Looking for a 2 Iron?

In the past couple of months I have more than a few customers asking for of all things – a #2 iron.  Why the all the sudden are people asking for what should be in the Smithsonian on display?  Possibly because Tiger happens to use one – I don’t know.  But each and every time someone asks I mention we haven’t made one of those in eons and we don’t have any in stock.

Behind the scenes at Hireko, we are working on a brand new website and one of the jobs I have is making sure everything is up on the site that we have available on our current one.  To my surprise, I found a #2-iron for those of you who are interested or want to stash one away as a collector’s or novelty item as few even exist today.  The picture may show a left-handed game-improvement cavity back model, but this is indeed a right-handed #2-iron.

So technically I never lied to those customers, since the Peerless line was a special buyout from our foundry and we still haven’t made a Hireko-branded #2-iron in a number of years.  So take advantage of our misfortune of warehousing these fully functional relics from the past.

Model Model # Price
Peerless SCI Iron – Clubhead #I30721D $3.30 each


  1. Joe Riccio says:

    Our club ( The Buffalo Golf Club) has an “irons only” tournament, where drivers, fairway metals, and hybrids are not used. Perhaps other clubs do the same thing, then a 2 iron might come in handy. I am 63 and I was always told “no one can hit a 2-iron’ however it is not that hard.

  2. Tony Panneton says:

    I have one of these – bought the head a year or so ago. I’ve tried several different shafts. Getting the right shaft on it is key. Currently mine is mated to a .335″ tipped S-flex fairway shaft that I fitted using a brass shim hosel adapter, with an overall club length of about 40.5″. It’s very handy for keeping a low ball flight, like if its windy or if you’re in the trees and hitting up is just not an option. But truth be told, 2-irons are not for the faint of heart.

  3. CC Green says:

    The 2-iron is very useful when playing courses the are less than 6200 yds. Most driver shot end up going through the fairway or you try to hit a high cut shot only to hit a pull hook. 2-iron make hitting a medium height boring shot, that should be pretty straight, fairly easy. I have one in both my sets of clubs.

  4. Justin says:

    Being LH, I don’t get the opportunity to really try stuff like this… but I don’t feel like I’m missing anything.

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