Why Are Wedges Heavier Than Irons?

The heavier weight of golf wedges provides more momentum with shorter swings thereby helping get the ball up and out around the green

Acer WedgesIf you look at the swingweight specification for the name brand wedges you will notice they are higher in relationship to the numbered irons.  This is for a very good reason as often times golf wedges are played from thicker grass and soft sand where the additional weight will help plow through those conditions.  In addition, the wedges are not all swung with a full swing.  The additional weight provides momentum on short ¾ and waist high swings as well as retains a certain amount of heft when the player chokes down on the grip.

Many golfers simply don’t possess the fine motor skills in the hands, wrists and arms to take something that is light in their hands and make those delicate little pitch or chips shots around the green.  The results are those chili dips, double chips or even “skulling” the ball over the green that lead to wasted shots, a high score, fits of rage, broken shafts and the threat to quit the game.

If you often find yourself, a fellow player or customer who has problems around the greens on a routine basis, start looking at increasing both swingweight and overall weight.  It may be as simple as adding weight to the head via lead foil tape, a heavier shaft, mid weight or longer length. Hireko’s standard golf wedge lengths will be the same even though the head weights gradually increase.  However, many name brand manufacturers will decrease the golf wedges in ¼” lengths to maintain swingweights to 2-4 points higher than the rest of the set.  This is why there is no magic formula when it comes to wedge fitting as it comes down to an individual basis. Don’t worry if it may take a D8 swingweight to accomplish a player’s goal; it is the final outcome that matters most.

Download Hireko CatalogAnother alternative
Many golfers may cringe when they hear the word golf chipper, but in some cases it can be a vital club for those with woes around the green.  The heads are generally heavier than a typical wedge to encourage following through by providing more momentum. The argument from naysayers is that it takes the space of one other club in the set.  Taking a longer low-lofted club and trying to chip the ball over a small mound and land near the hole won’t cut the mustard a lot of the times.  Plus, by choking down doesn’t provide enough heft in the player’s hands.  If adding a chipper saves 2, 3 or more strokes from occurring during a round, it is well worth replacing a less-often used club in the bag.

There are simply too many choices a customer has in regards to equipment available today plus the ability of being fit to accept poor results from off-the-shelf products.  The fact is most shots wasted in a round of golf come from 100 yards and in making wedge fitting important or at least the time to experiment to see if improvements can be made.


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Lower Prices On Many Best-Selling GDW OEM Golf Adapters!

New, Lower Prices On Select GDW Golf Adapters!

Hireko carries everything you need for replacement parts for your Cobra, TaylorMade, Titleist and Scotty Cameron golf clubs.


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A Quicker, Easier Way To Remove Golf Grips – The New Dynacraft Grip Remover Tool Arriving Next Month!

Looking for a handy tool to safely remove your golf grips? Check out the new Dynacraft Grip Remover Tool

dynacraft grip remover toolARRIVING NOVEMBER, 2013

A handy item to have in any sized shop, the Dynacraft Grip Remover Tool removes most grips for re-use. Didn’t cut the shaft short enough? Need to add a counterweight? The grip wasn’t aligned straight? These are just some of the reason why you would need to save what could be an expensive grip or one that’s still in good condition. Offset handle and sturdy blade makes quick work along with a little solvent. Much safer alternative as there are no needles to worry about to safely remove golf grips.

Dynacraft Grip Remover Tool
$19.95 each



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Grafalloy Blue Wins Tour Championship By Coca-Cola And FedExCup

Playing phenomenal golf, the winner of the 2013 Tour Championship by Coca-Cola went wire-to-wire to capture the title as well as the FedExCup.

With the new Grafalloy Blue in his driver, 3-wood and 4-wood, the champion played a career-defining final round at East Lake for 2-under par 68 and a three shot victory. He is the first European to ever win both the Tour Championship and the FedExCup-a distinction that netted him $11.44 million on Sunday and a move to number four in the Official Work Golf Rankings.

Download Hireko Catalog“This was a fantastic end to the FedExCup playoffs and it’s great to see a player who has continued to gain momentum throughout the season win it,” said Chad Hall, director of product marketing and global tour operations for True Temper Sports. “The champion has been a long-time Grafalloy Blue player, a shaft specifically designed for golf’s stronger swingers. Our new for 2013 Grafalloy Blue features the same performance benefits as the original while being constructed with the most advanced materials available today.”
Grafalloy Blue 65 with Speedcoat
Grafalloy Players 2013 PGA TOUR Highlights:

Two in the Top 10 players for driving accuracy
One Top Five player in driving distance
One player in the Top Five money list
One Top Five player in scoring average

The original Grafalloy Blue remains one of the most popular graphite golf shafts in the history of the game. For 2013, Grafalloy has redesigned Blue using the best materials available today while still maintaining the performance benefits golfers loved about the original. The new Blue delivers maximum stability and distance for stronger swingers. Blue is available in two weights, 60 g and 75g for heavier drivers and fairway wood applications.


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Understanding Shaft Geometry and the Effects on Ball Flight

Key Golf Shaft Variables To Learn When Shopping For Your Next Set of Clubs or Re-Shaft Project

Following our back-to-school theme, last week I spoke about how the geometric shape of your putter grip could improve you putting.  Today, we are going to switch to golf shafts and show you a few things to look for when looking to re-shaft or purchase your next set of clubs.

Did you ever wonder why certain golf shafts hit the ball higher or to the left or right more than others? This has to do with a number of parameters, one of which is the shape or geometry of the shaft.  Let’s take for example parallel tip steel iron shafts. The majority of men’s flex parallel tip steel iron shafts have a tip diameter of 0.370” so they can fit into numerous heads across the industry and a butt diameter of 0.600” to accommodate the majority of golf grips.  The geometry between these areas is what alters the ball flight.

Golf Shaft AnatomyIf you look at steel iron shafts, each model has its’ own unique step pattern.  The stepping is done to change diameters or the rate of taper and ultimately the geometry of the shaft.  The same thing occurs on non-stepped shafts as well; the shaft becomes larger in diameter from the tip to the butt end.

Download Hireko CatalogThe step pattern may be constant, like the True Temper TT Lite with consistent 1.5” steps or an FST 115 with 1” steps.  The shaft might have variable steps such as an Apollo Shadow with 9 small ½” steps and then increasingly larger steps as you go toward the butt end. The stepping helps to identify a model.

Why does a more flexible shaft hit the ball higher in the same pattern of shaft?  This goes back to geometry as the step pattern will be the same, but the more flexible shaft will have a longer parallel tip section and shorter parallel butt section. Since the shaft is skinnier near the tip, it will allow the shaft the bend further forward prior to impact creating more dynamic loft and/or a more closed face. Conversely, if you want to stiffen a parallel tip shaft, you do so by taking more off of the tip and that will resist the forward bending.

Less than a year ago, we added a piece of equipment to help us measure shafts more precisely.  We have measured quite a few shafts already. Two of which are the Apollo Acculite 85 S-flex and a True Temper Dynalite Gold SL S-flex.  These might not be common shafts that our readers have had an opportunity to hit, but both are listed a high launching by the respectively manufacturers, had nearly the identical final frequency for a 5-iron and they are pretty close in cut weight (Acculite 85 at 87.3g and Dynalite Gold SL at 93.1g).  On paper these would appear to be similar.

Our shaft profiler measures the deflection or stiffness along the length of the shaft so you get more of a complete picture.  The following chart shows the deflection of the two shafts with the left side showing the tip end and the right side is the butt. More flex is indicated when the line is higher on the chart.

Tip Stiffness

From about 14” up from the tip to the butt end, these two shafts are nearly identical. Where you can see the main difference is tip section as the Dynalite Gold SL being much stiffer.  This is due to the fact that the shaft tapers quickly.  Instead of the entire parallel tip section remaining 0.370” up to the first step, both of these shafts has a tapered section before the first step to give them stability.  Just underneath the 1st step the Acculite 85 is 0.400”, but the Dynalite Gold SL is a whopping 0.445” below the first step!

That explains the difference as the larger cross section or shaft diameter, the stiffer the shaft becomes.  I shafted these up into identical heads and head to the range for me and others to hit as we could look at the effect on ball flight when one area of the shaft is decidedly different.  What we witnessed was the Acculite 85 would hit the ball more to the left than the Dynalite Gold SL (we were all right handed).  For those that fade or push the ball would prefer the Acculite 85 as the softer tip will help close the face at impact.  For those that pull or draw will prefer the Dynalite Gold SL. Or is it simple as that?

The reason I bring this question up has to do with clubhead selection.  While we saw a definite change in ball flight between the two shafts in the same head, we could have placed the Dynalite Gold SL in a head with more offset and the Acculite 85 in a model with less offset and you might hit the ball the same direction and height.  Just as easily, we could have had placed the Acculite 85 in a high offset head and created a draw or hook and the Dynalite Gold SL in a low offset head and produced a fade or slice.

Remember that a club is a system consisting of the head, shaft, grip and length. This is where fitting is extremely important and how our QuikFit system can help identify combinations of heads and shafts that will work harmoniously with a given player’s swing.  But now you may look at the shaft geometry in a different perspective and understand better why you may like or not like a certain shaft or why.

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Uniquely Shaped Grips From PalmBird and Two Thumb Grips Aim to Improve Your Putting!

New Offerings From Two Thumb Grips and PalmBird Grips Are Engineered To Promote Pendulum Stroke And Lower Scores

You may or may not have noticed we recently added two new lines of putter grips; PalmBird Grips and Two Thumb Grips.  For many of you, this might be your first introduction to either of these companies, but they offer rather unique products brought on through their geometric shapes.

I was taught a long time ago that if you wanted to improve your putting alignment is critical. That person instructed me to place a ruler or yardstick in my hands and take practice strokes as if I was putting.  The ruler is thin and rectangular making it very easy to align to the target. Plus there are two ways in which to hold it that feels very natural. Let me explain those two positions and how it applies to these new putter grips.

Vertical Ruler Hireko GolfVertical position
Imagine the thin side of a ruler perpendicular to the ground.  The wide, flat side of the ruler would rest against your palms and the thin side would fit in your fingers. Take a few quick strokes Palmbird Gripback and forth and you can maintain the flat side of the ruler being square toward the target easier than you can when you hold a rounded object in your hands.

The crescent shape of the PalmBird grip is very reminiscent of the ruler in the vertical position, with the narrow portion is resting in your fingers and the side of the golf grip is firmly against your palms.

Horizontal Ruler Hireko GolfHorizontal position
Now imagine the thin side of a ruler parallel to the ground.  The ruler is now held primarily in the fingers with your thumbs wresting atop.  Again, the geometric shape makes it easy to sense you are putting back and forth toward your target.

The Two Thumb grips have a wide rectangular shape large enough to place both your thumbs (hence 2Thumb) side by side atop of the putter grip as shown.  However, there are other positions you can place your hands and achieve the same assurance of being properly aligned as the ruler in the horizontal position.

You can also install the Two Thumb grips in the vertical position as mentioned above. This would be perfectly acceptable and conform to the Rules of Golf. Your forward or leading hand will feel as if you are back-handing the putt instead of breaking your wrists.

If you are struggling on the green with your flatstick, perhaps a change in the shape of your grip will get you aligned as well as promote a more pendulum stroke by taking the wrists out of the stroke.



Two Thumb Putter Grips at Hireko Golf


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The Lamkin Perma-Wrap Classic grips are a high profile wrap style grip, seamless and timeless. The unbuffed surface combines traction, tackiness and a softer feel and is great for players who prefer to play without a glove. The Lamkin Perma-Wrap Classics are available in standard, midsize and oversize in black all synthetic EPDM rubber.

Name Model Closeout Price! Reg. Price
Lamkin Perma Wrap Classic Standard RL255 Only $3.95 each $4.95 each
Lamkin Perma Wrap Classic Midsize RL256 Only $4.20 each $5.20 each
Lamkin Perma Wrap Classic Oversize RL257 Only $4.45 each $5.45 each

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New Garmin Approach S2 GPS Golf Watch – Black/Green Comes With 2 Sets of Bands!

(Free Shipping Applies Only To Retail & Chairmen Club Customers. Not Applicable To Hireko Distributors)

The Garmin S2 GPS Golf Watches are the Perfect Balance of Information and Simplicity

Garmin Approach S2 GPS Golf Watch -   Black/GreenNow available in Black and Green! Ships with 2 sets of bands.  Comes with a green and black set of bands, and a tool to switch the bands out.

Garmin Approach S2 is a stylish and comfortable GPS golf watch with a high-sensitivity GPS receiver giving precise yardage to the front, back and middle of greens. The S2 has the ability to measure shot distances and a course odometer. It’s similar to our popular Approach S1 model, but the S2 takes it up a notch with layup and dogleg distances and a digital scorecard.

Worldwide Courses (except Asia) with Free Course Updates

Approach S2 is preloaded with more than 30,000 courses from around the world (except Asia). Whether you’re on a course near home, a course at a holiday resort or the Old Course at St. Andrews, the S2 knows where you are and how far you have to go.

Every Approach S2 includes free lifetime course updates, without additional subscriptions. Updates are added up to 4 times a year and are available through CourseView Updater.

Lock In and Measure Yardages

The high-sensitivity GPS receiver gives you yardage to the front, middle and back of the green, plus layup and dogleg distances to improve usability over the entire hole.

It also measures precise yardages for shots played from anywhere on the course. And for those who like to walk, there’s an odometer to track how far you’ve gone.

Digital Scorecard

Approach S2 easily keeps track of your score throughout your round. When you’re done, use the included USB cable to connect S2 to your computer to download, store and print your scorecards. Then, chart your progress, or brag to your friends.

Sleek Design

Approach S2 is flexible, lightweight and comfortable enough for everyday wear. It’s rugged, durable and waterproof (to 10 m). A variety of colorful bands are available to customize the look. With automatic time and date, an alarm and rechargeable lithium-ion battery, you’ll never miss a tee time.

• More than 30,000 preloaded worldwide courses

• Yardage to the front, back and middle of green

• Layup and dogleg distances

• Digital scorecard

• Colorful watch and band options

$249.99 each
Garmin Approach S2 GPS Golf Watch -   Black/Green