Rob Altomonte on September 27th, 2012

                  Supplies Limited! Sale Ends November 1, 2012 GO TO THE HALLOWEEN SALE HERE!

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Jeff Summitt on September 24th, 2012

I am a highly competitive person by nature and love competitions involving the US against anyone else.  Now that the Olympics are long over, the Ryder Cup will satisfy that thirst.  While the USA – European rivalry doesn’t quite have the intensity of a Yankees – Red Sox, Ohio State – Michigan or Republican – […]

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Rob Altomonte on September 21st, 2012

It’s simple physics. Faster equals longer. Less drag means faster clubhead speed and longer distance. Buy the Power Play Adrenaline Driver, Fairways or Hybrids now at 20% off! Supplies Limited. SHOP FOR POWER PLAY ADRENALINE GOLF EQUIPMENT HERE!

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One question I often receive from customers is “How do I find out what length belly (or long) putter do I (or my customer) need?”  To be honest, fitting for putter length over the phone is virtually impossible as a properly fitted putter doesn’t always correspond to a particular golfer’s height.  There are other considerations […]

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Jeff Summitt on September 17th, 2012

In the past couple of months I have more than a few customers asking for of all things – a #2 iron.  Why the all the sudden are people asking for what should be in the Smithsonian on display?  Possibly because Tiger happens to use one – I don’t know.  But each and every time […]

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Check out this weeks new videoblog by Hireko Golf’s Technical Director Jeff Summitt. Jeff discusses the pros and cons to high lofted wedges. Just click on the image below to play! SHOP HERE FOR OUR MOST VERSATILE SERIES OF WEDGES – THE ACER XB WEDGES!

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Rob Altomonte on September 6th, 2012

Go Beyond The Conventional New Colored Ferrules Available In A Rainbow Of Colors Hireko now offers a wide assortment of colored ferrules. Choose between red, pink, royal blue, green, purple, orange, yellow and sky blue. Fits standard parallel tipped shafts. Pre-sized outer diameter (OD) for a better fit. Sold 12 per package. Iron Ferrule – […]

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Jeff Summitt on September 5th, 2012

Hireko Golf’s Technical Director Jeff Summitt discusses the three basic parameters to look for in steel shafts. Click on the image below to view!

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