Dynacraft SPOT Putter Helping Animals In Need

Proceeds from sales of Dynacraft SPOT Putter help Morrow County Dog Shelter in Ohio

Dynacraft Spot PutterThat dog’s name is Charlie and he is a real rescue dog. Charlie says for every Dynacraft SPOT putter sold a portion of the proceeds will go to a local animal shelter to help a fellow canine. They will be giving the organisation some of the best dog feeders. Believe it or not, it does. Hireko is a very animal-friendly company. Charlie is part of the Hireko owner’s family alongside with Lola (Charlie’s sister). In fact, my wife and I adopted our last dog Bart after we found out it was about to be put to sleep long before his time. We have adopted numerous other animals too.  Well this year’s deserving recipient was the Morrow County Dog Shelter with a check written for $5000 thanks to you – our valued customers.


Morrow County Dog Shelter 1Morrow County Dog Shelter Story
The Morrow County Dog Shelter is located in rural Central Ohio. Unless you lived there, most Ohioans couldn’t point to it on a map. People who travel through the county are likely oblivious to much of the happenings there as they are more likely to notice the flat farmlands alongside the busy interstate. For locals traveling the county roads know it as farm country.  My wife and I took a trip there to drop off some supplies and treats.

At the way back of Morrow County fairgrounds is located a building the county didn’t have any use for. This houses a small meager dog shelter that is abutted against a wooded area with a creek out meandering through it. Morrow County Dog Shelter 2The area is deemed a flood plain and when it rains hard, the flat land tends to flood.  Several years ago they lost 32 dogs in one flood.  Today, the staff and volunteers evacuate the dogs when there is any threat of flooding. Even so, over the past 4 years 2 dogs were lost, which is 2 too many.

Inside the building are small cramped quarters for the staff and in the back for the dogs.  There is makeshift storage in a trailer for food and other items. Two runs give room to exercise the dogs when they are not in their cages.  Despite the environment, the dedicated staff is a small but mighty group that strives hard to adopt out and rescue as many dogs as possible.  They have one of the lowest euthanasia rates in the State of Ohio – 2 % and that includes sick and injured.

Morrow County is one of the poorer counties in the great state of Ohio and there are no available funds that can be appropriated. They have managed to secure land in a flood free zone, but haven’t been able to raise enough funds to put up a new building that will serve them for years to come.

Morrow County Dog Shelter 3How can you help?
There are two ways you can help an animal in need.  One is to continue purchasing the Dynacraft SPOT putter.  The other is to make a donation directly to the Morrow County Dog Shelter for their building fund. If you would like to help, here are the details to go toward their goal.

Please Donate To The Morrow County Dog Shelter!
Make check to: Morrow County Dog Shelter Building Fund
80 N. Walnut St
Mt. Gilead, Ohio 43338
Phone: 419-946-1747

Remember to do your part and spay and neuter your pets and if you are in search of a new family companion, seek out your local animal shelter first.

Morrow County Dog Shelter 4What is the Dynacraft SPOT putter?
SPOT, whose acronym is short for Stoke Path Optimization Technology, is a putter can actually adapt to the golfer’s putting stroke. First, we took the most popular putter style and adapted it to allow for 3 different hosel positions.  Here are the reasons why.  First, hosel position in relationship to the club head’s center of gravity has a pronounced effect on whether the putter is face balanced or if the toe hangs and if so by how much. Secondly, the toe hang of a putter should be matched according to the path of the golfer’s stroke for the most accurate results.

Putting Path
There are three basic classifications for describing a putter’s path.  These are commonly referred to as straight back – straight through stroke, a slight arc and a pronounced arcing path.  And each type requires a different amount of toe hang for best results. Face balanced or nearly face balanced putters are suggested for golfers who possess more of a straight back – straight through path and golfers who have a pronounced arc path generally prefer heel-shafted putters.  Those with a slight arcing path fall in-between.

Dynacraft Spot PutterHosel Configuration
In addition, the Dynacraft SPOT putter is available in 3 different hosel configurations. There is a plumber’s neck featuring a full offset, a slant neck or half offset model and lastly a straight neck producing no offset at all. The varying offsets also contribute to the amount of toe hang.  Plus offset is what controls direction with less offset being more prone to hitting the ball more to the right of their intended target line for a RH golfer.

For instance, if you have a tendency to pull the ball you might be better off with the straight neck. If you hit the ball pretty straight you might consider the slant neck.  Lastly, if you push a lot of putts, the plumber’s neck may be the best choice.

Download Hireko Golf CatalogThe Dynacraft SPOT putter is able to accommodate all types of strokes with one body style.  All you need is a 4mm Allen wrench and you can easily see for yourself on the putting green. It is not only a great fitting and teaching aid for professional club fitters, but it is a terrific everyday putter on the green as well.