How To Reduce Your Golf Score and Run Up the National Debt at the Same Time

Hey, I am not making this up – this following link was reported by Senator Rob Portman (R, OH) showing how your tax dollars are at hard at work.  I am going to help save the federal government a little money here and announce another Earth-scattering way of reducing one’s golf score and that is by greatly reducing the length of each hole.  Imagine if each hole was 100 yards less how much easier it would be to score.  Not only that, think of all the money saved in maintenance like watering and fertilizing as well as reducing the environmental concerns of chemical run-off into the local waters.

Help out your elected officials and add some other tips you think that will reduce golf scores.

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  1. Bobtrumpet says:

    If the USGA dialed back the ball as well (pre 1990 levels would be fine), making courses shorter might work. Can’t see anyone bragging about their 200 yard “bonb,” though. 🙂

    I have to agree, though, this is a total waste of taxpayer money (IMO, most government spending is a waste of taxpayer money).

  2. Gary Johnson says:

    The only thing worse than this is giving billions to Egypt (or any other country that spits on us).

    As for golf, I agree with Bobtrumpet about golf balls. Also get everyone to stop being so fixated on distance and start being more aware of accuracy.

  3. kenneth hall says:

    that’s why the usga is pushing tee it forward.

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