2013 PGA Merchandise Show – The Hottest Golf Equipment Revealed!

PGA Merchandise Show Hireko Golf Booth Power Play Warp SpeedHireko Golf’s Technical Director Jeff Summitt recaps some of the coolest golf products from the 2013 PGA Show

I would like to thank all those current (and potentially new customers) who attended the annual PGA Merchandise show this past week and stopped by our booth to say “Hello” and see the hottest new 2013 golf gear .  Hireko was by far and away the largest golf club component distributor displaying at the PGA Golf Show in Orlando, Florida. For those that were not as fortunate to come down to warm and sunny central Florida, I would like to give you a quick recap of what we heard and saw.

Now, if you want a recap about the whole show, you came to the wrong place.  For 99% of tPGA Merchandise Show Hireko Golf Booth iBella Obsession Linehe time, my feet were tethered to our booth space to talk turkey about our golf equipment.  Sure, I could peer down the adjacent aisles and see the large banners and booth spaces by the major golf equipment manufacturers.  Most of them unveiled their new 2013 golf equipment online what seemed like months ahead of time that there was no real need to venture out to see them.  In contrast, Hireko waited so people would very well get their first glimpse of the new products in person at the PGA Trade Show.

Within eyesight of our booth were a couple of our vendors showcasing their latest wares at the such as UST (Recoil shafts) and Golf Pride (Niion grips). Plus I did get to sneak out early one morning to Lamkin’s meeting room to get a peek and feel of the new Lamkin iLine Golf grips. But what was really surprising to see what appeared to be an electronic show with the emergence of all the video golf equipment, GPS, golf range finders, launch monitors and the like available.

Amongst the vast number of exhibitors stood Hireko’s PGA Show booth within 400 square feet of prime Florida real estate.  While not fancy or equipped with an array of jumbo TV screens, smoothie machines, sport cars or rented “booth babes” was some of the prettiest (and most affordable) golf clubheads in the entire conventional hall. From the attendees’ responses, there was not one 2013 golf component clubhead that stood out, but rather a consensus of a well-rounded line.

The Acer XS golf club line got lots of looks and touches from two-tone copper-on-black color scheme.  And of course, the XS Forged iron got quite a bit of notice since there was a higher concentration of more adept golfers attending the show.  The Acer XS Titanium fairway woods were a big hit as well for their affordability, especially by the distance challenged.

Buzzing around the next corner of the booth customers could set eyes on the sleek new Power Play Warp Speed golf line. The driver got lots of accolades for its elegant look and we had a lot of customers now interested in a “Brassie”.  Those looking for a high-performance set of irons got quickly educated about the high-COR face of the matching irons.

We didn’t forget women golfers either.  The new iBella Obsession Womens Golf Club Line couldn’t be missed by the bright pink and white color scheme and sparkling Swarovski crystals.  Two other intriguing products for the short game were the adjustable Dynacraft VLS wedge and Dynacraft Triple Threat putter.  Who would have ever thought about controlling launch and spin on a wedge without bending loft?  Hireko, that’s who.

In coming weeks and months ahead, don’t worry we will set aside to address each of the new clubhead models in more detail. However, it wasn’t all about the newest 2013 golf gear either. The high level junior golfers making their pilgrimage to our PGA Merchandise show booth all seemed to gravitate to the Power Play Caiman Tour blades.  With the feedback from the attendees, we feel like we (or you) have a killer line up to choose from.

2013 PGA Show HIreko Booth Showcasing Acer XS LineI did manage to give an oral presentation to the International Clubmakers Guild (ICG) on “Fitting professionally, economically and accurately” using an adapter system like our QuikFit program. I gave pros and cons of how such a program can not only streamline their business, but make sure their customers walk away satisfied the first time. If you are interested in golf clubmaking, all we can say is get involved! For addition information on the International Clubmakers Guild, please go to their website at www.clubmakersguild.com.

The PGA Merchandise show 2013 brings together the entire golf industry under one roof. Now that I am finally returned back from the show and off of my sore feet, it is now time to start or continue working on the projects that you will see in 2014 and beyond. So many details go into this that you don’t think of durring the year, like ordering 100’s of Retractable Banner Stands. In the meantime, enjoy the extensive line-up this year because there is not a bad apple in the bunch.

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  1. Jeff, I was thrilled to see the way that you have expanded Hireko’s line to include every type of golfer. I feel confident we can do an even better job of fitting than in years past. I visited all of the OEM booths to try to figure out the adjustable driver mechanisms. Some seem more gimmick than real. I will be interested to see some genuine data on the actual loft/lie changes that can be dialed in.

  2. Al Peskett says:

    Jeff, it was great to catch up with yourself and Rob at the show, looking forward to continuing our relationship with Hireko from this side of the pond, Same place next year???

    Diamond Golf International Ltd, England.

  3. Jeff Summitt says:


    It was great seeing you, Daren and Gary once again. See you next year..

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