Can You Experience Unprecedented Driver Distances By Using Additional Loft?

Having Trouble Off The Tee? Grab a Hireko Thriver Driver and Rip Yourself a 300 Yarder

I read industry press releases from time to time, but one recent one from TaylorMade made it sound they found something revolutionary that have been available to Hireko customers for a number of years. What was it in the press release? Believe it or not, the unprecedented achievement was a driver combining higher loft (14º) with a low and forward CG. {Spoiler alert} This has been the recipe for our Thriver starting with the Acer XDS Insider to the Acer XF Thriver Driver and the most current Acer XS Thriver Driver (which has the lowest CG of the all).

Acer XF Titanium Thriver – Custom Assembled Acer XS Titanium Thriver – Custom Assembled
$94.95 each $104.95 each

Customers who have hit one of our Thrivers know it doesn’t hit the ball as high as the loft would indicate. That can be explained by the fact there is more weight concentrated on the sole which reduces spin (due to vertical gear effect). Not only that, another key to tape measure drives is solidness of contact and that is where the heavier and slightly shorter Thriver excels. This is why I say year after year this should be our best-selling driver and the number of 5 star reviews validates it.

Download Hireko Golf Equipment CatalogDon’t worry if you are confused about whether you need low spin or high spin or low loft or high loft. To be honest there is not a combination that is going to be good for all golfers. This is why Hireko offers so many different styles of clubs in various lofts. If you are unsure of what you need, seek out a qualified local clubmaker in your area who is willing to work with you. But keep an open mind to using a more lofted tee club as it could be your secret to success.

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  1. Gary Johnson says:

    Yeah, Taylormade tries to “Reinvent the wheel.” One would think that Taylormade is the be-all and end-all of the golf industry.

  2. Dan from Duluth says:

    All true. I originally replaced my 3W with an Acer XF Thriver as I wasn’t hitting the Fairway wood off the deck with any success. Tho I still have either a 10.5 and a 12 degree driver along, I always hit my thriver. No balloon drives, very solid and everybody who tries it will lace a tighter shot to their target line and then use it for the rest of our round together. And distance does not suffer by using a 14* loft, I hit it about the distance as my peers who are using 9.5 or 10.5 lofts. (They also hit my thriver about the same distance, as their drivers, BUT they land it in the short grass!

  3. Mike says:

    I went with the 14 degree XF driver and picked up 30 yards over my 10.5 Degree Cobra driver. For those with slower swing speeds loft is your friend.

  4. Patrick says:

    Just wanting to share with the thriver experience I have had so far. Brought one this summer and did like it alot. My Daughter joined the high school golf team and she put my driver in her bag, so I decided to get another and after talking with Jeff Summit and reading some reviews I went with the UST 65 gold shaft as it has a lower torque 3.9 instead of 6.0 on the stock shaft. It does work a better for me as strait and longer and I do not seem to lose it right as much as the stock 6.0 shaft. So for my daughter the higher 6.0 torque is working for her as she does not generate as much swing speed (she is 15). Thriver head is awesome and with the right shaft quite a nice driver if not the best you would ever need. I also play with a r7 draw HT driver with a 55 m. rayon soft tip shaft and have that as my other driver which has been good to me through the years. Down the road might play around with a another shaft with the thriver but going to go with this set up for a while as it is in play more and pretty good distance, getting about 10 extra yards or so with the ust shaft. Jeff and his believable videos. sold me, thanks Jeff or I would not have a thriving (thriver) experience.

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