New Colored Ferrules Just Arrived!

Go Beyond The Conventional
New Colored Ferrules Available In A Rainbow Of Colors

Hireko now offers a wide assortment of colored ferrules. Choose between red, pink, royal blue, green, purple, orange, yellow and sky blue. Fits standard parallel tipped shafts. Pre-sized outer diameter (OD) for a better fit. Sold 12 per package.

Iron Ferrule – 13.6mm OD (fits stainless irons, wedge and hybrids)
Driver Ferrule – 12.6mm OD (fits titanium drivers)
Fairway Wood Ferrule – 12.2mm OD (fits stainless fairway woods)

Red Ferrule (doz) #FR1038 $4.65 ea.
Pink Ferrule (doz) #FR1039 $4.65 ea.
Royal Blue Ferrule (doz) #FR1040 $4.65 ea.
Green Ferrule (doz) #FR1041 $4.65 ea.
Purple Ferrule (doz) #FR1042 $4.65 ea.
Orange Ferrule (doz) #FR1043 $4.65 ea.
  Yellow Ferrule (doz) #FR1044 $4.65 ea.
  Sky Blue Ferrule (doz) #FR1045 $4.65 ea.