“How To Frequency-Sort Golf Shafts” Videoblog Now Showing!

Learn how to frequency-sort golf club shafts the proper way!

Download Hireko Golf Equipment CatalogHireko Golf’s technical director Jeff Summitt will explain the importance of frequency-sorting any golf shaft, especially graphite golf shafts, when assembling a set of golf woods, golf hybrids, golf irons and/or golf wedges using unitized, parallel tip golf shafts.  This quick two-step process will spot out manufacturing tolerances and help ensure the golf shafts go into a logical sequence so you can make better quality custom made golf clubs for either you or your customers.

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  1. Ronniemac says:

    That is not like finding the spine is it? You said the silk screen was facing you in the test so the hitting area would face the target. If is is an adjustable head driver how would that change things when the shaft is rotated?

  2. Jeff Summitt says:


    No, we have not got into spining or FLO’ing yet. We are assuming that the clubmaker is putting the shaft in the head in the customary way with the silkscreen in the up position or toward the toe.

    If you are building a single driver, you are not really matching anything, unless you are pulling a single shaft from a cache of shafts from your inventory. You may still want to document what the raw frequency was for your record keeping in case the shaft broke and needed replaced. In an adjustable adapter system, the frequency could vary in half of the positions depending upon the symmetry of the shaft.

  3. Ronniemac says:

    As I thought the OEM guys are Blowing smoke and their stock shafts suck. If you happen to turn one a certain way you may luck out and get the spine facing the right way and the frequency is and unknown factor. I feel sure the rods roll out and a worker slaps a silk screen on it and who knows what the flex is.

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