and easier to steer than their two-wheeled predecessors. Better wheels and bearings make pushing them effortless.

Meet the quad
If 3 wheels weren’t good enough, guess what? 4 wheels are even better to add stability, especially on hilly terrain. These really don’t add anymore room when folded down as the 3-wheeled version and easy to get in and out of the car.

You can walk in comfort without the stress and strain on your shoulders with one of these golf carts. Not to mention, you can make your doctor happy by getting exercise, reducing cholesterol and cutting down on the usage of fossil fuels when you are only going to hurry up and wait at your local track. Hireko offers a number of push and pull carts in many different brands, colors and price ranges to fit the budget of any golfer.



Introducing the Two Thumb Snug Daddy Extended Length Putter Grips

If you want a grip that will be comfortable and help you with consistent grip alignment for a simpler and more repeatable stroke, the Two Thumb’s Snug Daddy Grips may just be the ticket to a lower score.

Two Thumb Snug Daddy GripsOne of the most recent products now stocked by Hireko is the Snug Daddy putter series from grip maker TwoThumb. If you haven’t heard of TwoThumb previously, they are located in the U.K. and have their grips played by those on the European Tour for nearly a decade. The name TwoThumb originated from the ability to place both your thumbs on their wide, rectangular shaped grips.

However, the Snug Daddy is an all-new grip shape. Their research and product development team began undertaking some revolutionary studies into the shape of our hands in order to better understand the potential benefits of securing a putter grip. Over the course of the past 2 years they had carefully measured and photographed hands to better understand the most secure way to anchor the putter.

Two Thumb Sung Daddy Butt CapWhile their research discovered a range of hand sizes and shapes, they found some very important common features in the shape of the area around the base of the thumb when the hand is formed into a grip shape. They found that a small edge radius provided the best secure fit – thus the name “Snug” Daddy.

Two sizes

The Snug Daddy grip series comes in two different sizes. The Snug Daddy 30 measures 30 millimeters (mm) wide and tall, while the Snug Daddy 33 measures, well you guess it, 33mm. For those of you metrically challenged, that is 1.18” and 1.3” respectively or two of the more popular sizes in putter grips today.

Extended length great for counterbalanced putters

Another feature is the extended “midi” length. These grips measure 13.5” long or an extra three inches longer than a conventional putter grip, but shorter than a belly grip. You are now starting to see more putters made to longer lengths (such as 38”) where the golfer grips or chokes down 3” as if they were holding a standard length (shorter) putter. The extra length is used to help counterbalance the putter, plus a counterweight can be added above the hands to offset a heavier putter too. This is possible as the grip maintains a 325mm (12.8”) parallel dimension and only tapers at the very end in order to get the putter in and out of your bag easier without snagging.

Download Hireko Golf CatalogOther features

Despite the longer length, the lightweight core allows these to weigh 67g (30) and 80g (33). The outer surface is soft and tacky utilizing dual layered polyurethane textured wraps. If you want a grip that will be comfortable and help you with consistent grip alignment for a simpler and more repeatable stroke, the Two Thumbs Snug Daddy Grips may just be the ticket to a lower score.