Aftermarket versus OEM shafts – Certain “Premium” Shafts May Not Be What They Appear To Be

Don’t Get Burned – The Premium Golf Shafts You Find Listed in the Hireko Golf Catalog and Website are Indeed the Real McCoy’s

If you are paying premium dollar for premium golf shafts, should you be receiving what you thought you were ordering?  If you say “Yes”, then you better read up on a practice that is happening in the golf industry to make sure you are really getting the product and by the manufacturer you thought you were receiving all along. This article will help explain some of the difference between OEM golf companies and aftermarket golf shafts.

Aftermarket shafts versus OEM shafts What if…?
XYZ manufacturer spent months (if not years) developing a new shaft using exciting new materials and/or technology.  That golf shaft was eventually sent out on tour to validate its performance.  A few weeks later it was used in the driver of a tour player who happened to hold up the winning crystal trophy.  Word of mouth spreads and a couple weeks later starts showing up in the bags of several tour players.  The golf club shaft becomes easily spotted on TV or threads appear on-line in golf forums such as Golf WRX or MyGolfSpy.  Instantly, demand begins from the public for that golf club shaft.

Download Hireko Golf Equipment CatalogA short time later, that same shaft becomes available by a number of golf component suppliers (including Hireko Golf) often with a price tag of $149 or north of that.  Finally, Joe Q. Public can buy the exact same shaft as their favorite tour player used or won with or the one they saw in the media that they just had to have.  Are you following me?  This is the order of the universe of how those tour player aftermarket golf shafts enter the marketplace.

Hocus Pocus, what have we here?
A short time passes and all of the sudden you start to see a major manufacturer begin offering their newest golf club with XYZ-brand’s exotic new golf shaft – or is it? Maybe the silkscreen on the OEM golf shaft has marked 60 instead of a 55, meaning the aftermarket vs OEM golf shaft is a lighter version.  Or maybe the color is different, but the markings aren’t exactly like the one that you saw on Hireko’s website, catalog, Golf Digest or on a popular forum page.  You are probably asking yourself, “Hey, what the H E double hockey sticks is going on there?”

Well my friends, that is what we call “Made For” or retail shafts. These are variations off of popular or expensive aftermarket golf shafts.  These may be slightly watered down versions of the Real McCoy in order to hit a certain price point or make them a little more user-friendly for Joe Q. Public who doesn’t swing anything like or as hard as the pros.  One clue if this is the case is to look at the retail price between their stock shafts vs. after-market shafts.

Many OEM drivers will retail for $299 with their house brand shaft.  Let’s say the OEM uses a “premium” golf shaft you see in a component catalog that lists for $199 for just the golf shaft itself.  If the retail price of the club is $399, then you know it is the “Made For” version, whereas at $499, it is the real deal.

UST Recoil Golf Shaft

Abracadabra, watch me pull a shaft from this hat

There are some people who feel like there is a conspiracy theory and those that produce “Made For” shafts ought to go to the pokey for false advertising.  Others will say, “You know, the average guy probably can’t hit the real deal anyway and the retail version is probably going to be a better fit for them.”  The latter has basically a no harm, no foul approach.

But what if that “Made For” golf club shaft wasn’t even made by the company that originally designed the shaft and went through the arduous task of getting it in the hands of the world’s best players?  What if the name brand club manufacturer went to the shaft maker and said, “Hey, we want this other company to produce a shaft for us, but we would like to slap your name on it because it is good marketing.  We will pay you x-amount per golf shaft and you don’t have to manufacturer the shaft, have it sit in your warehouse until we put in a purchase order, worry about a late invoice or any returns either.  All you have to do is sit back and enjoy those royalty checks because your name is worth something to us and the general public.”

Shocked?  Believe it or not this practice does happen.  I actually applaud those shaft vendors that turn down the offer of “free” money not to tarnish their branding now and far into the future.  Do I have a grudge against any name brand club manufacturer – absolutely not!  Do I have a vendetta against any shaft manufacturer?  Again, my answer is emphatically no. For one, we sell the majority of these company’s products anyway and that pays part of my salary.  But I do feel I have a responsibility to help educate consumers and for them to understand we are not ripping them off when comparing the OEM vs aftermarket shafts.

Don’t get burned
If you want the real deal, well you are going to pay for it one way or another.  The tour grade golf shafts you find listed in Hireko’s catalog and website are indeed the Real McCoy’s – not a watered down or totally unrelated product to appear as the one you thought you were getting in the first place.  There are some name brand club manufacturers who will put the real thing in either as a premium stock offering or as a custom option, but at a premium price as well.  It’s the same story on those shafts you found on eBay for a terrific price as it is really hard to say what they are, where the came from or even who produced them.  Caveat emptor…

The Power Play Warp Speed Irons – Hireko’s Highest Performance Iron Set Yet

Golf Tips Magazine Awards for Power Play Warp Speed IronsGolf Tips Magazine gave The Power Play Warp Speed Irons an Editor’s Pick award in their annual 2013 Golf Tips Annual Buyer’s Guide!

Golf Tips Magazine said “Wow factor: A crazy low price for a set of irons as good as more, ahem, expensive irons we’ve tried.”  Golf Tips Magazine gave Hireko Golf 4 awards in the 2013 Golf Tips Annual Buyers Guide. View the Golf Tips Magazine awards winners here!

The Warp Speed Irons were specially designed to propel the ball faster and further than ever before, and the high C.O.R. iron face provides the ultimate in distance. Although distance is very important in high COR golf iron design, accuracy plays an even more prominent role and the Warp Speed Irons delivers here as well. These progressively designed irons, the #3 and #4-iron possess a wider body to react much like a Power Play Warp Speed Ironscross between modern day hybrids, utility or driving irons for ease of play. The #5 iron and down on into the wedges appear much like a normal iron design at first glance. However, there is actually an open space between the rear wall and the unsupported, super thin specialty high COR golf iron face insert, which is devised to flex the face like a titanium driver to maximize ball speed and distance. The wide sole undercut channel further moves weight back away from the high COR irons face as well as low for added stability. The Power Play Warp Speed Irons are Hireko’s most high performance face insert irons ever designed. If your goal is seeking an game improvement iron that is both longer and more accurate, the Power Play Warp Speed high cor irons should be the first choice from the Hireko line.

Power Play Warp Speed Irons Diagram 1Meet the Power Play Warp Speed Progressive Set – Our Highest Performance Iron
When customers ask what our highest performance iron is, I don’t hesitate to answer “It is the Power Play Warp Speed irons, of course”.  To understand why, we first have to start out how they were designed.  Let’s look at the modern set today.  Chances are a player’s bag consists of a 5-iron through the wedges and they try to match them with some sort of hybrid clubs for what used to be the longer, hard-to-hit irons.  That is where our canvas began.

Where the challenge came was trying to include as many game improvement features we could into a product that looked “normal” at address.  I think we accomplished that admirably. At first glance, from the 5-iron and down into the wedges look, these like any ordinary game improvement iron (moderate topline, medium width sole, ample face area, etc.)  They even have an undercut channel to position the weight low and rearward for a high launch and pinpoint accuracy.

View Technical Director Jeff Summitt’s Video Review of the Power Play Warp Speed Iron Below

Power Play Warp Speed Irons Diagram 2Unless one was to cut the iron down the middle of the face, would they realize there is a hollow core between the rear wall and the face.  This was done in order to push the weight back for even greater stability.  Where this iron series shines is what we did to the face.  By attaching a very thin specialty face insert to an unsupported frame, it allows the face to flex like a trampoline or the same reaction as a high COR wood.  This is what provides it with more distance.

Then we added a progressively designed #3 and #4-iron-type club to the set to respond much like a cross between modern day hybrids, utility or driving iron all wrapped up into one.  As you can see from the diagram, the 4-iron is wider than the 5-iron making it more forgiving and the 3-iron being the widest to help make it the most forgiving of them all.  The iron profile allows for a seamless transition throughout the set.

If your goal is seeking high COR irons that are both longer and more accurate, the Power Play Warp Speed Irons should be the first choice from our line.

Model #IH36871
Model #XIH36871
Power Play Warp Speed Hybrid Iron – Clubhead
Power Play Warp Speed Hybrid Iron – Custom Assembled
$17.95 each
$32.95 each


UST Golf Grips

Golf Tips Magazine Gives Hireko Golf 4 Equipment Awards In Their 2013 Equipment Buyer’s Guide!

Golf Tips Buyers Guide Award To Hireko Golf

In the 2013 Golf Tips Magazine Equipment Buyer’s Guide Hireko Golf Equipment was given 6 awards for their 2013 high performance golf equipment.

Hireko Golf clubs are:

Recommended by thousands of the world’s best club fitters, golfers and equipment manufacturers

Revolutionary proprietary clubhead designs

Unbeatable price – half the price of the competition!

5 Stars customer rated reviews

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What Did Golf Tips Say?
Golf Tips Best Buy Award
Wow factor: Awesome price point and solid performance.”

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Golf Tips Best Buy Award
Wow factor: Talk about bang for the buck! Literally!”

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$109.95 Assembled BUY NOW

Power Play Warp Speed Iron
Golf Tips Magazine Editors Pick Award Power Play Warp Speed Irons
Wow factor: A crazy low price for a set of irons as good as more, ahem, expensive irons we’ve tried.”$17.95 Clubhead BUY NOW
$32.95 Assembled

Golf Tips Magazine Awards Acer XS Forged Irons
“Wow Factor: These are silky smooth and nicely balanced.”$34.95 Clubhead BUY NOW
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Acer XS Fairway Woods
Golf Tips Best Buy Award

“Wow Factor: As usual, these woods are value-minded, but that doesn’t mean they skimp on performance. They’re both really long and forgiving.”

$24.95 Clubhead BUY NOW

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Acer XS Titanium Fairway Woods
Golf Tips Best Buy Award

“Wow Factor: Again, a stellar price, especially considering the club is all titanium.”

$49.95 Clubhead BUY NOW
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View Technical Director’s Jeff Summitt’s Video Review on the Golf Tips Magazine Editor’s Pick Award Winning
Power Play Warp Speed Irons

Get 50% Off Loomis Collegiate Wood Shafts! March Madness Has Arrived!

Loomis Collegiate Graphite Wood ShaftsAvailable in over 60 NCAA Collegiate choices!

Proudly show your colors with the Collegiate Series from Loomis Golf. Whether you are are a Dog or a Duck, a Cat or a Cougar, a Trojan or Spartan, you can sport your favorite NCAA team’s logo on your golf shaft while hitting it longer and straighter. Experience the feel and performance of Loomis golf shafts in this never done before Collegiate Line. This shaft has already won twice on the Senior PGA Tour!

Download Hireko CatalogLoomis graphite wood shafts are manufactured using some of the highest modulus materials available. Their unique and proprietary manufacturing process produces some of the densest laminates in the golf shaft industry. This process is what gives the Loomis collegiate graphite shafts their superior feel and performance that many professional and amateur golfers play and rely on in their golf clubs today.

No coupon necessary. Sale ends when the Tournament ends April 8th!

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Loomis Collegiate Graphite Wood Shafts

Free 1 Dozen TaylorMade TP5 Balls With Purchase of New Adams Super S Adjustable Driver!


Sale Ends April 19, 2013. All sales final. No returns. NOTE: Your free golf balls will ship separate from your driver.

Get 1 Free Dozen TaylorMade TP5 Balls with Purchase of Adams Super S DriverAdams Speedline Super S Driver


The new Adams SUPER S Driver is a big bomber that allows you to easily adjust loft so your ball flight is perfect for more yards and more fairways. The large white crown and contrasting black face will give you all the confidence you need to stripe your next fairway with a big drive.

Velocity Slot Technology In A Driver
Adams Golf has pioneered Velocity Slot Technology, and engineers have now brought it to the SUPER S driver. The slot design in the sole of the club increases the size of the sweet spot making it incredibly easy to hit straighter and with more distance.

Get 1 Free Dozen TaylorMade TP5 Balls with Purchase of Adams Super S DriverFastFit Adjustability
The Speedline SUPER S driver features a revolutionary new design in adjustability. Finding the perfect loft for your game has never been easier. The SUPER S driver can be adjusted to 9.5, 10.5 or 11.5 degrees of loft. This two-degree range allows the driver to adapt to the changes of your game over time making it extremely easy to fit.

Aerodynamic Refinements
Continued refinements in aerodynamic shaping, similar to advancements and streamlining of cycling headgear, allows the Adams SUPER S driver to be the most aerodynamic driver ever developed by Adams Golf making it even easier to swing faster. 

Download Hireko CatalogWhite Crown Design
The matte white crown with a contrasting PVD face increases the apparent clubhead size and improves the way you can align the club head with the ball at address for increased confidence at address. Just by looking down at this driver, you’ll feel like you can really crush it.

Adams Speedline S Driver Crown• 1st driver with VST expanding the sweet spot for consistently longer drives.
• Fast Fit Adjustability allows every golfer a 2* loft range that can change with their game making it an extremely easy to fit driver.
• The most aerodynamic Adams driver for maximum clubhead speed.
• Matte White Crown with Contrasting PVD Face increases apparent club size and ease of alignment for increased confidence at address.

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Finally an Adjustable “Flight Biased” Wedge Hits the Market – Meet the Dynacraft VLS Series

Interchangeable weights on new Dynacraft VLS Adjustable Wedge let’s you control a multitude of shot parameters

Dynacraft VLS Adjustable WedgeWhat had initially started as a science experiment to study the effects on center of gravity and ball flight, eventually ended up as a product that we chose to make available to the general public. I would like to introduce to you the Dynacraft VLS (short for Variable Launch and Spin) Adjustable Wedge series. It is a system that includes two interchangeable inserts; a 3g black anodized aluminum and 17g stainless steel as well as a small wrench and instruction sheet. The 14 gram or ½ ounce disparity in weights alters the center of gravity of the adjustable golf wedge to produce two unique sets of conditions to control the initial trajectory, spin rate, maximum height of the shot, landing angle, amount of roll and finally total distance the ball travels.

Physics 101: What should happen?
Why don’t we revisit our science books for a moment? One would expect with the heavier wDynacraft VLS Adjustable Wedgeeight in the lower position, you would expect the center of gravity to follow and be lower as well.  Subsequently, you would see an increase in the ball flight.   Using a Trackman launch monitor, were where able to gather information that would not be possible with the naked eye.

In this example, we had a better ball striker hitting several balls with the 56º model and took an average of the data.  As expected, the adjustable wedge with the heavier weight located in the lower position created a slightly higher initial launch angle (3% or 1.4º). However, I am going to tell you upfront, this isn’t always the case with everyone we tested.  Solidness of contact, angle of attack and swing speed at impact are variables that affect the initial launch.  After all, we have a human swinging the club.

Dynacraft VLS Adjustable WedgeA funny thing happened on the way to the apex of the flight path
Where we saw the biggest difference come was in the shape of the flight path when interchanging the two weights around.  This was a direct result of a change in the spin rate with the heavier weight in the lower position creating (in our better player’s example) a 16% increase in the spin.

You have probably heard head and shaft manufacturers touting higher launch and low spin for golf drivers to help maximize distance for many golfers, other than those with Dynacraft VLS Adjustable Wedge Diagramlower swing speed which need to the additional spin to keep the ball aloft.  For each and every person and club in the set, there is a unique set of conditions (launch and spin) that maximizes results.



The surprising part for many golfers will be which position hit the ball higher. Even though the initial trajectory was lower with the wedge in the high / rearward CG position, the ball kept going outward and rising at the same time creating a higher peak trajectory between the two shots.  Once it reached the maximum height, it was a good 8% higher (5.1 feet). Remember, this is with the exact same club with the only exception switching the two weights around.

Watch out green, here I come
The last part of the ball’s flight path is the final descent.  In this final diagram, we can see that the adjustable golf wedge with the weight in the higher and more rearward position will create a flatter (3º) angle of decent, which will allow the ball to release with more roll once it hits the green.  In our case here, the roll was 23% greater (and a total distance of 7 Dynacraft VLS Adjustable Wedgeyards longer on average) than the same head, but with the weight located in the lower and more forward position.  This wouldn’t be a good scenario if one had a hard time holding the green on approach shots.  But those who can’t seem to get the ball back to the hole will sure benefit.

The lesson learned by all of this is shifting 14 grams of weight can totally change the initial trajectory, spin, maximum height, landing angle, amount of roll and finally total net distance the ball travels.  Not everyone will benefit with the higher and Download Hireko Catalogmore rearward position just like not all golfers will like a certain type of ball (distance vs. spin).  The Dynacraft VLS wedge gives you that option without having to change the brand of ball that you like the feel of and its’ performance.

Make sure to try the head in both position for both full shots of the Dynacraft VLS Adjustable Golf Wedge as well as little finesse shots around the green in order to find the position which gets you (or your customer) closer to the hole.  As you know, the closer you are to the hole, the more likely you are to make a putt and that my friends, is how to lower your score.

Buy The Dynacraft VLS Adjustable Golf Wedge, one of the best golf wedges in the industry below!

Model #I29212B
Model #XI29212B
Dynacraft VLS Wedges – Clubhead
Dynacraft VLS Adjustable Wedges – Custom Assembled
$24.95 each
$39.95 each

Golf Pride Niion Grips

The Long Distance, World Record Setting Bandit Golf Balls In Stock!

Bandit’s Maximum Distance Golf Balls are the most technologically advanced in the industry.

Bandit MD Golf Balls What are the best golf balls for your game? Striking the ultimate balance of performance and distance, these long distance golf balls are especially engineered with an amazing DuPont Lithium Surlyn cover, it delivers incredible performance. The Bandit MD Golf Balls offers a new super reactive core, developed with its own proprietary core featuring a special blend of polybutadiene synthetic rubber, and high-energy transfer metals. This allows maximum energy transfer from club head to golf ball for World-Record setting distance and velocity. Yet our revolutionary aerodynamic dimple design also allows for incredible distance and absolute smooth control.

You will not find another long distance golf ball out there that provides the incredible performance of speed, distance and control, which exceeds USGA’s distance Limits. Download Hireko CatalogDon’t buy just any ordinary discount golf balls. Don’t buy just any ordinary discount golf balls. Buy the world’s longest golf ball.  Bandit MD Golf Balls set records – World Records. Is our golf ball illegal? If it is, then some of the golf pants that people wear should be illegal as well!

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Absolutely Our Longest Hitting Fairway Wood Ever – Introducing the Acer XS Titanium Fairway Woods

Acer XS Titanium Fairway WoodsThere is a New King in Town and its’ Name is the Acer XS Titanium Fairway Wood

For most golfers, fairway woods are a necessary evil.  You got to have them in your bag because there is no other club to replace them. But when comes time to pull them out of the bag and try to hit them, you get less than desirable results.  Well, that about to change.  I want to introduce to you to by far our longest hitting set of fairway woods – the Acer XS Titanium Fairway Woods.

In order to make something better, you got to change the old ways of doing things.  In our case, we changed our construction techniques to make an affordable, yet higher-performing titanium fairway wood.  If you peruse our catalog or website you might notice there are two different XS fairways; stainless steel and the aforementioned titanium fairway woods.

Acer XS Titanium Fairway Woods CrownThey are actually identical twins as the come from the same mold.  While both are very good, the titanium golf fairway version is better.  To give you an analogy, the stainless steel model went to college and graduated with an engineering degree – something his parents could be very proud of.  Unfortunately, his titanium fairways brother was the “golden boy”, going to the same school, earning the same degree, was class valedictorian as well as the best player on the football team who is slated to be a first round draft pick. Yep, this is your classic all-American tale.


Common, what makes it better?
Acer XS Titanium Fairway Woods High Launching DiagramI have been waiting to crow about these for some time as I got to play the first prototype over a year ago and pitted it against that other so-called longest hitting fairway on the market that made a big buzz last year.  We actually had to wait for a new family of clubs to put them into.

As I said previously, the stainless and titanium versions come from the same mold.  Actually they come from the same forged tooling dies so they are the same in every aspect except for the material.  The “as forged” stainless steel 3 wood comes out at 210 grams (normal), while the “as forged” titanium 3 wood weighed in at only 130 grams.  That is why titanium is rarely used for fairway woods as it is extremely lightweight and generally made to a very large volume and subsequent deep faced to make up the weight differential.  In our case, instead of making the clubs larger, we added the extra 80g back to the soleplate of the club so over 70% of the overall weight up the clubhead is tied up in the sole.  Let’s put it this way, if you can’t get the ball up in the air with these titanium golf fairway woods, then you need to take up another sport.

Is it Too Hot to Sell?
Most golfers associate titanium with distance.  Look at any thin titanium face driver and you have a large face area reminiscent of a trampoline.  When you look at a typical fairway wood’s face, it is puny in Hireko Golf Equipment Catalog Requestcomparison.  You would expect you wouldn’t get as much “bounce” off of the face of the fairway wood.  We thought the same thing so we made the walls as thin as would could on the XS Titanium Fairway Woods and still hold up repeatedly on a swing robot.  I kept on wondering why this club was so long.  It happened that a few of the early prototypes I received were over the COR / CT limit – they were too hot!  So we had to back off just a bit to make sure they would be just within the USGA limits, but they do indeed have the same amount of spring face as any driver we have!

Acer XS Titanium Fairway WoodsYeah, but I bet they are high priced…
Are you kidding me? This is Hireko Golf – we invented affordable, but high quality clubs at “Down to Earth Prices.”  Yes, these titanium 3 and 5 woods are more expensive than any of our stainless steel fairways.  But you know, for the decisive performance advantage, the difference in cost isn’t really a consideration.  Hey, it’s your money, but I am telling you there is no doubt which one I would spend my hard earned money on.

I mentioned in a previous blog that the Power Play Warp Speed Brassie is the straightest fairway wood in our line and I’ll stand by that tooth and nail.  But for distance, there is a new king in town and its’ name is the Acer XS Titanium fairway wood and it doesn’t matter what other brand is stamped on the bottom either – they are that good.

Model #TM1272
Model #XTM1272
Acer XS Titanium Fairway Wood – Clubhead
Acer XS Titanium Fairway Wood – Custom Assembled
$49.95 each
$79.95 each

Apollo Adjustable Putter Shaft

The Power Play Warp Speed Driver – Big Things Do Come in Small Packages

Power Play Warp Speed Driver440cc Dynamo Packs a Powerful Punch

Being the “tech guy”, I get grilled all the time by our customers as to what I play.  I guess they feel if it is good enough for me to play, it ought to be good enough for them. So if you are asking that same question, here’s my answer. Of all the golf drivers we offer, including all the ones introduced this year, the Power Play Warp Speed Driver is my personal favorite.  I actually have several built up with different shafts starting with the early prototypes that I started playing last fall, not to mention handed to fellow golfers to get their reactions.

View Technical Director Jeff Summitt’s Videoblog on the Power Play Warp Speed Driver Below

To be perfectly honest, we would have had these available by now, but we made umpteen gazillion cosmetic changes on the Warp Speed Driver to get to the final product you see today.  Now that might be a slight embellishment, but that’s part of product development. Cosmetics are just as important as the design itself or the naming that makes the difference between a successful launch and just another “ho hum” product.  I, for one, am glad we didn’t rush it to market and waited to get it right.

Looking for the most comprehensive golf equipment catalog in the industry? Download the 2013 Hireko Golf Catalog here. 172 pages of golf clubheads, golf clubs, golf shafts, golf grips, clubmaking tools, golf bags and accessories!

By now, I hope you are already familiar with the Power Play Warp Speed Brassie in this series that I spoke about a Download Hireko Catalogcouple of weeks ago.  But if you are unfamiliar with the Power Play Warp Speed Driver, its’ story is slightly different. It was designed to generate more speed upon impact.  How you ask?  We streamlined the body by reducing the volume slightly as it is only a 440cc driver.  I can tell you though, not a single player that tested the early prototypes ever noticed it was any smaller than the maximum volume most golf drivers are made today.  However, I wouldn’t classify it as a deep face driver either. Secondly, the shape was carefully sculpted to have a more aerodynamic shape to reduce drag.  Now, many companies will make this same tout. Just like car manufacturers, as each year passes, we get a little more proficient at producing better and better products.  But that’s not why I like it best about this product.

Power Play Warp Speed DriverWe also shed as much weight as we could from the crown to lower and then deepen the center of gravity.  That is just one of the key elements you can’t see as well as a slight change to the face construction for a little faster ball speed on off-center shots. These are the little details that provide you with a better performing product.  But again, that is not the main reason I like this driver best.

Power Play Warp Speed Driver CrownWhat I like best about the Power Play Warp Speed Titanium Driver is that it evokes my senses.  It is the same way people are attracted to one another.  It is the sound of their voice, the shape of the face or the color of the eyes or hair.  It is the same way with this driver.  It has a beautiful sound at impact due to the slightly smaller volume and thicker walls and the shape and colors have a look like that no other driver has.  This is my Halle Berry and Jessica Alba of drivers. Not only does it perform magnificently (*mine are optimized with a 20g Tour Lock Pro counterweight), but I am proud to show it off too.  That’s pride in ownership.

While your tastes may differ from mine, The Warp Speed Driver is just one of many fine custom golf drivers that Hireko offers that you will find in the whole golf industry.  Make sure to get properly fit. If you are unsure and asking “What size driver do I need”, go to one of the number of independent clubmakers in your area to get the proper driver length for your height, shaft weight, flex and grip size.

Model #TM1457
Model #XTM1457
Power Play Warp Speed Titanium Driver – Clubhead
Power Play Warp Speed Titanium Driver – Custom Assembled
$69.95 each
$109.95 each

Aquatix Water Bottles