Is Color Customization the New Trend in Golf?

What’s new in golf?  Believe it or not it may be color customization.  I try to stay abreast of the trends in the golf industry to either inform our customers or help change the Hireko product line to stay current of what our customers will request in the not-so-distant future.  In the past few weeks there have been some press releases by major manufacturers about upcoming 2013 product lines.  One of which is Cobra’s AMP Cell line featuring the same clubs, but in 4 different color combinations (maybe more to come).  Callaway is also coming out with their Razr Fit driver in eight different color options with their uDesign™ program. I am sure that other companies may follow suit with offering a particular clubhead in multitude of color options.

Personalized color options have been available to golfers for a long time – this is nothing new.  Shafts in the 1930’s were available in 20 or more finishes. Wooden woods were available with different colored stains and an assortment colorful inserts.  One has to remember that golf is a game of cyclic changes. Back in the early 90’s, when I worked at Dynacraft, we offered our Fiberlex putter in a plethora of colors (7 to be exact).  I also remember it was a stock keeping nightmare as the vast majority of sales came from 2 colors which weren’t technically colors anyway (black and white).

Maybe today more people are willing to have vibrant colored club heads – that is for the golfing population to decide in the next year or two and see whether the marketing staffs at these companies struck a bulls-eye or missed the target altogether.

Golfers looking to customize colors don’t have far to look when they look at the shafts, grips and even ferrule choices available today.  Like a black tuxedo or evening gown, a black head goes well with any color shaft and the reason black is still the color of choice amongst golfers.  I don’t think you will see Hireko offering heads anytime soon with colored crowns other than black or white, but you may very well see more accent colors.  That is unless, our customers demand adding more of a splash of color.

One of our shaft vendors specializes in customization – Loomis Golf.  If you may not be familiar with them, they offer a high end line of graphite shafts in 5 flexes, along with a taper tipped steel wedge shaft and straight putter shaft.  Each of which don the colors of close to 60 colleges and universities.

A custom clubmaker who fits and builds clubs for their local area or an end consumer looking at the choices Hireko has to offer, has far more custom options than any major manufacturer.  For example, if you look at our Caiman X2 driver line, it comes in 3 different lofts in RH.  We offer the Loomis Collegiate line in 57 different options of higher education in 5 different flexes.  We also offer ½” tall wood ferrules in 9 different colors and over 200 grips.  Just there you have over 1.5 million options and we haven’t even factored in the differently lengths or swingweight options.  That just scratches the surfaces as Hireko offer hundreds more shafts in a rainbow of colors.

Colored clubheads may have some sizzle and show up on TV for that brief second. However, if it is not fit properly to the player, no matter how gorgeous a club may look, the excitement with a new purchase will fizzle.  Trends may come and go, but a properly fit club never goes out of style.  At Hireko, we offer the widest assortment of products to be fit or the ability to fit any golfer and be stylish at the same time.



  1. Justin says:

    What the club companies aren’t telling us (but should be blatantly obvious, even to the average golf consumer by now) is “We’ve run out of ways to spin our marketing ploys on the technical side… so what’s your favorite color? Green? Wanna buy a green driver?”

    Tom Wishon was right, though, when he said that many of the trends and technologies originate from the component club companies. Diamond Tour Golf should get credit for re-introducing colorful clubheads, but they won’t.

  2. Gary says:

    I really like your last paragraph Jeff. It sums up everything.

    I also agree with the first part of Justin’s response. It is all marketing just to sell more clubs (Pink does not make the ball go any further…unless your name is Bubba).

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