How To Safely And Efficiently Remove A Golf Shaft From A Golf Club

Have fun and learn how to repair or disassemble a steel-shafted golf club, while getting started in custom golf clubmaking in just a few short minutes.

The benefits of repairing or retro-fitting your own golf clubs vary from the financial rewards to the satisfaction of matching the components and their specifications specifically to your swing characteristics, naturally lowering your scores. In addition, assembling or retro-fitting golf clubs from components in a great new hobby that not only you can enjoy and perfect throughout your lifetime, but can potentially become profitable as well.


Basic tools needed for the “How To Remove a Steel Shaft Golf Club” video includes:
– Bench Vise
– Heavy duty gloves
Vinyl Shaft Clamp such as Hireko’s model #RAVC shown here
– Heat source (propane or butane torch or heat gun)
Utility knife such as Hireko model MIT053 shown here
Hosel cleaning brush such as Hireko model GDW9391 shown here
– or sandpaper rolls such as Hireko’s model #SDRM shown here
– In case you discolor the hosel, chrome cleaner such as Hireko model CHROME shown here

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How To Properly Store Your Clubs In Winter

Don’t just throw your clubs in the garage this winter! This helpful hints will help lengthen the life of your golf clubs

Download Hireko Golf CatalogFor all those fellow golfers who can play year round, I sure do envy you.  In my neck of the woods, sadly there becomes a time late in the year in which you can no longer play golf and need to store your golf clubs for the long winter season.  Just like the lawn mower, weedwacker or any other gas powered tool you own needs winterized, so too with your golf gear.  Here are some tips to help preserve your investment as well as have your clubs in tip top condition when spring comes, a golf vacation arises or you get a bonus day when the golf gods look down upon you where you can sneak out and play.

Give your golf clubs a good scrubbing
Don’t be the one guilty of having the dirt and grass from your last round of the year to be caked onto the face and

grooves of your clubs all winter long.  Don’t think cleaning means using the buckets at the course or driving range either; those are likely to be contaminated with fertilizer that will wreak havoc and create surface rust on your clubheads.  Use clean water with a little soap and a soft bristled brush.  Invest in a few minutes’ worth of prevention.  Finally, allow them to completely dry before sticking them back in the golf bag.

If you own one of those expensive milled putters, you might also add baby oil or Vaseline all over before putting on the head cover.  This tip will also work on unplated carbon steel wedges to prevent them from pitting and rusting. If you are storing your equipment in an area that might be humid (like a damp basement or live near the ocean), you might even want to put chrome cleaner or wipe the golf steel shafts with 000 steel wool from pitting and rusting too.

Take this time to remove the oil and dirt from your hands off the grips while you are at it unless you planned on re-gripping at the beginning of next golf season.  Again, mild soap and water and a soft bristled brush will work on all rubber grips, while rubbing alcohol on a clean rag will clean the surface on synthetics grips like Winn and SuperStroke.  Another convenient option is also the Lamkin Gripes, which I found work very well on all types of grips.

Don’t forget to clean the pockets in the bag
You’ll be surprised what you will find when you go to clean the clutter from your bag.  I doubt you need all those pencils or small broken golf tees.  Sort all the golf balls and put the natty ones in with your golf shag bag.

For the “glove” of it
Determine if your golf glove(s) have seen their final days and need thrown in the garbage or if there is still some good life to them.  Those that fit into the latter category make sure to wash them with soap and cold water, lay flat and allow to air dry for a few hours.  Put the glove(s) back over your hand to stretch them out and lastly take the glove back off and flatten them out and store them somewhere they will be easy to remember where you put them.  I like to put them in my shoe bag.

It shouldn’t be called a rain hood
Call me a fair-weather player or lucky this past year, but I can’t remember when I played in a pouring down rain that I needed to put the rain hood on the bag.  Sure, I endured a brief shower, but it didn’t require me to dig through the bag to remember which pocket it was in.  But I will tell you it is handy when it comes to end of the year storage.  It will keep the spiders or small critters from having a condominium to live in, not to mention the dust and moist air from attaching itself to your gear.  Just make sure the clubs are thoroughly dry before putting on the “storage” hood.

Winn Grips 2014

New Dynacraft Grip Solvent Just Arrived!

Dynacraft Grip SolventNew Dynacraft Grip Solvent Available in 3 Convenient Sizes!

– Non-Toxic
– Non-Flammable
– Low Odor
– Reusable
– Works with all solvent-based tapes

Hireko Model # Click On The Title Below For More Information & Specs Retail
SV03 Dynacraft Grip Solvent 4 Ounce $2.95 ea.
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SV05 Dynacraft Grip Solvent 1 Gallon $18.95 ea.

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Want to take a sneak peek at the new 2014 Golf Pride Grip Line? The new 2014 Golf Pride Grip line features a new addition to the best-selling Tour Velvet line, the Tour Velvet Super Tack Grips, new Golf Pride Z-Grip Cord Midsize and new colors to the New Decade MultiCompound Platinum Series.

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Golf Pride New Decade Multi-Compound Platinum Series GripsNew Scarlet and Midnight Blue colors• New Decade boasts Golf Pride’s exclusive black Velvet cord in the upper hand area for firm all-weather control and soft, colored rubber in the lower hand area for ultimate feel and responsiveness.

• Colored end cap for contrast and product identification/call-out

• 3 Standard Size Models (Red-Blue-RWB) and 1 Midsize Model (Red/White/Blue)Model #RE181-RE184

$9.59 each

How To Eliminate Muscle or Joint Pain When Swinging a Golf Club

Change or lighten up the weight on your clubs to ease up on some of that body pain!

Download Hireko CatalogDid you purchase new equipment or have your existing golf clubs altered and all of a sudden have tennis elbow or pain in or around your shoulders?  If so, you might want to consider a change and lighten up on the weight of the golf clubs.

What is the cause of tennis elbow?  The root of the problem is using a racket that is too heavy to swing.  The same thing can occur with a golf club that is too heavy for a golfer.  Other muscles can be affected too that can be strained or worsened over repeated action as there is a lot of centrifugal forces acting upon the arms and body when swinging a golf club.

Avon Grips 2014 LineI confess I like to experiment with golf equipment.  As a matter of fact, it has been more than a decade (maybe much longer) since I went out and played the exact set of clubs or configuration.  I guess that is the hazard of my duties as a technical director at a golf club component company.  Recently I decided to add weight to the heads of my golf irons and golf wedges to make them quasi-MOI matched to my #5-iron rather swingweight matched.  In a nutshell, it makes the clubs have a progressively heavier swingweight (roughly 0.5 point per club) as they become shorter.

While that doesn’t seem like a lot of weight (I think the PW needed 3 swingweights or a little more than 6 grams), it did take its toll on my rotary cuff.  After a couple of rounds of golf and a trip or two to the range, I was experiencing pain I hadn’t had before.  That small amount of weight was compounded as it was located 3 feet from my wrists and another 2 feet from my shoulders.  While I did strike the ball quite well with the added weight it just wasn’t worth the soreness that lingered.  The experiment ended and a lesson learned that I thought I might share with you.


Introducing The New 2014 Avon Grip Line!

Arriving Mid-November, 2013

Featuring the new Avon Evolution EV1 Grips with highly polished tack pads to combine the ultimate tacky feel with all-weather performance

The new 2014 Avon Grip line features all new color additions to the best selling Chamois and Chamois II grips, plus the new Pro D2X and Evolution EV1 grips.

7 New Vibrant Colors added to Avon Chamois Grip line

10 New Avon Chamois II Grips Added – Featuring new proprietary Air-Cushioned Absorption System

4 New Avon Pro D2x Putter Grips Added – Featuring dual-molded compound boasting a firm rubber upper and softer rubber lower

Avon Evolution EV1 Grips

The ultimate in tacky feel and comfort!

– Features highly polished tack pads to combine the ultimate tacky feel with all-weather performance

– Each tack pad acts as a platform gripping to the player’s hands- Engineered with an anti-rotation pattern with soft edges to reduce hand discomfort

Model #RA22-RA27
$3.70 each

Avon Chamois Standard & Jumbo Grips

In New Colors!7 New Vibrant Colors Added To Avon Standard & Jumbo Chamois Line

-Original Chamois design with its innovative Air-Cushioned Absorption System is preferred by golfers in need of arthritic relief

– 2 new Avon Chamois Ladies Grips added too!

– Additions include 7 new standard, 7 new jumbo and 2 new ladies Avon Chamois models

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7 New Vibrant Colors Added To Avon Standard & Jumbo Chamois II Line

– Chamois II creates a new look and feel for golfers of all playing abilities.

– With its traditional wrap style, molded from a soft EPDM rubber compound, Chamois II offers a winning look and feel combination.

– Additions include 4 new standard, 4 new jumbo, 2 new ladies Avon Chamois II and new Putter models

Model #RA432-RA41
Starting at $2.75 each

Avon Nexus Jumbo Grips

The all weather favorite because of its firm responsive feel in all conditions

– Nexus is a combination of high-tech compound and high performance design

– New Jumbo model weighs 59 grams

– A combination of high-tech compound, functional texture and line pattern & reminder on the reverse side, the Nexus grip not only feels good but it reduces torque as well.

Model #RA60
$2.25 each

Avon Pro D2X Grips

Supports the strong-left, weak-right philosophy of gripping a golf club

– Dual-molded compound boasts a firm rubber upper and softer rubber lower section in a dual-color design

– Available in standard, half-cord and jumbo models

– The firm rubber, all-weather lower section combines comfort, feedback and feel for a true connection between the player and the club.

Model #RA28-RA31
$2.90 each

Avon Pro D2X Putter Grips

Avon Pro D2X now available in putter grips!

– Dual-molded compound boasting a firm rubber upper and softer rubber lower section in a dual-color design

– Available in four contemporary colors

– The firm rubber, all-weather lower section combines comfort, feedback and feel for a true connection between the player and the club.

Model #RA61-RA64
$3.60 each

Gain the Benefits of an Anchored Putter Using a Near-Anchored Putter

There is an alternative method in building a near-anchored golf putter that will do the same thing as a belly putter but without having it be anchored to the body.

Conventional Golf Putting Swing IllustrationAs the ban on the anchored golf putter is a few years away (beginning in 2016), a certain number of golfers are reluctantly going to want to switch back to a conventional golf putter. This is especially true for those that suffer from the yips.  Spending the better part of the summer season tinkering around in the shop, on the practice green and on ultimately the course, I found a simple solution that I would like to share with you that has helped my game immensely.

Let’s first discuss what an anchored golf putter does. It forms a brace against some part of the body so the putter can be swung in more of a pendulum motion.  Many golfers don’t keep their hands steady during the stroke and some might even say the golfer is “wristy” or “handsy”. With the butt end of the club anchored into say their belly, there is less chance the hands will push or pull the golf putter off-line.

Conventional golf putter
A typical conventional putter might be 34” in length and one would hold the grip at the very end. In all actuality, your upper wrist is at the end of the putter while the center of your hands approximately 6” down on the grip.  Take a moment to look at this diagram and see how it differs from the next few.

Belly Golf Putter Swing IllustrationBelly or anchored putter
A belly putter is basically an extension of a conventional putter – roughly 8” longer. One will possess a very long putter grip where the center of the player’s hands may be a foot down on the grip leaving 6” or so of the grip exposed between the wrist and the end of the putter.  In reality, the hands are in the same position as they would hold a conventional putter.

The idea is a near-anchored putter
Think of a belly putter that, well, doesn’t go all the way to the belly or an inch or so from contact.  In a near-belly or near-anchored putter, the distance from the upper wrist and end of the grip may be only 5”, but the hands will be in the same placement as on a conventional golf putter.

The downside of a putter in this position, it no longer a brace to keep the fluidity of the stroke when one rocks the putter back and forth. Instead, there is a tendency for the wrists to move or pivot due to the weight of the head.

Near Anchor Golf Putter IllustrationNow, I want you to think of a seesaw or a board with a pivot somewhere in the middle that will allow it to rock up and down.  If a child sits on one end and no one is on the other end, there is no equilibrium and the child just sits impatiently on the ground. However, add enough weight in the right location opposite the child and the seesaw will pivot in harmonious motion.

With a near-anchored putter, there is plenty of room to place an ample amount of weight above the pivot point of the hands to help offset the weight of the putter head to promote a pendulum stroke and reduce the movement of the wrists.

In my experimentation, I used my favorite putter – Dynacraft Hindsight Mallet. The built-in forward hand press and roll face are two great technologies that more golfers should find out about.  Hireko offer different forms of counterweighting.   I started out with a conventional counterweight that is installed at the very butt end of the shaft. The Tour Lock Pro system works great for this type of testing as you can
Near Anchor Counterweighting Illustrationinterchange different weights without having to replace a grip.  Pivot With Counterweight IllustrationI found there was a benefit or improvement in putting with the maximum 100g weight; but still not enough.

Tour Lock offer another product called the Opti-Vibe that fits down inside the shaft and locks in place.  These come in various weights just like the Tour Lock Pro. Over countless trips to the practice green and course, I found the 150g Opti-Vibe placed just below where the 100g Tour Lock Pro (as shown) was my optimal configuration.  You may find a different combination based upon the components weights of your putter and the length.

Near Anchor CounterweightsAs you can see, there is an alternative method in building a near-anchored putter that will do the same thing as a belly putter but without having it be anchored to the body.  This way with a slight modification, you don’t have to ditch your belly putter and continue to use your putter from now until the new rule takes place and never miss a beat.  Even for a brand new putter, this makes a viable choice for those that suffer in the putting department.

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