The #1 Jumbo Putter Grips On The PGA Tour, Superstroke Grips, In Stock!

Ever since the SuperStroke Putter Grip came on the scene (as the original “Fatso” grip that was named PGA Show Product of the Year in 2002), the rest of the golf equipment world has been struggling to play catch up by trying other types of “oversized” putter grips. But it’s really no use. Here’s why:

1. Only SuperStroke offers the size and surface area necessary to ensure relaxed hands and all the benefits that result.

2. Only SuperStroke uses a patented, virtually taper-free design that evenly distributes grip pressure between the right and left hands for sensitivity and stability.

3. Only SuperStroke has the versatility to offer three choices of flat-side positions to suit the preferences of any and all golfers.

4. Lightest Jumbo Grips on the Market – weighing in at 85 grams, the SuperStroke Lite Fatso is the biggest and lightest of its kind in terms of weight to size ratio. With this design, the grip is 300% larger than a standard sized putter grip, creating one of the only jumbo grips that will not drastically change the swing-weight of a putter.

5. Multi-Material Construction – SuperStroke’s Proprietary Polyurethane is fused with a patented foam underlisting, making for a long lasting and extremely shock absorbent and comfortable setup. A dimpled, non-slip surface combines extreme tackiness and feel keeps hands from slipping even in the wettest conditions.