Should You Ditch the Driver?

Power Play Warp Speed Brassie Fairway WoodWinner of 2013 British Didn’t Carry a Driver!

Golfers can learn a lot by watching the pros from a game management standpoint.  Take for example the winner of this year’s British Open championship who didn’t even carry a golf driver.  Sure these guys are long, but there was a lot of trouble lurking in and around the fairway requiring them to position the ball off the tee.

At Hireko Golf, we offer a number of products to help golfers at all levels.  One such product is the Power Play Warp Speed Brassie.  The large footprint at address gives the player a sense of more confidence off of the tee, plus will be more accurate than a typical 3-wood. The shorter assembly length should allow golfers to make more solid contact on the face with minimized face angle errors at impact compared to their driver.  Sure, you may not be as long, but if the ball goes out 220 yards and lands in the fairway versus 235 yards to the right in the second cut of Download Hireko Golf Equipment Catalogrough, not only are you going to be closer to the hole on their next shot, but it will be an easier shot too.

This is just a friendly reminder of one specialized product to help you (or one of your customers) lower your score if the number of fairways hit is becoming more of an irregularity or non-existent. If a pro winning a major championship can leave both his golf driver and ego in the parking lot, then any golfer can.


SK Fiber Wraith Graphite Shaft


  1. John Nardecchia says:

    Is there a senior shaft or shafts that you recommend for the Brassie head? Thank You for your reply, John

  2. Jeff Summitt says:


    We got more A-flex shaft than you can shake a stick at. It all depends upon what kind of weight you need, trajectory (higher or mid), budget, brand and even color preference.

  3. Paul Nicholson says:

    The Brassie is a great head — paired it up with a True Ace Cadence Red Fairway shaft and it’s a winner.

  4. DaveT says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention the Acer XS strong 3-wood as a driver alternative. It would have been my first choice. I get almost as much distance from it as my driver.

  5. DaveT says:

    Followup to my previous comment: Today I was having a bad driver day, hitting too many pushes. (No, not slices, straight pushes. Long enough and not too badly right, but not where I was trying to hit it.) So, about 2/3 of the way through the round, I switched to my Acer XS Titanium 3-wood off the tee. MUCH better. I was getting a draw, and more distance than the pushed drives. (Actually, I was getting about my average driving distance on a decent driver day.) The strategy worked.

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