Play the Ball Where it Lies

If you are like me and part of the 56% of the contiguous US who are experiencing the drought, you have undoubtedly seen the consequences on your local golf course(s).  I have always been one who likes to play by the rules.  One of which is to play the ball where it lies. My local golf course superintendent has done as good as a job as he can by watering the heck out of the fairways and greens to make it as playable as possible.  But even so, it has made for dicey lies that remind me of the mid to late 1980’s when most golf courses didn’t have the irrigation system they have now.

I can’t complain too much, the dry conditions have definitely allowed for longer drives, especially those that miss the fairway where the yellowish looking grass has gone dormant compared to the past two years where I would on occasion see my drives plug in the fairway.  But that has been the only plus. You see, I normally like to play a variety of clubs during the course of the year to break up the monotony as well as learn more about the fitting and equipment end of the business so I can help fellow golfers out in the future.

My iron and wedge play has been the most affected by the tight lies and hard, unforgiving ground below.  No such thing as a fluffy or juicy lie anymore.  Even if I were to consider rolling the ball in the fairway or rough to find a decent patch of grass, it would be a challenge. In fact, it has been difficult to get the leading edge of the face below the ball requiring me to use narrower soled clubs which are often geared toward better players.  Hireko offer a wide assortment of irons and wedges, part of which is for all the diverse conditions that golfers may encounter around the globe.

For those of you looking for clubs in the game improvement category, we do offer a few models which possess narrower soles for these conditions such as the Acer XF or XK.  In the standalone wedge category, the Acer XS will be the easier to hit from the tight lies.

Acer XF Iron – Clubhead
#I3303A $9.95 ea.
Acer XK Iron – Clubhead #I3301 $8.95 ea.
Acer XS Wedge – Clubhead #I3677A $9.95 ea.


I would rather have Mother Nature water the course than my local golf superintendent, but I could only imagine how much worse it could be without the advancement of course agronomy that we take for granted today.  But if you want to roll the ball to get a decent lie from which hit the ball from, you won’t hear a word from me during this draught.  After all, most of us play for fun and there is no fun when you don’t have a chance to hit the ball cleanly from where it lies.