2013 Shaft Fitting Addendum Now Available to Download

The 2013 version of the annual Hireko trademarked shaft testing project provides up-to-date measurements of thousands of shafts.

2013 Hireko Golf Shaft Fitting AddendumNormally we would make a much larger announcement, but fewer shafts were added to this year’s 2013 Hireko Golf Shaft Fitting Addendum than in any other year we since its inception.  However, I would like to give a call out and thank True Temper (who also makes Grafalloy and Project X graphite and steel shafts), FST (who produces KBS steel) as well as the fine folks at UST-Mamiya for participating this year and sending samples for us to cut up and test so clubmakers and consumers alike would have a better idea of how the shafts stack up against others that have been tested.

These free resources are just another prime example of how Hireko is committed to educating our customer base. Whether you are clubfitting your customer trying to select the correct golf shaft or a golfer deciding which golf shaft is best for your game, Hireko has made it easier and more efficient for you. Take advantage and be sure to use these resources to their fullest.

The 2013 version of the annual Hireko Golf Shaft Fitting Addendum trademarked shaft testing project provides up-to-date measurements of thousands of golf shafts. Included are technical measurements of raw and cut weights, frequencies, torques, balance points and recommended swing speed ranges for each shaft. Included is an explanation of how to use the Dynamic Shaft Fitting Index (DSFI) in total club fitting applications. Written by Jeff Summitt.

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  1. Justin says:

    There really needs to be some transparency with golf shafts, to cut out the “mystique” of a metal or carbon fiber rod. Consumers need to be allowed to make educated buying decisions. The DSFI is the most comprehensive tool that I’ve come across that allows for that to happen. You can tell there’s a lot of thought and work that goes into this and for that, Hireko Golf gets a big Thank You.

  2. Rod Clemmons says:

    It’s not possible to go through 50 shafts in a single fitting. This is a great resource for narrowing down the shafts that should be in the mix for each client, and then let feel, the launch monitor—and the pocket book—decide. Thanks, Jeff for continuing the quality work and excellent communication. Rod_CCCGOLFUSA

  3. Rob Pritts says:

    Really appreciate the great info you guys did on this!! Keep up the great work!

    Atlanta Club Fitting

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