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Dynamic Shaft Fitting IndexOne of the comments we received from customers on our new golf clubmaking catalog was “Where was the golf shaft fitting chart located in the back of the golf clubmaking catalog you had the past 3 years? I used that a lot for reference.”  To be totally honest, we didn’t have the room this year to insert the 3 extra pages needed in the catalog.  However, we realize that a lot of our customers used this as a handy reference guide so we have now updated it and made it downloadable on our site.  Not only that, but we made it more interactive at the same time.

What is different?
Not only is the Hireko Quick Shaft Fitting Guide updated to reflect the new golf shafts in the catalog, but we have added hyperlinks to each of the products.  With one click, you can now go directly to it’s Hireko golf shafts page, read the description, look up the pricing and detailed specifications to compare products and even order. This will help you choose the best shaft for your game.

What does Hireko Quick Shaft Fitting Guide do?
For those not familiar with the Hireko Quick Shaft Fitting Guide, it is a guide to help filter the wood and irons shafts we offer by clubhead speed (or player’s distance), shaft weight and ball flight.  The categorization is based on our ongoing golf shaft testing project called the Dynamic Shaft Fitting Index or DSFI for short.

The key is to find the group or category of graphite or steel shafts based on your or your customer’s golf swing speed, distance and tempo.  From there, we break it down in different weight ranges starting from lightest golf shaft to heaviest within the grouping.  For example, if you or your custom is looking for more distance, you would choose a golf shaft that is lighter.  For more control, you would select a heavier golf shaft.  Once the weight range has been selected, then you can sub-filter those golf shafts based on trajectory or fade/draw.  In a nutshell, the Hireko Quick Shaft Fitting  Guide saves times from sorting through 50 pages of shaft in the catalog or thumbing through countless web pages to find a suitable shaft.

The Hireko Shaft Fitting Guide is just another example of how we are committed to educating our customer base and making ordering or selecting golf shafts more efficient.

> Download The Free Hireko Quick Shaft Fitting Guide Now!


  1. Doc says:

    Jeff / using the DSFI is fantastic! I am a D- Moderate / I am looking for more distance / I ordered and have the Leggera A shaft with the Laggera 10.5 / I use the Karma red-Black full cord grip / I plan on butting at 46.25 / I am currently hitting the XK offset 12* /with True temper lite steel shaft A Flex less .25 – 200 to 225 Straight about 80% / do I have enough shaft in the Leggera A ??? any suggestions??? will not assemble till I hear from you /Thanks, Doc

  2. Jeff Summitt says:


    You will have plenty of length to go as long as 47″ without trimming the butt end.

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