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Made from a high quality and durable neoprene material, these iron headcovers are waterproof and will properly protect your clubhead from scratches when not in use. Easily slips on and off, each iron headcover has a transparent plastic viewing window that displays the iron or wedge’s number on the sole.


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A Few Additional Tidbits About Aerotech Golf Shafts

Aerotech Golf Shafts at Hireko Golf

Hireko Golf’s Technical Director Jeff Summitt Gives Golf Clubmakers More Reasons Why The High Performing Aerotech Golf Shafts Are Such Hot Sellers

About a month ago we announced Hireko was a full line distributor for Aerotech golf shafts.  While the article discussed Aerotech’s design philosophy and briefly went over each of the product lines, there are a few pieces of information I wanted to share with you after testing the Aerotech composite golf shafts as well as heading out to the range and course with them.

Download Hireko Golf Equipment CatalogGolf Shaft Tip Heavy
On the models I tested, I found these exhibited a shaft balance point that was shifted toward the tip.  What does this mean for the golf clubmaker or even average golfers?  No need to make the clubs as long to achieve a normal swingweight.  This was especially true in the Aerotech SteelFiber iron shaft line where assembling the clubs to the same length as steel-shafted irons provided adequate heft in the player’s hands.  More material in the tip is a lead into the next topic.

Golf Shaft Stability
In looking at posts on golf equipment forums, you can get varied opinions on anything.  One of those is the feel of Aerotech graphite golf shaft line.  Before I had ever hit some of their shafts, I had in the back of my mind that they would play stiffer than most other manufacturers in the same flex based on comments that I had read.  Well, this is the reason why you don’t necessarily believe everything you read on the internet.  Aerotech’s shaft frequencies (measure of stiffness) were very predictable on all but one shaft (which I will mention later) compared to the industry mean.  The golf industry has never adopted standard for shafts flex (nor should they to allow diversity), but these would be considered average stiffness.

Aerotech SteelFiber Gofl Shafts
Where I can understand some players commenting on the iron shafts being stiffer than others has to do with the tip area.  Most graphite iron shafts are generally softer than steel, whereas the Aerotech SteelFiber golf shaft line is partially firmer due to the metal filaments wrapped around the graphite shaft core.  Therefore I wouldn’t call their shafts stiff, but rather firm tipped or shaft that exhibited a lot of stability.

I am a natural high ball hitter and bring rain down when hitting an iron or wedge.  It was a welcome relief to see my ball flight flatten out so the ball went out toward my target inside of just going high and falling straight from the sky.  That is the main difference between a shaft with a firm tip versus one that had more kick or a soft tip section.


DSFI Information
For those that rely on the Dynamic Shaft Fitting Index (DSFI) to fit with as well as accurately compare one shaft to another, here is a supplement of Aerotech golf shaft we have tested so far.  This will be a good primer when discussing the next shafts.


Taper tip golf shafts versus parallel tip golf shafts
Just like there is a difference between True Temper’s Dynamic Gold shafts in the taper versus parallel version, so too are the SteelFiber iron line.  That is due to Aerotech’s SteelFiber taper tip versions being a constant weight design in contrast to taking the parallel tip version, tip trimming for the clubhead number and then sanding the tip to form the taper.   Constant weight means just that; regardless of the raw shaft length, the shafts will all weight the same (with a small +/- manufacturing tolerance). Expect the tapered version will be progressively heavier the higher lofted the club becomes.

Claymore MX48 Golf Shaft
The enigma of all golf shafts
There always has to be one shaft in the bunch that makes you scratch your head and this time it was the Aerotech Claymore MX 48.  This is one of the sub-ultralight shafts on the market tipping the scales under 50 grams.  This happens to be a weight range I prefer and have been playing for the better part of a year and a half.  If you aren’t aware, there is a new breed of very lightweight shafts that are incredibly stable like UST’s MP4 and Project X’s PXv Tour 52 to name a few.  While I was measuring the stiffness of the Aerotech Claymore MX 48, the frequency was running about a full flex weaker than comparable weight shafts.  For those clubmakers out there that swears that a certain frequency all feel the same stiffness, you are in for a surprise.  This shaft in play felt just as stiff as advertised – at least for me who doesn’t have an overly aggressive downswing.  The very stiff tip offset the lack of stiffness in the butt end.  This is where most clubmakers access what the flex of a shaft or club is using a frequency analyzer or deflection device, which rarely tells the complete story.

However, I handed this club to one of my golfing buddies that just happen to have the same swing speed and me, but how he achieves it in a totally different manner.  His swing is more compact and aggressive and he could definitely feel more flex.  Of course this type of player will usually prefer a heavier shaft to maintain timing and rhythm and that is where the Aerotech Claymore MX 60 comes into play.

There are always little nuances with any product and golf club shafts are no different.  Don’t always just look at the basic specifications to judge whether or not you can hit a particular shaft because you could be missing out on what really fits you (or your customer). If you are inquisitive, make up a single sample or demo one at a local range or shop.  As shafts become increasingly lighter for potentially more distance and more and more graphite-shafted irons go into play on the major tours, people will be looking for places they can hit some of these shafts to see if it might make their game improve as well.

For professional clubmakers, look at the trends and incorporate those types of shafts into golf club demos.  If you do, then you’ll likely become to destination place for local golfers to go try and eventually buy your products and services.


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New Loudmouth Grips Arriving September 3!

New Fall 2013 Loudmouth GripsNew Loudmouth Grips Include USA Versions of Captain Thunderbolt

Loudmouth Grips has engineered 6 new grips for the fall golfing season. These include new USA models of the Captain Thunderbolt grip series plus 4 new standard Loudmouth grips.

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How To Get Fit For A Golf Driver

Hireko Golf’s Technical Director Jeff Summitt Discusses Getting Fit For A Golf Driver

Hireko Golf QuikFitGolfers today have much more luxury when it comes to golf driver fitting.  Name brand manufacturers have somewhat simplified the process by using adapter systems, which can interchange various gripped golf shafts that can screwed onto driver heads of various lofts, and the customer can see and feel the interactions whether hitting into a net or outdoors out on the range. With advancement with technology, computer software can simulate the results and provide detailed analysis on which driver/shaft combination produces the best result.

Golf clubmakers have these same capabilities of interchanging heads and shafts as the major manufacturers with the advent of adapter systems such as Hireko’s QuikFit system. However, the independent club fitter can offer much more variety of components that is seen in an array of OEM fitting carts, but in some of the other fitting parameters as well.

Length, golf shaft and overall weight
When using gripped shafts on an adapter, the fitter should set up their demos in a strategic manner.  First, there should be no duplication of shafts (same weight, flex, trajectory and torque).  By varying the weight of the golf shaft, it will vary the overall weight too in order to see if distance can be improved without sacrificing accuracy.  While the shaft weight varies, so too will swingweight.  The fitter has to decide if they want to maintain a standard length and adjust the swingweight when building their demos or varying the length slightly and adding another element to their fitting – length fitting.

Download Hireko Golf Equipment CatalogThe fitter can use the player’s swing speed as a baseline in deciding which shaft to start with, but allow the player to hit golf balls with shafts that are a little stiffer or softer as well as heavier or lighter to see what performs best.  This is called performance based fitting as not all golfers with the same swing speed need the exact same flex due to their tempo and release point in the swing.

Golf Clubhead selection
Most golf club drivers today are the maximum allowable size (460cc).  However they do come in all sorts of shapes and specifications such as loft (for trajectory), face angle (for accuracy) or special features (like offset).  Even if the clubfitting is only using one loft to fit, they have a baseline.  For example, if the head is 10.5º and the player hits the ball a little on the low side, they could suggest the same head in the next available golf clubhead loft as manufacturers will routinely offer driver heads in multiple lofts.  This is where launch monitors come in handy to provide more accurate data than what is possible with naked eye as the correct loft will help optimize launch angle, spin and ultimately distance.

Hireko Golf Clubhead GeometryThe shape of the head is important as well because the center of gravity usually follow the geometry.  That is a deeper faced club will have a higher center of gravity and launch the ball lower with all else being the same.  The manufacturer may have a model where from heel-to-toe is a little shorter or added internal weight toward the hosel to help close the face at impact.

Just like certain heads can hit the ball higher or help close the face, shafts can too.  This is where it is important to be able to pair the two with an golf interchangeable adapter system and allow the customer to be able hit the ball and watch or measure ball flight.  This takes the guess work out and assures the customer they are being fit correctly.

Hireko Golf Dispersion ChartFor stronger golfers, face angle will be more critical because any error is magnified. Remember, there are tolerances will all components and a customer might wonder if what they were fit for will be the exact same as the final product they purchase.  The clubmaker should be able to measure their demo clubs and sort through their inventory. They can use the tolerances to their advantage by picking the head with a lower or higher loft or more closed or open face angle so account for the tendency the golfer has the most.

Golf Grip
Chances are the grips on any demo driver or gripped shafts on some sort of adapter system will be standard size.  Golfers with larger or smaller hands or those that prefer to hold the club in the palm rather than the fingers may prefer a different size.  This is where holding onto grips from a display can help find a grip that is comfortable from both a texture and size standpoint.

The player could use the same style grip and size as they have on their irons – assuming they were fit for them previously.  But most golfers really haven’t been introduced to something other than standard and may be surprised by the results of a right-sized grip.

Weight distribution and final adjustments
If the fitting is using some sort of an interchangeable club head and shaft system, the fitter can add smaller amounts of weight (i.e. lead foil tape) to the driver head to fine tune swingweight. If the demo clubs have holes cut into the butt ends of grip, the fitter can use a counterweighting system to see if alternative weighting may stimulate a difference in the comfort level and performance at the given length and shaft weight one was fit for.  It should only take a few swings by the golfer to see if counterweighting has any positive response.  If not, it can be ruled out and at least the customer had experimented with something few golfers ever do.  For habitual slicers, I would strongly encourage them to consider this.

Golf Driver Summary
The total time to be fit for a driver will vary depending on how involved you want to get or just how poorly the golfer was fit before.  It may be as simple as a new style grip and size or an alteration of length to an existing driver.  On the other hand you might have a customer with a unique set of challenges that you have to go through every aspect of the fitting until you settle on what will help them perform their best off of the tee.

This is just a small amount information you will find in our upcoming clubfitting book.



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A Genuine Stroke Saver! Palmbird Putter Grips Arriving Next Week!

Plant a Palmbird Putter Grip In Your Hands and Feel The Difference!

Palmbird Putter GripsThe Palmbird putter grip is a very unique product that was inspired by nature.  Here are the key features:

Putter grip and putting teaching aid all in one

• Heavier to provide counter-balancing, giving you greater control of the putter head

• Improves your ability to keep the putter head square at impact and throughout the stroke

• Non-tapered grip body, allowing balanced grip pressure in both hands

• The crescent shape encourages the putting stroke to be initiated from the shoulders instead of the hands and wrists reducing stroke arc, helping to keep the putter head square and on line

• Significantly reduces the possibility of the “yips” due to less wrist flexion and forearm tension

• The PalmBird’s design, covers a larger surface area in your palms, which allows for lighter grip pressure in your thumbs and fingers

• Naturally reduces wrist break throughout the putting stroke

• Made of weather resistant Thermal Plastic Rubber which provides durability, comfort, and traction

• Conforms with USGA rules and proudly made in the U.S.A.

Palmbird Putter Grip
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New Two Thumb Grips Arriving Next Week At Hireko!

The New Two Thumb Putter Grips Scientifically Proven To Lower Your Scores!

The 2Thumb putter grip has been scientifically proven to improve a number of common technical inconsistencies and errors in golfer’s putting strokes. The grip is shown to help prevent wrist break by 43% and when used in conjunction with the ‘2Thumb’ technique it is shown to improve putting stance.

Scientifically Proven to reduce wrist break

Increased Surface Area decreases grip tension

Unique New Dual Texture ultra tac feel

Two Thumb Grips On Tour!

Two Thumb Grips have been used by world class golfers like Colin Montgomerie and Miguel Angel Jimenez and practice grips by Padraig Harrington. On the Ladies European Tour the grips have been favoured by Becca Hudson, Rebecca Brewerton and Trish Johnson.

Two Thumb Original Putter Grip

Two Thumb Shorty Putter Grip
 Two Thumb Light Putter Grip Black  Two Thumb Light Putter Grip Blue

Model# 2TO

Model# 2TS Model# 2TL   Model# 2TLB

Two Thumb

Original Putter Grip

Two Thumb
Shorty Putter Grip
Two Thumb
Light Putter Grip Black
 Two Thumb
Light Putter Grip Blue
$19.95 each $19.95 each  $19.95 each   $19.95 each
 Two Thumb Light Putter Grip Red Two Thumb Daddy Putter Grip Black Two Thumb Daddy Putter Grip Red  2TDADPUR  Two Thumb Daddy Putter Grip Purple
 Model# 2TLR Model# 2TDADBK Model# 2TDADRD Model# 2TDADPUR
 Two Thumb
Light Putter Grip Red
 Two Thumb
Daddy Putter Grip Black
Two Thumb
Daddy Putter Grip Red
Two Thumb
Daddy Putter Grip Purple
$19.95 each $24.95 each $24.95 each $24.95 each
Two Thumb Big Daddy Lite Putter Grip Black Two Thumb Big Daddy Lite Putter Grip Black Two Thumb Big Daddy Lite Putter Grip UK Flag
Model# 2TBDLBK  Model# 2TBDLRD Model# 2TBDLUK
 Two Thumb
Big Daddy LitePutter Grip Black
Two Thumb
Big Daddy LitePutter Grip Red 
 Two Thumb
Big Daddy LitePutter Grip UK Flag
$26.95 each $26.95 each $26.95 each

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Aerotech Shafts