‘Tis The Season To Buy Closeout Golf Components! Bargains A Plenty!

Be first to snatch discounted golf components at this time of the year

Any savvy clubmaker is always looking for bargains on grips, golf shafts and golf clubheads, but there is no better opportunity than this time of the year and here’s why.  As the end of the calendar year is fast approaching, manufacturers have already decided what will be in for next year and also what will be out.  Instead of carrying over retired inventory that will be subject to taxes, it is far easier for the manufacturer to blow them out and make room on the shelves for their upcoming gear.

Download Hireko Golf Equipment CatalogEarly bird gets the worm
A bargain on any item that was just recently retired are a clubmaking shops best investment and that is why you should react fast when you see holiday or year-end sales from your favorite vendor(s). Remember the general consumer still associates a value with a catalog item within the past calendar year.

It really becomes a win-win situation for both the clubmaker and their clientele. Those bargains can go directly toward holiday gifts or to stock up on products for re-gripping or re-shafting where it can increase your profit margins and at the same time satisfy a budget-conscious customer walking into your shop looking for a deal.

Think ahead
What are the team colors of your local schools?  Think of all those high school, college or pro teams in your vicinity.  The reason for asking is a number of colored grips are on sale, which makes for great inventory items when it comes time for re-gripping season. Examples are these standard, midsize and oversized grips for the sports buffs in your area who may not know that grips come in other colors than black.

When a bargain too good to be true?
One word of caution, don’t go overboard or go on a spending spree just because it is such a good deal. Look at what you might realistically sell through in a certain time before the product might lose its’ value and you can’t command a reasonably margin without having to sell it for your cost plus your time.  Having inventory that doesn’t move for months at a time only consumes capital that is needed to run an efficient business.