Introducing the Power Play Friction Face Wedges

Power Play Friction Face Wedge The Power Play Friction Face Wedge Series are perfect for those that demand more oomph and spin and have no trouble getting their wedges aloft.

Power Play Friction Face Wedge Have you ever noticed how most wedge sets look all alike?  Sure, they may have different finishes, manufacturer’s names and logos but the basic shape and design are very similar.  If that is the case, wouldn’t they play similar as well?  You likely didn’t fall out of the turnip truck yesterday and probably know the answer to that redundant question. Now enter the new Power Play Friction Face wedge series.  It was initially designed to look different so it would play differently as well. Higher / rearward center of gravity One of the first things you will notice about the Power Play Friction Face wedge is the 5 holes or receptacles in the bottom flange.  This was created in order to eliminate weight low and forward, which in turn was added to the top of the backside of the face.  I bet you are asking, “Won’t that affect the launch and spin of the ball?”  Yes it does.  We learned the value of a higher, more rearward center of gravity for many golfers when we created the Dynacraft VLS wedge.  If you don’t recall this current model, it is a system that includes two interchangeable inserts; a 3g black anodized aluminum and 17g stainless steel. The Dynacraft VLS wedge produces two unique sets of conditions to control the initial trajectory, spin rate, maximum height of the shot, landing angle, amount of roll and finally total distance the ball travels. Download Hireko Golf Catalog Certain swing types or conditions launch the ball too high and cause the ball to go nowhere with their wedges.  I for one am afflicted with this problem.  By adding weight higher and rearward, the ball goes out and up as it should and I achieve more distance with no more effort.  The wedges already are loaded with ample loft that will maintain the spin needed to hold the greens. High friction face Where the Power Play Friction Face wedges gets its’ name comes from the laser etching on the face to provide its distinctive appearance. Using a computer-controlled laser beam, when it comes in contact with the wedge’s face, an enormous concentration of light produces a high intensity of heat and vaporizes the face along its path.  Not only can you make interesting patterns, but in our case, we created a groove within a groove. The trough or depth of the laser etching is 0.02mm which is within the USGA’s 0.001 inch limit (0.025mm) for additional surface roughness. Lofts that make sense Look at most irons produced today.  The 8 iron is 37-38º, 9 iron 41-42º and PW at 45-46º.  See a pattern going?  Yet most wedges sets are offered in 52, 56 and 60 lofts leaving a potential distance gap after the PW.  With the Power Play Friction Face wedges, the lofts will better blend into most game-improvement iron sets with lofts of 50, 55 and 60 degrees.  Now that makes sense! The Power Play Friction Face wedges also feature a very functional sole and leading edge to play well off of a variety of course conditions.  This is simply a fabulous wedge series for those that more oomph and spin and have no trouble getting their wedges aloft.

Model # I436A
Model #X I436A
$19.95 each
$34.95 each


  1. Leo Noordhuizen says:

    Just out of curiosity, is this interesting face PGA approved ? I.e.
    is it within the Rules ?

  2. martin friedman says:

    want a price with a graphite shaft, on the sand wedged–let me know the various prices–thanks, marty

  3. Jeff Summitt says:


    We designed the wedges to conform to the Rules of Golf. However, they have never been submitted to the USGA and thus do not officially conform to the Rules of Golf.

  4. Jeff Summitt says:


    If you go here you can configure the wedges with many different shafts and grips and calculate pricing.

    Make sure to click the box(es) with the loft you want. Then go to where it says “change grip” or “change shaft” and click on it. You will be able to see all the different options as well as final pricing.

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