Introducing the New Dynacraft Hindsight II Mallet Putter

The Next Step In Advanced Putter Technology Has Arrived

The Dynacraft Hindsight II mallet putter was scientifically designed to get the ball rolling forward sooner by using two key features in unison – a forward press and roll face technology. The forward hand press is said to create a fluid, rhythmic stroke, but more importantly to keep the hands moving through the stroke. The Hindsight II putter incorporates a 3 degree forward press or just enough to position the hands even with the leading edge.

With roll face technology as incorporated into the Dynacraft Hindsight putter, it normalizes the effective loft at impact to create the proper amount of loft to extract the ball from any indentation and get the ball rolling as quickly as possible for better distance control. Lastly it is completed with grooves into the roll face as well as face balanced. The Dynacraft Hindsight II is a unique putter producing extraordinary results!

View Hireko Golf’s Technical Director Jeff Summitt’s Videoblog on the new Dynacraft Hindsight Putter below. Just click and view!



  1. Don Bonrud says:

    I am going to add this new putter to my website. Is there a headcover for it?

  2. tommy wells says:

    a white putter head on a white backround is not very good photography.

  3. Dave Ille says:

    What is the weight of the Hinsight putter head? What is the swing weight of a 34″ length putter with this head? Can it be ordered with a larger but light grip.

    Thanks for your reply.

  4. mikemulligan says:

    What is head weight…how about belly or long putter…can this be done

  5. Jeff Summitt says:


    The head weight is 365g.Swingweight will vary depending what weight grip. Mine is D8 with a 76g grip. There are some larger, but lighter weight grips such as the synthetic models from Winn and UST Mamiya.

  6. Jeff Summitt says:


    The head is on the lighter side of being able to use it as a belly putter. However, it would be way too light for a long putter, plus the lie would not be upright enough to be used effectively.

  7. Robert Pshyk says:

    Hi Jeff, I would truly like to order one of these Dynacraft Putters, but too bad they cater to the “Righties” only. Maybe one day Dynacraft will will craft a mirror image left handed putter.

  8. Bob Barclay says:


    Still concerned over the first version and how the grip is aligned? Had trouble putting with first version and you something about turning the grip which I am still confused over.
    Both were to the hands pressed forward so what is the right grip allignment? Thanks.

  9. Jeff Summitt says:


    There is a grip assembly tip at the end of this article:

    A picture is worth a thousand word.

  10. Mike Schafer says:

    Does the Hindsight II require a straight shaft or single bend?

  11. Jeff Summitt says:

    Mike, it requires a straight 0.370″ shaft.

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