Update Your Hireko Shaft Trimming Guide Now!

Are you still using last year’s shaft trimming guide?  If so, you may be cutting your shafts incorrectly and that can be costly.

Even if you were a good clubmaker and downloaded this year’s trimming guide, you may want to get the latest version. From time to time we found errors or omissions to our shaft trimming guide like we recently did.

Aerotech Powercoil 50
In our latest catalog (page 79) is a listing for the Aerotech Powercoil RH50 shaft for A-flex in both 0.335” and 0.350” tip sizes.  Actually this 47” shaft is a senior or ladies (A/L) combination flex shaft and the reason why it is 1” longer than the R or S-flex.  The correct trim chart should be W38 for L-flex and now W37 for A-flex in the updated 2014 shaft trimming guide.  If you go to the 2014 catalog or look at the previous on-line version of the Hireko Shaft Trimming Guide, guess what, you won’t find either of those two codes. DOH!

Again, don’t use last year’s catalog otherwise you won’t trim the shaft correctly.  Here are the correct instructions for tip trimming below or you can find them in the most recent download.


Shaft Trimming Chart725x250_2014_LOUDMOUTH