New 2014 PURE Big Dog Grips Arriving April 4!

PURE Big Dog Grips







Download Hireko Golf 2014 CatalogThe PURE Big Dog is designed for golfers that prefer an oversized grip with less taper. The subtle taper and modified cylindrical shape increases the size of the grip in the bottom hand, encouraging proper release of the putter head. By using the same proprietary PURE Tack rubber compound found in all our other grips, The Big Dog Grip is extremely durable and actually a little heavier than other grips of its size currently in the market. Weighing in at about 120 grams, The Big Dog puts some weight in your hands and delivers a counter balance effect that increases the stability of the club head throughout the putting stroke.



51% Off Golf Pride Velvet Pro Series Putter Grips!

Get 51% Off Golf Pride Velvet Pro Series Putter Grips!

Medium size all rubber putter with Tour Velvet surface pattern, flat front and pistol back. Buy now while supplies last!


Reg $5.99
Model: RE156-001

Download Hireko Golf 2014 Catalog

New Tech Video Posted! What’s The Difference Between Club-Conex Fuse-Fit & Faz-Fit?

Hireko’s Technical Director Jeff Summitt will explain the difference between the Club Conex FAZ-FIT and FUSE-FIT systems in this video.

Club-Conex Clubfitting SystemThe Club-Conex Clubfitting System are for for professional clubfitters that allow golf clubheads and golf shafts to be interchanged and hit to find the perfect combination for their customers.  Jeff will also give some helpful tips to make sure your demo clubs go together efficiently. If you are on the product page on Hireko’s website for any of these items, please be sure to click on the Product Manual tab to see and download the installation instructions.


Club-Conex Is THE Leader In Golf Clubfitting Adjustable Technology!

Download The Hireko Golf CatalogClub-Conex is the premier manufacturer of adjustable and universal adapters and offer cutting edge fitting solutions that save time and money on each clubfitting. Club-Conex owns multiple utility patents and their products are used across the world by leading club fitters, retailers and oem’s.

Increase Profit – You’ll be able to clubfit more efficiently and profitable with Club-Conex

More Professional & Accurate Clubfitting –  Club-Conex offers a complete clubfitting solution for all your OEM needs

Multiple Utility Patents – Club-Conex is used across the world by leading club fitters, retailers and oem’s.

Club-Conex Faz Fit Clubfitting Solutions

Club-Conex Faz-Fit

FAZ-FIT line is Club-Conex’s best selling lineup of universal adapters!

This system offers unsurpassed flexibility for multiple fitting applications and it is very easy to install and to use. Each hosel adapter is manufactured from lightweight, yet durable 7075 T6 aircraft aluminum and each shaft adapter is milled from 90/6/4 titanium.
Model #CC980

Club-Conex Fuse-Fit Golf Clubfitting Products

Club-Conex Fuse-Fit

Comes in a variety of sizes to match most of the most popular OEM outside hosel diameters.

The unique design of FUSE-FIT offers superior durability due to the fact that all FUSE-FIT hosel adapters are epoxied over the hosel which creates a pass through port allowing the golf shaft to seat directly within the clubs hosel. The “keyed” shaft adapter and matching “slot” on the hosel adapter ensure the necessary anti-rotation properties to keep the shaft aligned in each and every club.
Model #CC56

Club-Conex Uni-Fit Golf Products

Club-Conex Uni-Fit

Brand new, the UNI-FIT is a universal fitting system targeting OEM adjustable drivers.

The UNI-FIT system allows you to utilize one set of shafts across your fitting matrix for most OEM adjustable drivers. This solves the problem of needing multiples of the same shaft but with various shaft tips to fit all the major brands. Each UNI-FIT hosel adapter matches the unique anti-rotation properties of the specific club type, yet utilizes a universal shaft adapter. You simply remove the OEM torque screw with the Club Conex special removal tool, slip the applicable hosel adapter into position and lock & load with our special torque wrench.
Model #CC56
$19.99 – $21.99


75% Off Select Grafalloy ProLaunch Speedcoat Shafts!

Hireko Golf would like to offer you some  incredible deals on Grafalloy ProLaunch Speedcoat shafts and Golf Pride Velvet Pro Series Putter Grips.

Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue Speedcoat Shafts R Flex

Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue Speedcoat Shafts R Flex
Now Only $19.95 ea! Reg. $79.99 ea

Grafalloy ProLaunch Red Speedcoat Shafts S Flex

Grafalloy ProLaunch Red Speedcoat Shafts S Flex
Now Only $19.95 ea! Reg. $79.99 ea

Grafalloy ProLaunch Speedcoats feature a 20% weight reduction that delivers maximum ball speed, making it the longest ProLaunch shaft ever created and the perfect choice for players seeking maximum initial launch angles with optimized spin control.

Golf Pride Velvet Pro Series Putter Grips51% off Golf Pride Velvet Pro Series Putter Grips!
Now Only $2.95 ea! Reg. $5.99 ea

Medium size all rubber putter with Tour Velvet surface pattern, flat front and pistol back.

Download Hireko Golf Catalog


New 2014 Clubheads & Headcovers Just Arrived!

Check out new 2014 golf equipment that just arrived at Hireko Golf!

Power Play Friction Face Wedge
The Power Play FF wedges combine U-grooves with laser-etching to produce a high friction face for superior results. These also possess higher and more rearward centers of gravity to promote greater stability, more penetrating ball flight and yet plenty of spin.
Nextt Z1 Alloy Men’s Iron – Clubhead
The Nextt Z1 irons feature a generous hitting area with full perimeter weighting.
Nextt Z1 Ladies Alloy Iron – Clubhead
The Nextt Z1Ladies irons are the perfect irons for the beginning woman golfer.
Power Play Juggernaut Driver Headcover
A perfect match to the Power Play Juggernaut driver head, created with the latest in design and materials. Fits the massive 515cc body.


The 2014 Dynamic Shaft Fitting Addendum is Now Available

The Hireko Shaft Reference Guide is just another example of how Hireko is committed to educating our customer base and making ordering or selecting shafts more efficient.

Hireko Tech Director Jeff Summitt TeachingBoy, do I feel old.  I just realized that the on-going independent research on shafts I have been working on has entered its 25nd year!  This shares a silver anniversary with of all things the World Wide Web. And to think of it, I had hair back then – a lot of it.  If you are not hip to what all the fuss is about, it marks a small footnote in history that started to get us out of the Stone Age of how golfer’s choose shafts and begun doing so much more scientifically. This was the first shaft-to-shaft study using the same set of testing procedure to see how golf shafts compare after they have been cut and installed into heads on a grand scale.

What Type of Information Will You Find?
For those that are not already familiar with the Dynamic Shaft Fitting Addendum, the first thing you will find out is not all R-flex shafts are created equal – that is in terms of flex, torque, bend point, etc. as every manufacturer are their own standard.  In reality, there are no industry standards for shafts and the reason why this book serves as an invaluable guide.  Consistency has been the key to this text as each of the well over 3000 shafts and 50,000 measurements has been conducted by one individual (yep, yours’ truly) using the same set of procedures and equipment for these past 25 years.

DSFI Table

There are 19 published specifications listed for each shaft that include:

Flex, Uncut Shaft Weight, Tip Diameter, Butt Diameter, Uncut Shaft Balance Point, Cut Shaft Balance Point, Completed Club Balance Point, Total Assembled Club Weight, Head Weight, Grip Weight, Cut Shaft Weight, Completed Club Frequency, Butt Deflection, Tip Deflection, T/B Ratio, Cut Shaft Torque, Raw Shaft Torque, Club Length (and wood bore type) and DSFI (Dynamic Shaft Fitting Index) Rating

Download Hireko Golf 2014 CatalogSome of the specifications may not be important to you or only help you with assembly such as knowing how much head weight you can expect at a specific length.  In other cases, there are several key parameters as shown in the following table which can be considered the shaft’s DNA.

Nuts and Bolts of the Text
If you don’t want to download all 192 pages of this text, I would highly encourage you to at least access Chapter 1, which provides the legends of what each of the specifications are and we would encourage you to read that carefully.  Chapters 2 and 5 are the nuts and bolts of the 2014 Shaft Fitting Addendum with Chapter 2 showing the data and Chapter 5 providing the how to use the information with the master shaft fitting charts in order of stiffness.  Chapters 3 and 4 provide data on shafts that are no longer available, but is still a valuable guide to cross-reference shafts.   This year we have added shafts from Aerotech, Graman and Mitsubishi-Rayon to the mix.

DSFI Table 3
The Handy Hireko Quick Shaft Reference Guide is Also Available
Unfortunately, not every shaft in our catalog and website can be tested for different reasons.  However, that doesn’t mean we can’t provide fitting advice in an accurate and efficient manner.  Once we have tested numerous shafts from a manufacturer, we have a solid understanding of how their flexes run, what the difference between their torque measurements and ours would be, etc.  Using all the information and fitting concepts that we outlined in the 2014 Dynamic Shaft Fitting Addendum, we can apply those same principle to the other shafts we haven’t tested and still confidently know where that shaft would fit.  That is why we put together a handy reference guide for shaft fitting on virtually all the shaft we distribute.

Not only is the Hireko Quick Shaft Reference Guide updated to reflect the new shafts in the catalog, but we have added hyperlinks to each of the products.  With one click, you can now go directly to the product page, read the description, look up the pricing and detailed specifications to compare products and even order.

What does Hireko Quick Shaft Reference Guide do?
The Hireko Shaft Reference Guide helps filter the wood and irons shafts we offer in 3 easy steps; by clubhead speed (or player’s distance), shaft weight and ball flight.

DSFI Table 2

The key is to find the group or category of shafts (#1) based on your or your customer’s swing speed, distance DSFI table 4and tempo.  From there, we break it down in different weight ranges (#2) starting from lightest to heaviest within the grouping.  For example, if you or your custom is looking for more distance, you would choose a shaft that is lighter.  For more control, you would select a heavier shaft.  Once the weight range has been selected, then you can sub-filter those shafts based on trajectory or fade/draw (#3).  In a nutshell, the Hireko Quick Shaft Reference Guide saves times from sorting through 57 pages of shaft in our catalog or thumbing through countless web pages to find a suitable shaft.

The Hireko Shaft Reference Guide is just another example of how we are committed to educating our customer base and making ordering or selecting shafts more efficient.


65% Off OEM Version Grafalloy ProLaunch 65 Wood Shafts!

65% Off Grafalloy ProLaunch Wood Shafts
Only $13.95 each (reg. $39.99) for OEM version of Grafalloy ProLaunch 65 Wood Shafts! Save 65%!

The Pro Launch is the world’s first golf shaft designed and engineered using the launch monitor to produe decreased ball spin, optimum launch angle and maximum clubhead speed. Grafalloy produced this special version of the popular ProLaunch Blue 65 for OEM manufacturers. Just like the original, it is designed for high launch, responsive feel and stability albeit at a lower price point. Buy now. At this price, they won’t last long!

Available in wood R and S flex.


Golf Digest Stix Features New 2014 Power Play Juggernaut Driver!

Golf Digest Stix Juggernaut Press
New 2014 Power Play Juggernaut Driver Featured In Golf Digest Stix Ezine!

In the March 5, 2014 issue of Golf Digest Stix Ezine, the Power Play Juggernaut Driver was featured. Hireko Golf Technical Director Jeff Summitt commented to Golf Digest Equipment Editor Mike Stachura, “The Juggernaut is strictly for those four out of five people who really don’t care about the rules. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Hireko’s no. 1 selling driver this year.” Click here to view the original Golf Digest Stix Ezine with the Power Play Juggernaut Driver.

12% Larger in volume! For more accurate drives

Beta Titanium Face Adds to illegally long distance!

Does not conform to the Rules of Golf


Power Play Juggernaut Driver

Power Play Juggernaut Driver Component Clubhead
Model #TM13652B   $69.95 each

Power Play Juggernaut Driver Custom Assembled
Model #XTM13652B   $113.95 each

Power Play Juggernaut Driver Headcover
Model #HCZD4414   $10.95 each